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Sangiardi laetitia powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle
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Sangiardi laetitia powerpoint

  1. 1. Hello !!!
  2. 2. I'm Laëtitia and I am going to talk about me !
  3. 3. I'm 13, I have brown hair and brown eyes and I'm tall. Sometimes I can be jealous and I can also be incomprehensible.
  4. 4. I love going to movies and shopping with my friends. I have a dog, four cats and two rabbits.My dog ​​is named Mike. My cats Pouf, Lily, Patou and Choupette.
  5. 5. I live in Villeneuve De Berg, a small town in southern France
  6. 6. My favorite subjet at school is Spanish and science.
  7. 7. My mother's name is Valerie, my father's is Pierre and my brother's is Florian. He is 18 years old and He is a carpenter.
  8. 8. I have a small room with my bed, a desk,a TV and many other things...
  9. 9. Bye !!!