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What%20is%20 vine

  1. 1. Vine was founded in June 2012. The company was developed by Twitter. Vine debuted on January 24, 2013 as a free iOS app, iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. Since June 2, 2013, Vine has been available to Android Phones as well (Samsung, HTC, etc.) In a couple of months, Vine became the most used video sharing application, and later on it became the most downloaded free app within the Apple App Store (iPhones, iTouch, iPad.) The Windows Phone 8 as long as the Windows 8 version of Vine was released in July 2013.
  2. 2. It was found in June 2012, but the application was officially released for the very first time on January 24, 2013. It took the founders about 6 months to work on the application and release it.
  3. 3. 1. Dom Hoffman worked as a Product Manager at “Jetsetter” for 3 years, a cofounder and CEO of Vine for 9 months, and a General Manager of “Vine” up until today. 2. Rus Yusupov worked as an Art Director, a Creative Director and Founder of “Commercial Pop,” an adjunct Instructor at “New York University,” a Founder of “Big Human,” and a Cofounder and Creative Director of “Vine.” 3. Colin Kroll worked as a Software Engineer, an Engineering Manager at “Yahoo!,” a Chief Technology Manager at “Jetsetter,” and Chief Technology Officer of “Vine,” and “Twitter.”
  4. 4. 1. Dom Hoffman 2. Rus Yusupov 3. Colin Kroll
  5. 5.  White and green.
  6. 6. Android
  7. 7. Iphones
  8. 8. Vine is a new social media that is made for people to post 7 second videos. The app uses the same structure as youtube and twitter. In order to be know you need to have followers, and people usually gain followers when they post videos that grabs the audience’s attention. People usually join this community to watch videos that they find funny/interesting or share posts that they think would help them generate followers.
  9. 9. Vine might still not be considered as a threat towards other social medias, but its in its peak. Most of the YouTuber's moved to Vine, you can find some celebrities that also share videos. The only feature that is different than others, is that you literally have up to 7 seconds to give out your point of the video.
  10. 10. Thank you. Follow us: @sarahissa @mohddakroub