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The World in 50 Years - Eight Tech Trends by fmr Atlassian Head PM


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This presentation is from a talk given by fmr Atlassian Head of Product Management during Virtual #ProductSummit in March 2020.

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The World in 50 Years - Eight Tech Trends by fmr Atlassian Head PM

  1. 1. The World in 50 Years - Eight Tech Trends by fmr Atlassian Head PM
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  7. 7. Circa 1972
  8. 8. The World of the 1970s: A Foreign Land
  9. 9. Key Technology Trends: Driving the Next 50 Years • We won’t notice them day-to-day • And they all won’t move at the same speed - Infrastructure and regulatory changes needed - Country readiness to adopt - Business and technical challenges to overcome • But they’ll eventually create a new normal for things we didn’t know we wanted, but now do
  10. 10. Eight Interconnected Technology Trends 1. More powerful computing: Readily available and distributed - First through cloud computing - Extended to the network edge for faster response to devices - Followed by quantum computing – exponentially changing what’s possible to compute 2. Available everywhere: High bandwidth wireless - Starting with 5G and going way beyond that - Easier and faster to access computing and share data across devices
  11. 11. Eight Interconnected Technology Trends (cont’d) 3. From any device: Next-gen devices freed from design constraints - Everything smart: Clothing, wearables, appliances, drones, cards, homes, sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) - Enabled by low cost, smaller lithium ion batteries - Sharing more data with the cloud and between devices 4. Delivering intelligence. AI algorithms identifying patterns - Better insights, recommendations, and decisions - Personalized experiences – expanded through augmented and virtual reality
  12. 12. Eight Interconnected Technology Trends (cont’d) 5. With automation for how we work and play: - Easy-to-use automation tools + AI: Enabling us to create digital assistants - Free us from manual, repetitive tasks to focus on innovation 6. And improvements for how we live: - AI combined with medical breakthroughs: Gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and IoT medical sensors - Prevention and treatments customized to the individual
  13. 13. Eight Interconnected Technology Trends (cont’d) 7. Transparency and trust extending across connected marketplaces: - Blockchain: Distributed digital ledgers, removing need for a middleman - Extended across transactions: Between buyers and sellers, and devices 8. While the need for security will be ever more critical: - Expansive surface area for attacks: Always connected and personalized world - Biometrics and personalized security: Improve control of where and how we present our data to the world
  14. 14. Trends at Play in 2020 • Cloud computing is a standard: 40% of new funding on cloud (Gartner) • Quantum chip from Google: Solved a problem in < 200 seconds that would have needed 10,000 years • 5G rollout has begun: Promise of downloading movies in seconds vs. minutes • IoT: By 2030, consumers would like this to be in all aspects of their day (Gemalto) • AI + automation + NLP: Toward hyperautomation (Gartner) • Biometrics: Expansion into multi-biometric identification - face, iris, DNA and behavioral (Idemia, ImagineWare Systems)
  15. 15. One Decade at a Time “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” - Bill Gates Let’s look at what the world could look like in 2030 based on these trends Through the eyes of Ben, a 25-year-old product manager
  16. 16. March 10, 2030 7:30 a.m. “Good morning Ben. The weather outside is 57 degrees and sunny. I’ve got your calendar and the day’s top headlines ready when you are.”
  17. 17. March 10, 2030 7:45 a.m. Down in front of his apartment, a self-driving electric car has already pulled up and is ready to take him to the office at his usual time Personal calendar and day’s top headlines
  18. 18. March 10, 2030 8:45 a.m. At the office, AI-enabled security cameras recognize him, unlock the glass entrance, and automatically turn on his laptop Digital Assistants Cloud-based personal dashboard Blockchain platform for financial services For a monthly subscription, access to lower cost banking services for consumers and SMBs • Consumers: Short-to-long term loans with personalized payment terms • SMBs: Faster cross-border payments via smart contracts, insurance and tracking on shipment lots
  19. 19. March 10, 2030 5:15 p.m. Ben steps outside the office and puts his smart glasses on. Walking directions light up on the inside, leading him to the meetup at the nearby retail shop Text or call friends Listen to music Download and watch movies View public digital profiles for people you meet Place to hang out See demos of best curated things Meet new people Auto-pay on the way out of the retail shop Auto-transfer your digital profile to order online Smart ski jacket Embedded IoT sensors Flexible screen for viewing ski map
  20. 20. March 10, 2030 7 p.m. Ben picks up the diner delivery box in front of his door, touches the handle, and his apartment door auto-unlocks. The lights come with the 80” thin panel screen AI-based medical service: Everyday physical Sensor on back of smart watch – glucose, sodium, potassium – combined with heart rate, body temperature, calories consumed Daily Physical Calories: 2,000 Heart rate: 80 bpm Blood pressure: 120/80 Glucose: 150 mg/DL Sodium: 140 mEq/L Potassium: 4.0 mEq/LView health trends Get recommendations Order prescriptions Speak with doctor Ad-supported streaming service Personalized commercials Adds a flat panel camera to his order for the smart ski jacket +
  21. 21. March 10, 2030 7:15 p.m. Ben continues binge-watching a new series – a drama set in 2040. A teenager who likes spending time more in a virtual world overlaid on the real one. Hello Koenig. What do you want? Ben’s been thinking about an idea for a start-up. If not now, then when? Ben shuts off the main display, pulls over his laptop and opens a blank page, getting the first ideas down
  22. 22. Picture of 2030: One Version of Possible Futures ? Kodak Instamatic • Beyond 2030, even when we’ve progressed far beyond today, ask: - What now? - What could be better? • These tech trends will change our lives • But they won’t change who we are, and the answers to questions we seek
  23. 23. Make the Future Happen How you can do this as product managers: 1. Know your target customers inside and out: - They won’t tell you the breakthroughs they want - But they’ll tell you what they like when you show them what’s possible 2. Make the value irresistible: - Easy to use, great cost to value, and better than anything they have today - Make the value so great, that they have to tell everyone how great it is 3. Execute the product – the details matter: - Every aspect – end-to-end user experience, functionality, operations – makes or breaks the value you deliver
  24. 24. Follow My Article Series: Each Decade through 2070 The World in 50 Years Eight Technology Trends – One Decade at a Time
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