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How to Ask the Right Questions by EverTrue Product Manager


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Main takeaways:
- How to structure questions to get helpful answers
- When and what channels to use to deliver your questions
- How to use questions to build trust with stakeholders
- General tips for product/user research interviews internally and externally
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Published in: Technology
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How to Ask the Right Questions by EverTrue Product Manager

  1. 1. How to Ask the Right Questions by EverTrue Product Manager
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  10. 10. Sarah Morgan TONIGHT’S SPEAKER
  11. 11. You can find me at and hello!
  12. 12. Why is the art of asking questions so important? “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” – Voltaire ?
  13. 13. Sounds easy, why am I here?
  14. 14. We all ask bad questions, and accept responses as a result - Garbage in, garbage out ?
  15. 15. We are naturally bad listeners !
  16. 16. Do your homework ❖ Come prepared ❖ Don’t waste time ❖ Be respectful
  17. 17. Use the Right Channels ❖ Qualitative vs. Quantitative ❖ In person vs. remote ❖ Survey vs Live ❖ facial expressions/body language vs. text only
  18. 18. Get to know each other ❖ Introduce yourself (briefly) ❖ Set the stage ❖ Keep the focus on them ❖ Figure out what makes them tick
  19. 19. Confirm the perceived problem ❖ Is there even a problem to be solved? ❖ Ask it back “What I’m hearing you say is…” ❖ Don’t suggest or accept solutions
  20. 20. Formulate powerful questions ❖ Think like a journalist ❖ Use open ended questions ❖ Relinquish control of the conversations
  21. 21. Open ended vs close ended questions Open ended Questions ⬚ What could make your work life easier? ⬚ What is your biggest daily challenge? ⬚ Where would you like to see our product grow in the future? Closed Ended Questions ⬚ Would your work life be easier if we had a data import? ⬚ Is your biggest daily challenge data entry? ⬚ Would you use feature X, Y, Z if we built it?
  22. 22. Get comfortable with the sound of silence ❖ Let the interviewee accept your invitation to answer your question ❖ Give them time to think ❖ Let them fill the void, not you
  23. 23. Peel that onion ❖ Don’t be afraid to keep digging ❖ Don’t settle for the first answer ❖ Ask for explanations and additional detail
  24. 24. Don’t settle ❖ Recognize bad answers and non answers ❖ Reframe the question if needed ❖ Drive the question until you are satisfied ❖ Recognize an emotional response and be sensitive to your users’ feelings
  25. 25. Listening is Hard ❖ Don’t be a control freak ❖ Don’t steer the answer ❖ Quiet your mind and your own responses ❖ Control your emotional response ❖ Record your interview if possible (or bring a friend)
  26. 26. Reflect ❖ Take time as soon as possible to reflect on the interview ❖ Write down your thoughts and findings ❖ Adjust your script or list of questions accordingly
  27. 27. Wash, Rinse, Repeat ❖ Take advantage of opportunities to interview people ❖ They aren’t all going to be winners ❖ Hone your technique ❖ Get comfortable
  28. 28. Any questions? You can find me at: Thanks!
  29. 29. Additional resources ⬚ The 5 Whys ⬚ The Lean Product Playbook, Dan Olsen ⬚ The Psychology Behind the Perfect Customer Interview, Elizabeth Wellington, HelpScout
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