Luxora arkansas 2000 2010


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Luxora, where are you? Missing. Small town, you're missing from the ELT coursebooks I've been using for the past ten years. I wonder why no one is talking about Luxora?

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Luxora arkansas 2000 2010

  1. 1. Luxora, Arkansas Census Data & Community Profile 2000 - 2010
  2. 2. Welcome to the heart of Luxora city data where you can quickly find the key Luxoradetailed data and census information you need. Whether you want to know about Luxorashistory, census information, data or when the library is open, these key links make it easy toget around Luxora – virtually.LUXORA CENSUS DATA CENTER RACELUXORA GENERAL POPULATION One Race Percent in Luxora, AR At the time of the last census survey, theTotal Population in Luxora, AR number of people of one race in Luxora, ARAt the time of the most recent United States was 1,304.Census Survey, the number of people inLuxora, AR was 1,317. White Population in Luxora, AR The estimated White population in the LuxoraLuxora Male Population community is 539, which is 40.9 percent ofAt the time of the last full census survey, the the total population (The U.S. average isnumber of men in Luxora was 613, which 75.10%).represents 46.5 percent of the total for thecommunity (The national average is 49.10%). Black Population in Luxora, Arkansas The estimated Black/African AmericanMale Population, Married in Luxora, AR population is 738, which is 56 percent of theThere are an estimated 203 married men in total population in town (The U.S. average isthe town. 47.5 percent of men over 15 years 12.30%).old in Luxora are married, compared to thenational average of 56.70%. American Indian and Alaska Native Population in Luxora, ARFemale Population In 2000, the number of American Indians orThe estimated female population in Luxora is Alaska Natives in Luxora, AR was 1.704 which is 53.5 of the total population(Compared to the national average of Asian Population in Luxora, Arkansas50.90%). At the last survey, the total Asian population in the community was 0.Female Population, Married in Luxora,Arkansas Native Hawaiian and other Pacific IslanderThere are an estimated 230 married women Population in Luxora, ARin the community. 41.2 percent of females The number of Native Hawaiian/Pacificover the age of 15 are married, compared to Islanders living in Luxora was an estimated 0.the national average of 52.10%. Other/Multiple Races The number of residents identified as “someAGE other race” was 26, while those of “two or more races” was 13 at the time of the lastMedian Age in Luxora, ARThe median age of people living in Luxora, census.AR was 31.4 at the time of the last full census Hispanic Populationsurvey. (The United States average at the The Hispanic population in the Luxoratime was 35.3) community was 36, or 2.7 percent of the totalAt that time, the number of people under the population (compared to the national averageage of 5 living in Luxora was 124. There were of 12.50% percent).859 people above the age of 18, whichrepresents 65.2 percent of the entirepopulation (compared to the national averageof 74.30% ). 11.7 percent of the population(154) in the community was 65 years andover, compared to 12.40% nationally.
  3. 3. HOUSEHOLD CHARACTERISTICS MISCELLANEOUSHousehold Population in Luxora, AR Civilian Veterans in Luxora, ARThe household population number in Luxora The number of Civilian Veterans in Luxorawas 1,317. was 64, or 7.1 percent of the total population (National average is 12.70%).Group Quarters Population in Luxora, ARGroup Quarters population in the community Disability Status in Luxora, ARwas 0. In 2000, there were 367 people in Luxora, AR listed as disabled.Average Household Size in Luxora, ARThe average household size in Luxora is 2.76 Foreign Born in Luxora, AR(The average household size in the United At the time of the last complete survey, thereStates is 2.59). were 34 people in Luxora who spoke a language other than English at home. ThisAverage Family Size represented 2.8 of the total population,The average family size in the community is compared to the national average of 17.90%.3.29 (The average family size in the UnitedStates is 3.14). LABOR STATISTICSHOUSING Percentage In Labor Force in Luxora, ArkansasTotal Housing Units in Luxora, AR There were 495 in the labor force in Luxora atAt the time of the last census survey, there the time of the last complete survey. Thiswere 537 total housing units in Luxora. represented 51.1 of the total population, compared to the national average of 63.90%.The number of occupied housing units was Mean Travel Time to Work in minutes477, or 88.8 of the total units in town. Of From the most recent complete survey, thethese, 221 were owner-occupied (46.3), and average commute time to work for local256 were renter-occupied (53.7, compared to residents in Luxora was 20 minutes,the national average of 33.80%). There were compared to the national average of 25.5also 60 vacant homes in Luxora at the time of minutes.the last complete survey. Median Household Income in Luxora, ARMedian Home Values in Luxora, Arkansas The median household income in theThe total number of single family, owner community at the time of the last survey wasoccupied homes in the community was 171, $20,304. The median household income inwith a median value in dollars of 41,000. the U.S. was $41,994.Monthly Owner Costs in Luxora, AR Median Family Income in Luxora, ARFor homes with a mortgage, average monthly In the last complete census survey, theowner costs were $626 (national average median family income in the community waswas $1,088). For homes without a mortgage $23,906. Median family income in the Luxora, average costs per month were was 50,046.$256 (national average was $295). Per Capita Income in Luxora, Arkansas Per capita income in Luxora in the last full census was 9,060. Per capita income in theEDUCATION U.S. was 21,587.High School Graduate or higher Families below poverty levelAt the time of the last survey, 365 people in According to the most recent survey,families living below the poverty line in Luxorathe community had a high school degree, or47.5 of the population (compared to the numbered 113, or 30.7 percent of thenational average of 80.40%). population. The percentage of families in America living below the poverty line was 9.20%.Bachelors Degree or Higher in Luxora,Arkansas35 people in Luxora also had a Bachelor’s Individuals below the poverty level indegree or higher, which represented 4.6 of Luxora, ARthe total population (National average was Individuals living below the poverty line in the24.40%). community was 433, or 32.4 percent . The percentage of individuals living beneath the poverty level in the country was 12.40%.