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Racking Protection


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A-SAFE protective barriers (RACKING PROTECTION)

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Racking Protection

  1. 1. Racking ProtectionSaferRackingProtection Protecting People Property and Profits
  2. 2. A Flexible Solution for Racking Protection Reliable protection of your racking system is vital to prevent costly accidents and to ensure the safety of your staff. A-Safe offer a simple, yet highly effective way to ensure this with a range of racking protection products designed to suit each application. All of them are made from a polymer-based material, which incorporates a built-in memory, enabling it to bounce back into shape, after being hit by FLTs or other vehicles. In this way, it prevents damage to the vehicle, the rack and its contents, helping you to save on expensive repair and stock replacement bills, while ensuring the highest standards of safety in all working environments. BenefitsApplications:The A-Safe range is versatile enough to covera comprehensive range of applications such as: • The best protection for your racking system and stock. • No floor damage when impacted. • Reduction in damage to vehicles causing the impact. • Black and yellow colours ensure high visibility. • No direct contact with racking when installed. • Suitable for all standard racking systems.• Racking protection: Rack End Barriers are available in single rail and double rail versions. These tough, and highly visible protectors will shield racking systems from high impact accidents. They are designed with bollard style posts and wear collars to help absorb and deflect contact forces especially when vehicles are turning into and out of the racking aisles. A-Safe can also supply a full range of accessories such as signboards and gates to complement the barriers• Racking leg protection: Rack Leg Protectors are designed to effectively protect racking leg uprights and enhance safety. Accessories from FLTs and other vehicles.
  3. 3. Health& Safety - “ Losing a set of racking would cause much disruption to our business and be expensive toDid you know? replace, so protecting all our racking is essential. This is why we have worked closely• “The cost of managing good with A-Safe to develop the model to best suit our needs. “ health and safety is normally The cost effectiveness of the system also works well, as quite visible, but the cost of any initial outlay is spread out over the long term with no failing to control risks is often replacements or repairs required. absorbed into other operating Stephen Fletcher, Facilities Department Team Leader, DHL costs and so, is harder to see.” Workplace Transport Safety – An Employers’ Guide Technically Speaking • The Rack End Barrier can withstand an impact at 45° from a 3500kg vehicle transporting a 1000kg load travelling at 12km/h. • The Rack Leg Protectors have met and exceeded the requirements of FEM 10.2.02 the European testing standard upon which AS4084 is based. This is for both front and side impacts, as certified by an independent expert. A-Safe provides far more than just a comprehensive range of safety products. We also offer a full consultation service, ensuring that you choose the right product for the right application. This is complemented by a full installation and maintenance package, with a leasing option available if required.On impact After impactBarrier bends as vehicle hits it. Barrier returns to original shape, thanks to built-in memory.
  4. 4. Our flexibility is our strength