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  1. 1. Four Lessons Learned Doing Digital History w/ Undergrads @professmoravec project for today class syllabus co teacher Maggie Hobson-Baker students Niki Brogen, Michele Ithan, Molly Rowe, Emily Siegel, Gabriela Stamler Rosemont College Archives, Melanie McBride, Delories Richardi
  2. 2. CHNM is FABULOUS but what if you don’t have 45 people to do #digitalhistory with?
  3. 3. what happened when a historian and an artist formed a 2-person digital humanities team ... and left everything about the class project up to the 5 students … and had 3 of the 15 class sessions canceled due to snow?
  4. 4. #1 Have concrete & specific parameters • “Course Outline: a significant aspect of this class is the collaborative design of our project. Therefore we will finalize aspects of this syllabus in course together.” • project had to be about the campus chapel and involve building a Wordpress site • Profs had the idea of focusing on the stained glass windows of the Chapel, which are all female figures.
  5. 5. #2 Turn over control as soon as possible • We brainstormed potential audience & the type of user experience • sent the students off to the chapel on their own to take more images and propose project
  6. 6. What’s up with the peacock?
  7. 7. #3 Let the project evolve or watch it die
  8. 8. #4 Do not fear the failure The professors scaffolded early assignments around windows • students took pictures in chapel • each student researched hagiography and art historical images of 1 saint & made page • each student researched hagiography and art historical images of a second saint& made page • students made Pinterest boards of images of a particular saint focusing on iconography or contemporary images • Midterm: Compare and contrast the portrayal of the chosen Saint in Art History (Google Art). Work with 3-5 different images from different time periods and geographical locations. Final Page
  9. 9. • All students did some minor coding and digital photo manipulation One student dove deep into Wordpress widgets • Three students did some fairly intensive work in Photoshop with Adobe Flash. • Everything was already digitized so we didn’t work with OCR
  10. 10. “I think hands on work, especially in archives, for history majors, is the best way to learn“ “This project provided hands on experience both intellectually and creatively. I think everyone in the class preferred this project to writing papers” “I like this better than a research paper because we've all created and worked with materials that are now accessible for public audiences” “I think the small size of the class was REALLY important”