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How to Build a Robust Product Roadmap by Salesforce VP of Product

  1. How to Build a Robust Product Roadmap by Salesforce VP of Product u ts hool. om
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  5. Product Planning & Roadmap Amit Khanna VP Products | Healthcare & LifeSciences
  6. Purpose of a Roadmap Effectively communicate product vision and strategy that engages and aligns: ❏ External Stakeholders ❏ Customers, Partners, etc ❏ Internal Stakeholders ❏ Dependent Product Teams, Solution, GTM ❏ Investments ❏ Product Investments(within and across product lines)
  7. What to consider for a Roadmap? What should you double down on? - Deepen features - Focus on Adoption Add features to existing product or Add-on? - Needed by all segments? - Incremental Value or New User Base? Open New Segments? - New Sectors? - New Geos? What you should stop doing? - Low Adoption?
  8. How to build Effective Roadmap? Vision Themes Features
  9. Product Themes Build your product roadmap around Themes not around Features. Features will change but Themes survive long term changes.
  10. Themes Vs Features ❏ Defines Jobs to be Done ❏ Think the business challenge ❏ E.g.: Access to Care ❏ Themes are easier to market and understand ❏ Multi-Release/Multiple Feature ❏ Lego Blocks ❏ Focus on features misses big picture ❏ Build or Partner ❏ Focuses on core capabilities THEMES FEATURES
  11. Healthcare Example Features: ❏ Urgent Care Centers ❏ Virtual Visits ❏ Messaging ❏ Bots ❏ Appointment Management ❏ Financial Assistance ❏ Reminders ❏ Jobs to be done Improve access to care this can be your product North Star and to achieve it there will be several themes and let us focus on one theme Theme Access to Care anywhere/anytime
  12. Example of a Theme Based Roadmap Release 1 Release 2 Beyond Access to Care Digital Scheduling(In-Person) Virtual Appointments In-Take Wizard Bots Financial Assistance Process Automation CTI Integration OCR Text Extraction OCR Text Extraction
  13. Feature Prioritization High Business Impact Low Effort High Effort MVP FOCUS Low Business Impact SWEET SPOT Clinical Guidelines 360 View Provider 360 Bots Scheduling
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