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Tips to Land and Excel at Your Dream PM Gig by Google PM


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- Understanding the different kinds of PM roles
- Tips to prep for your interview
- Tips to excel once you get the dream PM job

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Tips to Land and Excel at Your Dream PM Gig by Google PM

  1. 1. Tips to Land and Excel at Your Dream PM Gig by Google PM
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  5. 5. Manini Roy T O N I G H T ’ S S P E A K E R
  6. 6. Tips to Land and Excel at your Dream PM Gig! By Manini Roy
  7. 7. What we’ll talk about today 1. Who am I? 2. Tips to a great interview: a. Prepping b. During 3. What to do once you land that job!
  8. 8. About Me! About Manini
  9. 9. Tips to Prep for an Interview 1. Research 2. Study the right content 3. Practice, practice, practice!
  10. 10. Research! ● Most PM interviews are a combination of estimation, product design, strategy and execution questions: ○ Some will be a subset ● You will always get behavioural questions (so nail those!) ● Some companies also have a technical round ● Determine what content is coming
  11. 11. Different types of “PM” roles ● Product Manager ● Program Manager ● Technical Program Manager ● Product Owner ● Project Manager ● Product Marketing Manager
  12. 12. Study the right content ● Find the right books: ○ Cracking the PM interview ○ Decode and conquer by Lewis Lin ● Google search is your friend ● So are your actual friends: ○ Find people in your network that can introduce you to PMs (preferably folks who currently works or have worked in the company you're interviewing for) ● Find or create frameworks that work for you
  13. 13. Examples of Frameworks Create, pick and/or modify!
  14. 14. Practice, practice, practice ● Practice on your own ● Find a friend to practice with ● Lewis Lin has set up slack channels to find practice partners ● Practice in the correct environment (phone interview vs. in-person) ● Practice the standard questions (i.e. favourite product, favourite product from company X, etc.)
  15. 15. Things to remember during an interview 1. Pause 2. Ask questions 3. Use your framework 4. If you are not already a Product Manager, draw from skills obtained from your other role to demonstrate why you would make a good product manager
  16. 16. PMs generally come from other “related” disciplines Source: p-content/uploads/2019/08/Trends- Benchmarks-in-Product-Management- 2019.pdf
  17. 17. Once you land the job, now what! 1. Communicate! 2. Build great relationships 3. Keep calm and carry on (even when everything is falling apart)
  18. 18. Thanks for your time! Any Questions? You can reach me on Linkedin (
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