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E-learning Design and Development for Data Science in Osaka University

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E-learning Design and Development for Data Science in Osaka University

  1. 1. E-learning Design and Development for Data Science in Osaka University Joe Suzuki Mathematical Science Division Statistical Mathematics Osaka University November 2, 2017 Conference on Education of Data Science at Shiga Univerity
  2. 2. Joe Suzuki as Researcher Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, August 12-15, 2017 “Branch and Bound for Regular Bayesian Network Structure Learning” Joe Suzuki and Jun Kawahara Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning, Information Theory Mathematician rather than Statistician
  3. 3. Joe Suzuki as Educator Problems of University Entrance Exam for Data Analysis A list of authors Announced by government
  4. 4. Kansai Data related Human Resource Development Consortium (KDC) was established in October 2017 KDC consists of 3 Cources A. Data Science Basic Course B. Data Science Practice Course C. Medical Data Basic and Practice Course Universities Osaka U, Kyoto U, Shiga U, Kobe U, Wakayama U, Nara Institute of Tech Companies More than 10 including Apt, Intelligence, Aioi-Nissei-Dowa, etc. Others ISM, NII, AIST, AIP
  5. 5. KDC has been selected as MEXT’s Data related Human Resource Development Project Period Yearly Budget for each Institute 2017.10 – 2018.3 70 M JPY (= 0.65 M USD) 2018.4 – 2019.3 140 M JPY (= 1.3 M USD) 2019.4 – 2020.4 140 M JPY (= 1.3 M USD) 2020.4 – 2021.3 140 M JPY (= 1.3 M USD) 2021.3 – 2022.3 140 M JPY (=1.3 M USD) • Waseda U. • U. of Electro-Communications • Tokyo Medical & Dental U. • Osaka U. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mission: Develop leaders who take charge the statisticians around him. 棟梁 (August 2017)
  6. 6. 棟梁 is the leader of a specialist group 棟梁 should be a specialist as well as a manager
  7. 7. Kick off Meeting of KDC at Osaka U., Oct. 7, 2017 More than 100 participants
  8. 8. Statistics in Osaka University MMDS (Center for Mathematical Modeling and Data Science) Many well known Professors by their Statistics Research Math Logic is crucial in Statistics. Methodologies of Statistics are changing Do not believe the currently used methods. Learn the bottom that does not change. Do not use any statistical fact you cannot prove. Schools teaching only methodologies Osaka U. Statistics 棟梁 Develop
  9. 9. President Prof. Takashi Suzuki, Osaka U. Course A Manager Prof. Joe Suzuki, Osaka U. Planning Lectures of Statistics Developing e-learning courses 2017 2nd 2018 1st 2018 2nd 2019 1st 2019 2nd . . . . e-learning 0 5 15 25 30 classroom 30 25 15 5 0 e-learning will gradually replace on-site Osaka University is the main host of the KDC.
  10. 10. • Hard to ask other to become 非常勤講師 (Part-Time instructor) while more faculties are asking us to teach Statistics (not just engineering, but almost all) • The study material has been standardized: • R language Exercises are fit to the LMS (learning management system) Why e-Learning in Statistics? Statistics I Statistics II Probability and Independence Parameter Estimation Random Variables and their Distributed Functions Least Square Estimation Density Functions Hypothesis Testing of Expectation and Variance Distributions and their Transformations Confident Interval of Estimation Expectation, Variance, and Covariance Chi-square Testing Law of Large Numbers & Central Limit Theorem Anova
  11. 11. Why e-Learning in KDC? • Without it, students outside Osaka U. should visit there every week. It is impossible for Shiga U. students to physically attend classes at Osaka U. • Not so many statistics teachers are in each university except a large university. Why more than one university teach the same materials of statistics? • Company people prefer university materials to commercial learning products. Less expensive and reliable. • Budget will be terminated in five years, so that revenue should be considered. Statistics MOOC in Japan
  12. 12. Why not give students Video rather than Text? Most Students can NOT understand a written explanation can often understand the same information in the form of a video I give complicated materials via video for Osaka U. Students Why not for other U. Students ? Not needed for just recording your lecture Using a microphone Is recommended to get High quality voice
  13. 13. Camtasia Studio (200 USD/Licence) 1. Make a Powerpoint slide 2. Record your lecture (capture your PC Screen) 3. Add animation, music, other video to Camtasia Studio track (If you need, replace your voice by a narrator’s) A high quality learning video can be generated, better than most Coursera courses. You do not have to pay to companies that produce learning materials
  14. 14. What Statistic Courses are available? Machine Learning with R Mathematical Finance Finance with YUIMA R Package Sparsity with Statistical Learning Bio and Medical Statistics Mathematics for Statistics IoT and Statistics Social Statistics Multivariate Analysis Economic Statistics Information Geometry Causality Mathematical Medicine Modeling for Data Science (Basic) Statistics A-I and A-II for Human and Social Sciences B-I and B-II for BioStats C-I and C-II for Engineers Those courses are for Ph. D Students but the matrials are easy enough !
  15. 15. e-learning Materials • Recording actual Classes by Video • PowerPoint + Voice + Effects For each Course 1 Term (Seven Classes x 90 mins, 1 unit) Actually 15-20 mins x 2-3 video for each Schooling Exercises for each time A couple of 15-20 min videos each time Quiz for each video 2018 1st 2018 2nd and later Learning Management System (Blackboard) Learning Management System (Moodle) Supposed to be for Ph.D Students. Easy enough even for Bachelor Students.
  16. 16. Moodle: a Learning Management System Pros Long history and many users (fewer bugs, good interface) Japanese works well Open Source (No fee) Cons Close System, not a Mooc system Open Source Its server should be managed Bugs exist The backup should be taken for the student data Edx Blackboard
  17. 17. Provide the KDC Lectures to Mooc (in Future) Only four lectures in Japanese while thousands of English lectures
  18. 18. Utilizing Mooc may help KDC well known.
  19. 19. Developing Team 6 RAs Profs. KDC RA is to make the e-learning course given teaching materials. In reality, the Profs are willing to make it.E-LEARNING COURSE TEACHING MATRIALS REWARD Profs. consider to enroll as many Ph.D students as possible. In Osaka University, the quality of education is often measured by the number of Ph. D students. Incentive for the people inside Otherwise, nobody would have been willing to work for the project
  20. 20. Why go to classroom? The experience in KDC may change the whole Osaka U. Statistics Replace the existing lectures by their e-learning • . Happy Life may come to us! They do not have to ask 非常勤講師 (Part-Time instructor) anymore The assistant researchers check the Problem tasks submitted by students The number of classes to teach may be reduced. Be careful: this might be your own goal The HQ of Osaka U. may reduce the number of academic posts of Statistics. In fact, some U. English teachers lose jobs by Mooc.
  21. 21. Goal: increase Ph.D Students Osaka U. HQ and MEXT evaluate out education not by the evaluations by the students but how many Ph.D students are there In Japan, Ph. D students are not being paid Few students proceed to Ph.D Master Course Students who declare to proceed to Ph.D 10万円 (900 USD)/ mon Ph. D Students 15万円 (1350 USD)/mon Strategy: Pay cash to Students to get more Ph.D Students than other Universities
  22. 22. Featured Lectures Finance with YUIMA R Package Fukasawa, sekine, and Eguchi Sparcity in Statistical Learning Tanabe and J. Suzuki This course deals with Lasso and generalizations. Very few have read through the book thus far. In the world. The course give most comprehensive explanations.
  23. 23. Conclusion KDC has just started developing e-learning courses. Main Concerns 1. 30 e-learning Courses can be developed in a year and half? 2. How many students can attend the e-learning courses? 3. In five years, does the revenue exceed the expenses so that KDC can continue? We are happy if our activiy 1. gives some insights to people who wish to improve statistics education 2. gives chances to study statistics for as many people as possible