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IATEFL Chile 2012 Conference Program

Twitter: @IATEFL_Chile
Promoting continual professional development to achieve effective English teaching and learning, and fostering networking in the English teaching community.

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Programa iatefl conference-2012full

  1. 1. Program Day One XII International Conference IATEFL Chile 2012Friday, July 20th.Time Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Computing Lab08:30-09:15 REGISTRATION09:15-09:30 O PE N I N G C E R E M O N Y Plenary 1 - Higher order Plenary 1 - Bored students? thinking skills in English Tap into the brain’s reward09:45-10:45 AULA MAGNA AUDITORIUM teaching,’ PENNY UR, system!, HERBERT PUCHTA, Cambridge University Press Helbling Languages10:45-11:00 COFFEE BREAK Increasing students’ Round Table: “Is educational Promoting learner autonomy The Global Book Project: academic involvement: Assessment Creation and technology (TICs) really Developing New Media and consciousness raising The Spelling Bee for EFL Bringing Teacher Candidates Practical ideas for teaching Teacher engagement in Design: The risks of cutting helping language learning?”, Literacies in Low to Medium11:05- 11:50 through peer teaching - Teachers - Thomas Baker & into the Classroom - M.Eugenia in the digital classroom- blended TEFL courses - corners - Mark Briesmaster, Panel: Tom Connelly Tech Educational Settings - Millaray Salas, English Loreto Gómez, Colegios SEK Bambach & Lorena Soto, U Pete Sharma Christopher Johnson, UC Temuco (Moderator), Cleve Miller, Gisela Niklitschek, UACH Department, PUC Valparaíso Mayor Laurete Universities Damian Rivlin, Paul Woods Free web 2.0 resources for Evaluation of the ”More than a thousand Let´s Think - Developing E-learning: Using Moodle for Increasing student the design of teaching Implementation of the Vocabulary Profiling in the words” use of images and Young Learners and International exams participation through clickers - Cambridge English Teacher -12:00- 12:45 materials - M.Laura García & FOCAL SKILLS Approach - Classroom - Patrick Matzler, UC gestures to teach - Claudio Teenagers cognitive skills - practice: PET, FCE TOEIC, etc. Carol Piñeiro-Alexandra Cambridge ESOL Ana María Cendoya, Yasna Yilorm & Andrea del Maule Vera, Sociedad Educacional La Herbert Puchta, Librería - Fernado Durán, Gutierrez, U Mayor Argentina Lizasoain, UACH Araucana. Inglesa Educaredes Happy Brains! Happy The synthetic phonics: Innovation in the EFL Weaving visual and written Students! Happy Teachers! Read Aloud/ Think Aloud Language that flows - Jamie making reading effective Classroom Through the Workshop - Penny Ur,12:55-13:55 texts: picturebooks in ELT - Neuroscience in your Class - Workshop - David Clapp, UST Duncan, St Paul’s College and fun for very young Interactive Method - Cecilia Cambridge University Press Luciano Camio, ProT Argentina Joaquín Triandafilide, English Viña del Mar Argentina learners - Cynthia Garay, Bastías & Mirsa Beltrán USS Connection Books&Bits13:55-15:00 LUNCH Plenary 2 - Teaching in the Plenary 2 - Six Principles for 21st century: challenges and15:00-16:00 AULA MAGNA Success with Blended Learning - AUDITORIUM controversies - PETE CLEVE MILLER, English 360 SHARMA, Macmillan Literature Circles: Helping Practising and improving Indicators of EFL writing Visual literacy and the Shall we talk about students read and talk about Laptops and Learning - is the phonemic transcription on a proficiency development in challenges using Memory Myths - Lucrecia16:10-16:55 advanced learners? - Sergio English literature - Anne jury still out? - Paul Woods, Virtual Learning Environment - academic contexts - Daniel presentations tools - Prat, Individual Verdejo, OUP Westmacott, Universidad British Council BsAs Olga Ulloa, UFRO Muñoz, U Chile Damian Rivlin, U. Mayor Chileno Británica17:00-17:15 COFFEE BREAK Plenary 3 - Digital natives: Plenary 3 - Meeting others on the challenge of reaching line: new literacies, new17:20-18:20 their wonderful brains!, AULA MAGNA challenges, new identities, AUDITORIUM LUCRECIA PRAT, Oxford CLAUDIA FERRADAS, British University Press Council 0,76458333 END OF THE DAY
  2. 2. Program Day Two XII International Conference IATEFL Chile 2012Saturday, July 21st.Time Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Activity Room Computing Lab08:30-09:15 REGISTRATION Plenary 1 - Bored students? Plenary 1 - Higher order Tap into the brain’s reward thinking skills in English09:15-10:15 AULA MAGNA AUDITORIUM system!, HERBERT PUCHTA, teaching,’ PENNY UR, Helbling Languages Cambridge University Press10:25-10:40 COFFEE BREAK Blogs and the teaching of Using Web-Quest as a new Facebook as a Study in New Zealand: the culture: challenges and Teach English learning strategy in the Workshop Alive: The Power complementary resource for trusted and innovative Workshop - Alejando Naveas,10:45- 11:30 responsibilities for ELT Resources/Courses - Claudia classroom (A class design Of Music And Songs - teaching English- Soffia educational system - Javiera Oxford University Press teachers - Mónica Cárdenas, Ferradas, British Council experience) - Marisol Amigo, Ignacio Rojas, Individual Carbone, Individual Visedo, Education New Zealand PUCV Valparaíso UFRO Incorporating new Round Table: “The SIMCE The Modern English technology in the “Dynamic ESL Materials: The Challenge of Assessment: Inglés – useful or not?”, Classroom: The Essentials - Six steps to blended learning classroom: a Selecting, Rejecting, Adapting Mind Maps - Francisco Assessing Speaking and Panel: Tom Comnnelly11:35-12:25 a methodology course - success with English360 - Cleve transformation in learning and Supplementing”, Bretton Albornoz, AMCO Chile Writing - Andrew Dello, (Moderator), Sylvia Guzman Gloria Salazar, Pragmatic Miller, English 360 and teaching - Natalie Clark, The Language Co. English Connection (PIAP), Mary-Jane Abrahams English Hammerton, MM (UAH) Publications On Fun And Spirited Jumping the broom to Newly qualified teachers’ Evaluation of an Assessment Excellence in teaching pre- Classrooms: Practices From integrate real life tasks into Lifelong Learning with the The Iron Triangle: Economics, Hands on : Digital Stories in beliefs about their teaching Tool in an English Teaching schoolers – the differences12:35- 13:25 The Soul - Ignacio Rojas, the 21st Century Classes - CPD - Paul Woods, British education and e-learning - the EFL Classroom - Angie experiences - Leyla Lobos & Program - Andrea Lizasoain, that make a difference! - University of Dayton Francisca Choque & Rosa Council BsAs Damian Rivlin, U Mayor Quintanilla, USS Francisco Orellana, PUC UACH Herbert Puchta, Helbling Publishing Gallardo, USACH13:25-14:00 LUNCH Plenary 2 - Six Principles for Plenary 2 - Teaching in the 21st Success with Blended century: challenges and14:00-15:00 AULA MAGNA AUDITORIUM Learning - CLEVE MILLER, controversies - PETE SHARMA, English 360 Macmillan Teaching Vocabulary: some Growth Mindset vs Fixed Pigeonholing is for the birds! Time and Project Free online resources to Materials Development: The Shake off the stress of The 21st Century English insights from the research - Mindset, which one am I? - Activating children’s Management Skills for improve Collaborative15:00-16:00 Truth About Your Textbook - teaching! - Jamie Duncan, St Teacher - Damian Rivlin, Penny Ur, Cambridge Sylvaine Montaudouin, SESA intelligences - Magaly Teachers - Gabriela Silva, Academic Writing - Juan Ignacio Rojas, Individual Paul’s College Argentina U.Mayor University Press Chile Villarroel, E-Books U.Autónoma Molina, UC de Concepción Plenary 3 - Meeting others Plenary 3 - Digital natives: the on line: new literacies, new challenge of reaching their16:10-17:10 challenges, new identities, AULA MAGNA AUDITORIUM wonderful brains!, LUCRECIA CLAUDIA FERRADAS, British PRAT, Oxford University Press Council17:15-17:25 COFFEE BREAK17:25-18:15 CLOSING CEREMONY