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"Ask me Anything" with Hearsay's Product Manager


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This was a presentation about what it’s like to work as a Product Manager in the valley and about knowing the difference between being a PM at a 4000 employee company vs. 300. Hearsay's Product Manager, Meghbartma Gautam, answered the audience's questions in this exclusive Q&A session. He discussed what it’s like to work in a dynamic PM role and what it takes to get your foot in the door.

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"Ask me Anything" with Hearsay's Product Manager

  1. 1. “Ask Me Anything” with Hearsay’s PM
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  7. 7. Megh Gautam Tonight’s Speaker
  8. 8. You’re here So, is there a map or something?
  9. 9. What will we cover? - Intros - 4 things that have helped me in my PM life - 4 counterintuitive skills that help more than most - AMA
  10. 10. So how did you get here? - New grad - Technology -> PM - Sales -> PM
  11. 11. Navigating your PM Career is relatively hard
  12. 12. Applying principles to your career - Test and iterate - Record, learn and move on - There is no “right” or “wrong” - Other people will not make the decision for you - There are varying degrees of fit - It’s never you, it’s them - Don’t do stupid things - Don’t lie, don’t steal
  13. 13. Test and Iterate - Keep a log - Situational awareness matters more than you think - Passion is not a buzzword - Take time apart for yourself
  14. 14. Your PM experience will not be binary - You will succeed and you will fail - Failures should sting - If you don’t feel like you are failing, you should move on - It is the only way you will learn
  15. 15. Fit is everything - Options are useless - Optimize for learning a new domain, a new business - Learn how to code in 10 weeks, but really don’t - Culture is how many times you want to punch someone in the face - Evaluate this every Quarter!
  16. 16. Don’t burn bridges - Let’s talk about the stupid things I have done - It’s not worth it - Don’t do it
  17. 17. Cool story bro - So many ways to get things wrong, a few to get them right - Philosophically, enjoy the journey - Practically speaking….
  18. 18. “So you’re a PM, that is a Project Manager yes?”
  19. 19. “So you’re a PM, that is a Project Manager yes?” - Learn what a Gantt chart is - Scoping and Planning are essential skills - Estimation is a magical journey, try to be “good enough” - Track and systematize the mundane
  20. 20. Work towards obsolescence
  21. 21. - Your current job will not be where you achieve growth - Document what you do - Make the ask - use data - Find adjacencies Work towards obsolescence
  22. 22. Pause and reflect
  23. 23. - Your speed is not a metric of success - Value your time, do not work incessantly - Make the ask - use data - Find adjacencies Pause and reflect
  24. 24. Think about your growth
  25. 25. Think about your growth - Feature growth - Business growth - Organizational span of control - People Management
  26. 26. Open Mic + Thank you
  27. 27. Part-time Product Management Courses in San Francisco