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Launching New Products in Established Companies by Oracle Dir CPQ


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Product Management Event at #ProductCon San Francisco on Launching New Products in Established Companies by Director of CPQ at Oracle, Fazal Gupta.

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Launching New Products in Established Companies by Oracle Dir CPQ

  1. 1. Launching New Products in Established Companies by Oracle Dir CPQ
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  10. 10. Fazal Gupta S P E A K E R
  11. 11. Launching Products in Established Firms Fazal Gupta
  12. 12. • Context Setup • Business Case Phase • Roadmap Phase • Execution Phase • Go to Market Phase • My Learnings
  13. 13. Context Setup • Why should I care • Increased probability of career acceleration in the organization • Why does this matter • Lessons from history - Kodak, Xerox, weather channel, Microsoft • My perspective based on • Launching B2B products focused on selling to medium-large enterprises • One more thing….“All generalizations are false. Including this one.” Mark Twain
  14. 14. Business Case Phase • Strategic • Product Addressable Market matters….But not just for the new product alone • Starts with a customer… you know them quite well in many cases • Can be bottom up or top down driven.. It depends on org culture & type of idea • Reactive • Innovators have proven that market cares • Resolving irritants for executives • We should be doing this too… • On paper funding is not an issue but…..
  15. 15. Roadmap Phase • Definition of Success • Logic of business case drives the success metric • Good might be good enough… • Target Personas • Likely a legacy product persona would need to be accommodated • Art of stack ranking features • Need to go broad vs. focused • Differentiate - Both internally & externally
  16. 16. Execution Phase • Implementation • Learn to believe….“slow & steady wins the race” • Don’t forget need to adopt standard operating procedures & processes • Assembling Team • Skill set gap management is a reality • Open to change attitude must-have in senior PMs • Where did they come from?
  17. 17. Go to Market Phase • Sales compensation plan could be the most important decision you make • Coming up with a resonating & simple message holds true and it will take time… • Pricing is a multi-dimensional subjective challenge • PMs need to show data… • Decision makers look for affinity with other internal products • Over abundance of collateral creators…too many cooks in the kitchen can occur
  18. 18. My Learnings • Choose your battles wisely… • Cliché but true…team members matter more than strategy • Just like a startup, maintain laser focus on getting initial customers Remember to enjoy the journey & small wins
  19. 19. Thank You
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