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Review of sky drive and blogger


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Using Sky Drive and Blogger

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Review of sky drive and blogger

  1. 1. Blogger and Sky Drive Revisited
  2. 2. Log in to Windows Live to Sky DriveLog InAdd FilesRight click on DocumentClick ShareGet a Link,Make it PublicCopy Link in Word document so you have it
  3. 3. Copy Link in Word Document
  4. 4. Log into Blogger Account Sign In
  5. 5. Click View Blog
  6. 6. Click New Post
  7. 7. Click Compose and write a description of yourdocument and why you want to showcase it
  8. 8. Select a Key Word – Click Link Link fromInsert Link from Public Link from Sky Drive in this Document youdialog box, Click OK uploaded in Sky(Copy it from word document where you saved your link) Drive
  9. 9. Click PublishYou will see this window, click View Blog
  10. 10. Click on Link, it willopen document onSky Drive
  11. 11. Finished ProductExperiment with Bloggerand use the Help Menu tofind out answers. Googlequestions. Add aProfile, Add Gadgets!