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Survey Of BCC Language Program Alums


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If you are current student or alum of Berkshire Community College's Language Program, take the survey and email it back to Lois Cooper, the Program Chair of Languages at Berkshire Community College:

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Survey Of BCC Language Program Alums

  1. 1. Berkshire Community College Survey of Language Program Recent Students and Alumni Name (optional): _____________________________________________________________ I am studying / studied: (Circle one or both:) Languages International Studies Please list the academic degrees you have earned, and the dates you received your diploma(s), including an AA degree: _________________________________________________________________ Are you planning to complete a BA degree? ____________________ Are you currently matriculated in a BA-granting institution? ________________________ If so, where? ______________________________________________________ When are you planning to graduate with your BA? ________________________________ If you are not planning on completing a BA degree, would you please tell us why? What are some of the obstacles to your completing a BA degree? _____________________________________________________ If you are enrolled in a BA-granting institution or have graduated with a BA degree, tell us your major and minor areas of study: _____________________________________________________ Tell us a bit about yourself: What is your age? ______________ Gender? _________________ Are you currently enrolled at BCC? __________________ If not, what year did you leave BCC? __________________ Do you plan to earn an Associates degree at BCC? __________________ Did you earn an Associates degree at BCC? __________________ **I would put including BCC here and drop the previous question. Also this should go above the ones about major/minor, etc. Then you can build a path to those questions.**
  2. 2. **What was your academic experience when you arrived at BCC?  I came to BCC directly from high school.  I worked for _____________ years after high school, and then I came to BCC.  I transferred to BCC from another two-year college. Which one? ___________________  I transferred to BCC from a four-year college or university. Which one? _____________  I already have a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree  I came to BCC to enhance my lifelong learning goals, not to pursue a degree or to transfer to another school. **This doesn’t fit with the rest of them because it could apply to several of the answers above.** Tell us about your level of satisfaction with the instruction you received in your language classes at BCC:  Very satisfied  Somewhat satisfied  Not satisfied Tell us about your level of satisfaction with the advising you got from your advisor for the Program of Foreign Languages. (We are not speaking, here, of the **Do not include meetings with members of the Academic** Advising Office Center.) How well did he or she guide you as you plan your progress toward immediate and long-term educational goals? **<- is a separate question from the first – in fact it is two separate questions – help towards long-term and then help towards short term. Break each one out.**  Very satisfied  Somewhat satisfied  Not satisfied Are you currently a student? **Make sure you give them yes, no check boxes for the yes no questions.** Are you pursuing a major in Spanish? **Yes, no** in any other foreign language? **Yes, No**
  3. 3. Please specify _____________ Do you plan to use your language training in your future career? If so, what career are you pursuing? If you are currently working, do you use a foreign language as part of your job? Please provide the following information about your formal study of foreign languages: **I would move this up before “Are you currently a student.”** Language(s) Studied: Number of Years **you studied a language** in High School: Number of Semesters of language study at BCC: **You don’t need this question and the following since the following will answer this one. Which courses did you take **at BCC**? (Check all that apply.)  FRE 101: Introductory French I  FRE 102 Introductory French II  SPA 101: Introductory Spanish I  SPA 102: Introductory Spanish II  SPA 201: Intermediate Spanish I  SPA 202: Intermediate Spanish II  SPA 131: Spanish in the Workplace  SPA 275: Independent Study (Write name of your topic): ___________________ Why did you choose to study a language at BCC? **(Check all that apply.)**  To satisfy a language requirement of a four-year college or university program I wanted to transfer into.  To acquire proficiency in a language that would provide me with an advantage on the job market.  To acquire proficiency in a language that I needed in my current job.
  4. 4.  To give me a head start in preparing for a language major in a four-year college or university language program.  Because I love learning languages. **Change from love to enjoy.**  Because I enjoy learning about other cultures.  Because I was advised to take a language at the college level.  Other: __________________________________________________________________ **This set of questions overlaps with the earlier demographic question. Did you transfer to another two-year college? (name): __________________________________ Did you study a language there? (which language; which levels): **Which language(s) ________________________________________________ **Which level(s) ________________________________________________ **Total number of semesters________________________________________________** Did you transfer to a four-year college or university? (name): ____________________________ Did you study a language there? (which language; which levels): ______________________________________________________________________________ Did you feel well-prepared for the language study you pursued once you transferred by the language instruction you received at BCC? Please comment: **This is leading. I would ask them how well prepared they felt they were and give them a four or five point Likert (very well prepared, prepared, etc.) and then ask them to comment. Most people won’t. Open ended questions are generally answered only by people with extreme opinions.** ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. **Kill this as a separate question.** Number of Semesters you studied language once you transferred to another two or four year college or university