Order Management in Retail


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"Order Management in Retail, a real story". Presentation of Matteo Bordin, Principal Architect at Profesia Srl at the BPM Forum 2013 in Milan, introducing a business case and the BPM solution implemented by Profesia.

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Order Management in Retail

  1. 1. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanOrder Management in Retaila real storyThe process: guarantor of the standard
  2. 2. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanCustomerAmetera is a manufacturing company whosecore business is the production of universalvacuum cleaner dust bags.Ametera is an SME from North-Eastern Italy(Veneto Region) whose core business is theproduction and marketing of universal dust bags forvacuum cleaners, under the I-Genio Trade Mark.I-Genio is the only“made in Italy” productthat can be used on anyvacuum cleaner and hasbeen patented as such.
  3. 3. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanThe ProblemThe ProblemThe customer, as a pre-requisite formarketing its product through majorcommercial resellers and distributors,decided to make its marketingprocesses compliant to the Euritmostandard, thus increasing theinteroperability and semanticaccuracy of its fiscal documents, assell orders and invoices.Objective• Increase customer base• Certify the customer to thestandard Euritmo• Secure the communicationwith the customer• Improve the selling processConstraints• Minimum impact with the userinterface• Reduce the changes into theexisting applications• Low CostSolution• Adopt BPM approach• Create an application tosupport missing data• Corporate restructuringprocessThe SolutionThe customer would like tomeasure the processperformance and findbottle necks.
  4. 4. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanEuritmoWhat it is:Eurtimo is a WEB-EDI italian project, realizedby Indicod-ECR based on GS1 standard.It uses the Web instead of a private networkand has three difference communicationapproaches: via web, FTP, using a securecommunication.Actors:• Indicod-ECR: guarantee the standards.• Service Providers: sell Euritmo services.• Buyers and Sellers: use the services ofthe service providers and partecipate tothe standard definition.Why Not only EDI:• EDI has not service providers.• EDI standardizes only the messages.• Euritmo defines also the infrastucture.• Euritmo defines messages andcommunication protocols.• Euritmo standardizes the cost permessage.SellerASellerBServiceProviderSellerCBuyerABuyerBBuyerCObjectives:• Increase the B2B electronic exchange inthe retail.• Enable the standard to all retail actors.• Reduce the cost per message.
  5. 5. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanBPM Choice• Organizes the company• Knowledge sharing• Guarantees sales and deliveries• Measures the process• Identifies bottlenecks
  6. 6. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanThe sub ProcessOrderCheckError ManagementError Management:Details
  7. 7. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanRisks and CountermeasuresRisks CountermeasuresERP Supplier managment Create a custom applicationToo much information Design a process and define aspecific roleToo much operation Automate a lot of operations andreduce human activities
  8. 8. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanImplemented processes in this phasePublishingProductsCatalogOrdersSellingDelivery Invoicing
  9. 9. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanDevelopment Process1. Services’ definition andmanual approach.2. Process Analysis andCompany organization,deploy in productionwithout user interaction.The process is essentially anorchestrator of services.3. Refine process Analysis anddeploy in production withuser interaction.4. Refine process Analysis,deploy in production withimplemented securityscenarios.
  10. 10. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanDBTechnical SolutionEuritmoMessageCreationEuritmoComunicationInteractwith usersAutomateapplicationsAutomateapplicationsVerify DataToDo ListERP OfficeAutomation
  11. 11. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanLesson learned• Still too much human interaction– Reduce human interaction and reuse the sameinformation– Increase the automated applications• Post sales impact under estimated– Change management– Bugs improvements– Message from customers
  12. 12. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanRoadmap next stepPrice ListOrderconfirmationAnalyzecustomerstockPreOrder(Sellingoffer)
  13. 13. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanSolutions• Project became a product «BPM4Euritmo» byProfesia– Off The Shelf• Process Template• Integration Framework
  14. 14. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanConclusion• BPM decouples process from technology• Ease communication with customer• Quick alignment to business strategies• Affordable
  15. 15. Profesia Copyright 2013BPMForum 18th June MilanQuestionsBPM: Business Process ManagementProcess Modelling +Process Execution +Process Monitoring =Company ManagementProfesia srlEmail: contact@profesia.itTel 011-19879273Indirizzo:Via Strada Muson 2/C – 31011 Asolo (TV)Piva: IT-10815820013