Transforming Technology Professionalsinto Global Product Leaders
Welcome Message from the    Institute                                                                                     ...
The India Product LeadershipGrowth StoryWhile we can point to a few product success stories from India, we are still agene...
Code Centric to Customer Centric                      Message from the Chairperson of EPIC (Executive Product Industry Cou...
Executive Product Industry Council       Sanjeev Kumar            Dr. Gopalan            Srini Sundararajan       Head Inf...
The Difference is    our World Class    Faculty    Our       faculty   are    real-world    practitioners who understand t...
Faculty          Vishy P.                Bob Tesh.          Influence &             Solutions Mgmt         Prof. Tom Kosni...
Our Comprehensive Curriculum                                                     Modules    The curriculum is based on an ...
Corporate Investmentl	Finance & Accounting forGeneral Management	 Engineersl	Quantitative Methods & Statistical	 Technique...
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Institute of Product Leadership - Executive PG Diploma in Product Leadership


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Institute of Product Leadership is an Executive Education Business School which focuses on transforming senior technology leaders into global Product Leaders.

India's first B school which is designed by senior product practitioners and CEOs of several high tech companies - EPIC (Executive Product Industry Council) and delivered by world class faculty from US and global product practitioners.

Course Themes

Customer Connect & Market Research
Market Research Techniques
Value research & Analytics (MR-II)
Consumer Insighting
Quantitative Methods
Competitive Strategy and Analysis
Target market sizing & segmentation
Customer Life Cycle Management
Leveraging Social Media for customer research

Product Design and Innovation
New Product Initiatives
Usability & Experience Design
Applied Usability Design & Design Thinking
Idea & Innovation Management
Managing Intellectual Property
Winning in Emerging Markets

Product Life Cycle Management
Product Operations
Requirements Management & Road mapping
Product Portfolio Analysis
Product Management for mature products
Win/Loss analysis
Product line Economics
SaaS and Freemium Business Models

Solution Management
Strategic Marketing
Channel Development
Strategic Pricing
Lead Generation & pre sales
Customer relationship management
Social media & online marketing

Leadership & Soft Skills
Leading by influence
Negotiation and conflict resolution
Building Executive presence – Impactful Communication & Presentation Skills
Cross Culture Communication
Stakeholder Management
Enhanced emotional intelligence and self awareness

General Management
Finance & Accounting for Engineers
Quantitative Methods and Statistical Techniques
Emerging Business & Monetization Models
Corporate & Product Strategy
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Organizational Behavior
Corporate entrepreneurship

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Institute of Product Leadership - Executive PG Diploma in Product Leadership

  1. 1. Transforming Technology Professionalsinto Global Product Leaders
  2. 2. Welcome Message from the Institute Keeping management As the Indian IT industry evolves from outsourcing to ‘product creation’, most companies in India look forward to transforming their technology professionals education into product leaders. The Institute of Product Leadership was formed in conjunction with Executive Product Industry Council (EPIC) to design and deliver a program relevant for senior product professionals to accelerate their transformation from building for product innovation to productizing it in the global context and that of emerging markets. The Institute is rolling out its debut program, Executive Post Graduate Diploma professionals in Product Leadership (EPGDPL), based on an integrated approach of global best practices used in the productizing process and in core management business concepts like finance, operations, and strategy. Unlike other general purpose programs, this one is designed specifically for technology professionals and delivered by industry practitioners, global senior executives, and world class faculty. The intent is to go beyond skill building and knowledge enhancement into ultimately creating an experiential learning for senior technology professionals. This is not only relevant and actionable in their current role, but ultimately accelerates their growth personally and professionally. Most R&D centers in India have established a need to move up the value chain and accelerate the process of commercializing their innovative ideas as they become true partners with their Western stakeholders. This is why businesses are turning to the Institute of Product Leadership to nurture and create the next generation of transformational leaders who will have the knowledge, actionable skills, and sensitivity to operate anywhere in the world. These leaders will work with global stakeholders to conceive, validate, build, and launch products that ultimately delight the customers. Welcome to India’s first business school that focuses on Product Leadership! Pinkesh Shah Director of Programs, Institute of Product Leadership2
  3. 3. The India Product LeadershipGrowth StoryWhile we can point to a few product success stories from India, we are still ageneration behind the product innovation ecosystems we find in the Silicon Valleyor in Israel. Amongst other things, a key catalyst for such ecosystems is the mindsetand skill sets for technology professionals to focus on customer delight and adaptivebusiness models beyond technical capabilities and engineering optimizations.With some of the largest technology talent pools in the world, we have alreadyestablished India as the one of the premium destination for IT services and MNCR&D centers. What we are now seeing however, is an orbit change – one where thesoftware industry is transforming through a stronger product innovation ecosystem.With stronger industry interaction through TiE, NASSCOM, and maturing VC modelsthe product ecosystem is maturing fast. An institutional approach of creating an Sharad Sharma is the Chair ofeducation and research platform for generating the necessary product leaders NASSCOM Product Forum andwill go a long way in catalyzing this product ecosystem in India. I look forward to an active member of the Indianpartnering with this endeavor. Angel Network. His 25 years of experience involve a turnaround (of VERITAS India operations), a startup (now part of Cisco), and an intrapreneurial setup of AT&T/ Lucent’s R&D in India. He hasSharad Sharma held a number of senior executiveBoard of Directors positions with leading technologyInstitute of Product Leadership companies. Most recently he wasA key catalyst for such ecosystems is the a SVP at Yahoo! and CEO of India R&D. He is passionate about cloudmindset and skill sets for technology computing and its potential to create software product winnersprofessionals to focus on customer out of Indiadelight and adaptive business modelsbeyond technical capabilities andengineering optimizations 3
  4. 4. Code Centric to Customer Centric Message from the Chairperson of EPIC (Executive Product Industry Council) The beauty of a high tech product industry is its ability to collaborate and co- create with geographically distributed stakeholders. If the last decade was all about optimizing the cost of building products from India, the coming one will be all about innovating from India for local and global markets. We have done some amazing things in maturing the overall product development process and scaling our India R&D centers to engage in several aspects of the product development and support lifecycles. As we now evolve our centers to start productizing new technologies with new ideas for both emerging and global markets, our technology leaders need to graduate from going Code Centric to Customer Centric! Evolving The Institute of Product Leadership is an initiative to offer programs targeted at technology professionals. These programs offer application and action beyond from Value management theory. They provide much more than functional skills developed around product lifecycle management, new product innovation, and user Optimization to experience design. They build leaders with vital skills that include leading by Value Creation influence, stakeholder management, and communication. I am excited to be part of this new initiative and along with other industry practitioners and leaders at EPIC, I look forward to building and leveraging this platform that helps engineering centers in Asia nurture the next-generation product leaders. Sanjeev Kumar Chairman, EPIC Institute of Product Leadership MD/Head of Informatica India Labs4
  5. 5. Executive Product Industry Council Sanjeev Kumar Dr. Gopalan Srini Sundararajan Head Informatica India Head of IBM Labs, Head of Engineering, Chair, EPIC India Alcatel-Lucent, India Sharad Sharma Exec Council Dr. K. Subramanium Venkat R. NASSCOM Head of Motorola VP Engineering, Board Member, IoPL Solutions, India Ericsson, India Anand Prahlad Ganesh K. VP Engineering, Head of Engineering, McAfee, India LinkedIn, India 5
  6. 6. The Difference is our World Class Faculty Our faculty are real-world practitioners who understand that teaching is not telling and that facilitating the experience is the best way to create true immersion for participants and make the learning truly actionable. Just like our EPIC board members, all our faculty have one thing in common – a passion for nurturing the next generation of product leaders from India. Selected from the industry’s best pool of practitioners and management schools from around the world, each member of our faculty has been in senior executive roles in the world’s best technology product companies. They bring years of experience in managing and building multi-million dollar product innovations. So while the curriculum will include advanced management science models and frameworks, the facilitation and case discussions will draw from their rich experience of field-tested methodologies of success and failures.6
  7. 7. Faculty Vishy P. Bob Tesh. Influence & Solutions Mgmt Prof. Tom Kosnik Leadership Mgmt Associations: Associations: Associations: netIQ, Sirius, Stanford, Motorola Symantec Harvard, NUS P. Shah S. Deshpande Product Merlyn J. Usability & Interface Innovation Agile, Product Design Associations: Operations Associations: NID, Purdue, McAfee, Associations: Symantec IBM CDC Software A. Kenghe Greg Brown Lyudmila Bloch New Product Innovation Customer Connect & Associations: Etiquette Expert Product Marketing Google, Bain Associations: Associations: McAfee Consulting Columbia, NYSU Anand D. Prof. Pathak Prof. M. Hastak New Product Operations Mgmt Initiative Associations: Associations: Consumer Behavior Univ. of Florida, Purdue, Intel, Accel Associations: UIUC, 7 Wharton Partners (VC) American Univ., DC
  8. 8. Our Comprehensive Curriculum Modules The curriculum is based on an integrated approach of global best practices and core management concepts that are used in the productizing process and Customer Connect and Market also in developing individuals around core leadership values to accelerate l Value Research & Analytics Research their careers as global product leaders. l Competitive Strategy & Analysis l Idea Management & Validation l Customer Lifecycle Management The curriculum’s academic components are structured around core modules that center on Customer Connect, Product Design and Innovation, Product Lifecycle Management, General Management, besides leadership-oriented modules l New Product Initiatives and industry electives. Product Design & Innovation l Personas & Customer Profiling At the end of the program, an integrated project will pull together all the l Usability & Experience Design elements of leadership and general management skills acquired during the l Managing Intellectual Property program. The program will allow the participants to bring together their l Winning in Emerging Markets learning and skill in formulating a product strategy, and implement it for a given business. l Product Operations In addition to these intensive learning opportunities, the participants will Product Lifecycle Management l Requirements Management & also undertake assignments in the form of reflection papers, projects, essays, Roadmapping analysis, and then develop action plans to create deeply embedded learning and behavioral change. The theme and course topics have been prioritized and endorsed by Executive l Product Portfolio Management Product Industry Council (EPIC) – a group of elite product leaders who l Go To Market & Solution currently drive product innovation from India in global companies like Intuit, Management Informatica, McAfee, Google, Motorola, Ericsson, Alcatel Lucent, LinkedIn, BMC, etc. l Personal Assessment & 360° Leadership & Soft Skills Feedback l Enhanced Emotional Intelligence & Self Awareness l Communication & Presentation Skills l Leading Strategic Change8
  9. 9. Corporate Investmentl Finance & Accounting forGeneral Management Engineersl Quantitative Methods & Statistical Techniquesl Emerging Business & Your participation in the program over five quarters demands considerable Monetization Models support from your company, whether it’s through the financial support for the program or its endorsement of your time away from work.l Corporate & Product Strategyl Operations & Supply Chain Our experiential approach creates actionable learning for the participants and Management the modular nature of the program will enable you to apply that in your workplace immediately. An important focus of this program is to enable participants to go beyondl Advanced Pricing functional skills into a personalized strong leadership development process,Special Topics/Electivesl Continuous Personal Coaching which is a long-term investment in developing you as a global product leader.l Macro Trends in Industry The program starts and ends with a personalized assessment and an integrated Verticals development plan based on 3600 assessment.l Social Media & Digital Marketing Like any great product, we will ensure it delights the customer (both the company and the individual) and shows great return on investment.l Catchup Topics for AICTE We strongly believe in our quality and stand by it so much that if you are not delighted by the programOptional Bucket Approved Diploma Exam by the end of the 1st quarter, we will issue anl Preparation for Certified Product unconditional refund – no questions asked ! Manager (CPM) Exam from AIPMM, USA 9
  10. 10. Admission Criteria Application Deadlines While there is no requirement for standardized tests like GMAT, admission to the institute is highly selective. Most applicants have a proven record of product experience and impact in the organization and aspire to grow into Round 1: 1 June, 2012 a global product leader. All candidates need to have a formal consent from Round 2: 16 July, 2012 their managers to be able to attend the program. Eligibility Considering the limited seats in the program, we encourage professionals to apply as early as possible. However, it is important to dedicate enough l Minimum work experience: 7 years, ideally working in ‘IP’ related product time and thought to your application or services companies. so that it accurately represents your l Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Management Degree/ Diploma is a plus. strengths and alignment of goals. l Strong appetite to grow into a techno-business leader. How to Apply Program will start in Bangalore in August, 2012. Fees You will need to send: 1. A filled-out Application Form (available at 2. An application letter (essay format), answering the following questions in The tuition fees is Rs. 9,70,000 plus (250 words): taxes. It covers fees, reference material, a. Describe your career goals and aspirations over the medium as well as case study copies, lunch, breakfast, and long-term horizon (5 years). selected dinners. Associated travel, b. Describe any interactions in your past experience around launching industry certification fees, and other new products/services in the organization. optional modules are not included in c. List your most significant accomplishments so far and biggest failures, the fees. with lessons learned (at least two each). d. What are your expectations from such a program in helping achieve Company-sponsored participants will your goals? be required to submit a letter of financial 3. Two references: please share the names and contact details of two people support from the sponsoring company who must have had meaningful interactions with you in a business along with the standard application. context. We may contact them to evaluate your application. 4. Application fees of Rs.1000 (refundable). Self-sponsored participants can pay for Interviews the program in two installments at the beginning of the program and 6 months from the start of the program. All shortlisted candidates will go through a round of interviews before they are accepted into the program.10
  11. 11. 1 6 2 What is the duration and schedule of the Top program? Questions 5 Participants Ask Keeping senior working professionals in mind, the Executive program About the Product will be conducted over 5 quarters (15 months). Each quarter will have an ‘immersion’ session for 6 days (Mon-Sat) followed by 4 pairs of Friday Leadership Program (2 pm-7 pm) and Saturday (9pm-7pm) sessions in each quarter. There will be a total of 600 hours of contact time in addition to project, presentation, and special seminars.Who is this program designed for?3 For more information log on toThe program is designed for technology professionals with a strong Can participants www.productleadership.inappetite for accelerating their career path with product leadership roles. attend this 6The program is ideal for: Engineering Leaders (Dev./QA), program online?Technologists, Architects, Product Managers, Product Marketing The program is facilitated in personManagers, Solutions Managers, Project Managers, ProgramPre-Sales Consultants, and Business Developers with a minimum of by best-in-class faculty from aroundManagers, Intrapreneurs, BU Heads, User Experience Designers,7 years of work experience. Prior business education is desirable. the world, with experiential learning led by HBS/MIT Sloan case study 4 Will I be offered placement assistance after discussions. Some of the sessions might be recorded for review, but the program? there will be no online component to the delivery. Will participants We believe that after going through the program, professionals will be able to charter their own career path within the firm. For corporate- sponsored candidates there will be no placement assistance provided. be working on real projects or opt for For self-sponsored candidates, we will work with third party executive internships? recruitment firms to help with placement assistance and referrals within the network.What degree am I going to get? The assignments will be as real as they can get! Our member companies will identify real projects to be workedIf you are looking for a regular MBA degree, this program might not be on throughout the program; andthe right fit. Our focus is career path acceleration as opposed to change will grade them as well. Company-of tracks. Those who successfully complete the program will be awarded sponsored candidates will be givena Post Graduate Diploma in Product Leadership certificate from an opportunity to work on realInstitute of Product Leadership. Participants can also get an AICTE ideas from their companyapproved degree by passing an additional exam as an option. management team. 11
  12. 12. twitter/prodleader For applications and additional informationpinterest/prodleader leadership III Floor, AMBER, #132, 15th Main IV Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 035 11 Loyola Terrace, San Francisco, Karnataka, India CA 94117, USA P: +91 80 4115 8157 P: +1 713 568 8154