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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. I live in a village. Its name is Lavilledieu. It's situated at southeast of France. Approximately 1800 persons live here.
  2. 2. Lavilledieu is approximately 640 kilometers from Paris, the capital of France.
  3. 3. In my village: There is a war memorial, a kebab, a pharmacy, a karting, a school, a bar, a hairdresser and two bakeries. There are many fields. There are mountains not very far from Lavilledieu which is called "Alpes". There is a river too which is called "Ardèche" which passes in the nearby village. We move by foot in my village.
  4. 4. Fields.
  5. 5. The school.
  6. 6. The teenagers usually meet somewhere in the village to speak and have fun.