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Proud to be italian!!


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Proud to be italian!!

  1. 1. People and symbols today and in the past
  2. 2. Symbols of Italian cars in the world
  3. 3. He is an Italian motorcyclist :Valentino Rossi
  4. 4. She is Federica Pellegrini an Italian swimmer champion
  5. 5. Italy won the World Football Championship in july 2006
  6. 6. Italy won the Fed Cup (2009,2010,2011)
  7. 7. He is Roberto Benigni,an important Italian showman,film director and actor
  8. 8. He was Alberto Sordi Italian actor of the past
  9. 9. They were Borsellino and Falcone.They fought against “ mafia ” and sacrified their life for their work
  10. 10. Proud to be Italian ……… . Created by the group of the second year ICS AMANTE