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2013.02.26 Intel Overview


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2013.02.26 Intel Overview

  1. 1. Making Native Mobile Apps withHTML5 using the appMobi XDK 2/26/2013 1
  2. 2. Who am I? Andrew Smith appMobi Developer Evangelist Web Development @profMobi
  3. 3. Who am I? Andrew Smith appMobi Developer Evangelist Web Development @profMobi Brand New Intel Employee!!1!
  4. 4. Agendao What is appMobi all about?o The Anatomy of an appMobi Applicationo Using the XDK Development Toolo Building a Hybrid Mobile Applicationo Preview Your App on Deviceo Building the Application in the Cloudo How to get started?
  5. 5. Save questions or email
  6. 6. What is appMobi all about?
  7. 7. Mission: To unify the technologies used in delivering web and mobile apps,simplifying the process of development and resulting in a new class of creative and compelling native mobile apps and interactive ads. Strategy:Offer a cloud-based, white-label platform that opens up the world of cross-device native mobile app creation to web developers, using familiar languages and tools: HTML and JavaScript 2/26/2013 7
  8. 8. The appMobimission is to helpdevelopers create What does appMobi do?awesome mobileapps using HTML5
  9. 9. Make Native Apps Using HTML5Build your apps with these Distribute your apps here
  10. 10. Why Your Application Should Be HTML5 Based
  11. 11. Why Your Application Should Be HTML5 Based
  12. 12. Why Your Application Should Be HTML5 Based On the Sidelines
  13. 13. One HTML5 Codebase for 1.5B+ Devices
  14. 14. Free XDK Development Tool
  15. 15. Cloud Based Build System
  16. 16. jqMobi
  17. 17. HTML5 Game Development• Game Engine Interfaces• directCanvas• Android Multi-Touch• Multi-Sound
  18. 18. appMobi Cloud ServicesThe appMobi Cloud Servicesprovide enhancements formobile HTML5 applications• Frictionless Payments• Analytics• Game Development Tools• Over the air updates• Push Messaging
  19. 19. Facts• Over 140K Developers Using our development tools• 60K XDK Accounts Created• Over 6000 Apps Delivered to App stores
  20. 20. The Anatomy of an appMobi Application
  21. 21. The Anatomy of an appMobi Application• All appMobi applications are built using a full-screen web view control as its UI• The web programming that makes the application is simply a tiny website
  22. 22. The Anatomy of an appMobi Application• The HTML, JavaScript, data, and images that make up that tiny website are collectively known as a “bundle”
  23. 23. The Anatomy of an appMobi Application• Features of the device itself are accessed through integrated JavaScript libraries served up by a tiny webserver in the application itself• In a native hybrid application, the main library is referenced from: http://localhost:58888
  24. 24. The Anatomy of an appMobi Application• The “bundle” is tested by loading it into either the XDK or a test application over the Internet• Once the application is ready for production, it would be built into its own mobile application for distribution through the appropriate application stores
  25. 25. Using the XDK Development Tool
  26. 26. Get the XDK
  27. 27. The appMobi XDK Development Tool
  28. 28. XDK Version Control
  29. 29. Project Controls
  30. 30. Development Controls
  31. 31. XDK Resources
  32. 32. Account Controls
  33. 33. Application Simulation
  34. 34. Application Display
  35. 35. appMobi Cloud Services
  36. 36. Building a Hybrid Mobile Application Using the appMobi XDK
  37. 37. JavaScript API
  38. 38. Librarian Application
  39. 39. Preview Your Application on Device
  40. 40. Click the “App Tester” Link Formerly known as “Test Anywhere"
  41. 41. Click the “Send App Link” Button
  42. 42. Send the app link to a mobile device
  43. 43. Send Invitation EmailYou have been invited to view an HTML5 project.Requirements:• A testing device: Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, or any smartphone running Android 2.X.• You must have Intels app.lab app installed on the testing device. If you dont have it, youll need to go to the App Store or Android Market and install it. Search for "applab" to find it.• Once you have app.lab installed, please point the browser on your device to:, simply hit the launch button to run the app project.
  44. 44. Send Invitation Email• Install a mobile app on your device • Go to a Web page on that device • You are now running my app
  45. 45. Install the appLab application• Go to the App Store or Google Play and install it.• Search for "applab" to find it.
  46. 46. Open the link on the device’s web browser• Open the application link in your web browser to get the launch page.• Touch Launch to see your application.
  47. 47. Building the Application in the Cloud
  48. 48. Build for a variety of platforms
  49. 49. Click the Build Button
  50. 50. Select “Upload and Build”
  51. 51. Enter Application Details
  52. 52. Download or Send Completed Application
  53. 53. Builds Automated After Success
  54. 54. How to get started
  55. 55. Sign up for App Dev Centerhttp://appcenter.html5tools-
  56. 56. Get the XDK
  57. 57. Write your app
  58. 58. Build your app using App Center
  59. 59. Samples Email me and I’ll send you a link to these slides as well as all the sample code I shared with you today.
  60. 60.
  61. 61. Find more information at:
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