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What Is Gaming Product Management Like by Zynga Product Manager


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Product Managers aren’t new to the gaming industry, and every day more and more gaming companies are realizing the significance of employing Product Managers to drive product strategy and business decisions. This event, was an overview on Product Management in Gaming and learn how gaming Product Managers are merging Art, Business and Technology to create value in this exciting and fast-paced industry.

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What Is Gaming Product Management Like by Zynga Product Manager

  1. 1. What Is Gaming Product Management Like by Zynga Product Manager
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  8. 8. Tonight’s Speaker Ponappa Somayanda
  9. 9. Product Management in Gaming Ponappa Somayanda Zynga
  10. 10. An Introduction ● Sr. PM at Zynga’s NaturalMotion studio ● From India, living in London ● Currently managing Dawn of Titans ● ~4 years in the game industry ● Avid Gamer
  11. 11. Background Mechanical Engineering 2007 MBA 2012 2015 2011 2014 PM-ing starts here
  12. 12. Agenda ● Why do Gaming companies need PMs? ● What does a Game PM do? ● What does it take to be a PM at a Gaming company like Zynga? ● Q&A
  13. 13. Caveat ‘These are my views and my opinions based on my experiences and the experiences of my peers, and do not reflect the views of my current employer or past employers’
  14. 14. Why do Gaming companies need PMs?
  15. 15. Games as a Service (GaaS) “In video gaming, games as a service (GaaS) represents providing video games or game content on a continuing revenue model, similar to software as a service. Games as a service are ways to monetize video games either after their initial sale, or to support a free-to-play model.”
  16. 16. Conventional Game Development Concept ● Pitch ● Concept ● Prototype Release ● Marketing ● Distribution ● Launch ● Maintenance ● Metacritic Score Design ● Gameplay ● Rulesets ● Narrative ● Interface ● Content Production ● Programming ● Art ● Sound ● Design ● Implementatio n Testing ● Playables ● Alpha & Beta ● Bugs
  17. 17. The GaaS Approach Release Concept Design Production Testing LIVE SERVICES ANALYSIS & FEEDBACKPROMOTIONS CUSTOMER SUPPORT & COMMUNITY UPKEEP CONTENT, EVENTS & FEATURES Tools, Backend & Sustainability
  18. 18. Why does this make good sense? Recurring Revenue Model Extended Life Cycle More Player Focused Measure Success Better Risk Mitigation
  19. 19. Game Changers Platforms & Distribution IAPs & Microtransactions Data & Analytics
  20. 20. This is where Product Managers thrive
  21. 21. What does a Game PM do?
  22. 22. A lot actually.. ● Responsible for KPIs and Metrics ● Own/Manage the Roadmap ● Define Product Strategy ● Design Content and Features ● Measure-Analyse-Optimize-Iterate ● Be a Player Champion Art BusinessTechnology PMs Features Live Ops Analysis Planning & Forecasting Reporting Experimentation
  23. 23. A day in the life
  24. 24. Working as a Team Product Manager Art/UX/UI CS & Community Marketing Dev & QA AnalyticsProducer Studio Leadership Game Designer
  25. 25. PMing in a nutshell Ruthless Prioritization ● Roadmap ● Features ● Metrics ● Team ● Goals (Professional and Personal) ● Time ● Players ● Technology
  26. 26. Becoming a Game PM - What does it take?
  27. 27. Skillsets Communication Data is your Best Friend Problem Solver Growth Hacker Mindset Knowledge Team Player Empathy & Passion
  28. 28. Ending Notes ● Do you need to be a ‘gamer’ to be a PM in a gaming company? ○ Corollary: Being a ‘gamer’ isn’t always a qualification or validation of skill set ● Passion does not always translate into great ideas ● Dealing with Player expectations ● Interviewing with Gaming companies ● manager.pdf
  29. 29. Q&A
  30. 30. Appendix (will delete these before the event)
  31. 31. Interviewing Do research Play games, understand market Understand the metrics Be sure you want the job Basic problem solving, discussion on games Breaking down products
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