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Procserve, a leading cloud eProcurement software company, was originally established in 2006 to develop and run the Government eMarketplace. Procserve’s secure networks have hosted more than £1.6 billion transactions and are today used by over 13,500 buyers and 27,000 suppliers to buy, sell, and share information within online communities. Its offering includes, but is not limited to, Purchase to Pay (P2P), Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS), electronic payment (ePayments), and dynamic marketplace solutions, as well as specialist eProcurement implementation services. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @Procserve.

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Procserve Private Sector Brochure - eProcurement Solutions

  1. 1. THE PROCSERVE COMMERCE NETWORK The Natural Choice for Smarter Procurement
  2. 2. The Natural Choice for Smarter Procurement Our story For seven years Procserve has brought buyers together with suppliers to trade efficiently across the internet. It’s a simple and now familiar concept but there is much more behind our story. That’s what makes us different. Since 2006 we have evolved from a single customer start-up business to operating a secure trading environment that is trusted by thousands of global buyers and tens of thousands of their suppliers to carry well over £1.6 billion worth of transactions. In doing so, we have been at the heart of the most profound strategic procurement change programmes around. The real power of the Procserve Commerce Network is in its interoperability. At our core is a scalable, fast and secure purchasing platform enabling buyers to connect with the maximum number of relevant suppliers – large and small, and various ERP systems. However, we are always thinking about tomorrow’s needs – mobile ordering, actionable data analytics, benchmarking, and community sharing. We have operational and senior user groups to ensure we understand and build future requirements into our exciting roadmap. We stay close to our users through our highly experienced Account Management and Service Desk teams – making sure orders never miss a beat. Clients also find it useful to occasionally use our experienced team to supplement in-house change teams and bring their insights to bear. We believe that our experience of many hundred clients, millions of transactions and billions of value mean that we can help your procurement journey move faster and more confidently. The Procserve Commerce Network comprises many things and I hope you enjoy this insight into what makes us tick. Nigel Clifford Chief Executive Officer 2
  3. 3. Our people At Procserve we have a great team. We believe in quality not quantity. Though we are small, we have a vast amount of highly specialist experience and knowledge. Our team is rich with technology, project, service, and procurement experts. We are delighted to have so many subject matter experts under one roof. The thing that pleases us most is that people who join Procserve tend to stay with us over many years. In fact, a huge proportion of our team have been with us for five years or more. That makes for a tight cross-functional team where everyone can have their say; but better still, build strong and long lasting relationships with our clients. As our business has grown we have also brought on board some great new talent to make sure we keep producing new ideas and fresh insights. From the Leadership Team outward everyone has a voice and shares a common commitment to what we do. We are entirely responsible for our services and having shared ownership of everything we do is felt right across the Procserve team. Introducing... Nigel Clifford Chief Executive Officer Amabel Grant Chief Operating Officer Jesper Lynge Petersen Chief Technology Officer Richard Shine Chief Commercial Officer Tim Holbrow Finance Director Brings masses of business leadership experience to Procserve from previous CEO positions in complex public and private software companies. With over 15 years’ procurement experience, she oversees all aspects of Procserve’s service operations, including customer relationship management, service desk, application support, and supplier enablement. Brings an experienced approach to software development based on Agile principles and user centric design. He manages the development division and is responsible for product strategy and product delivery. An experienced commercial strategist and leader with the last 10 years spent in software companies serving the UK and abroad. Brings over 15 years of financial and general management experience in startup and high growth businesses in the technology industry. 3
  4. 4. The Natural Choice for Smarter Procurement The Procserve Commerce Network Step 1. Manage your content or access existing content BUYERS SUPPLIERS Catalogues Buyer Administrators Buyer managed content Supplier Users Supplier managed content Catalogue Content Management Step 2. Go shopping and place an order with a supplier Buyer users Buyer ERP system Step 3. Supplier receives the order, ships the goods and sends you an invoice electronically Catalogue search PO MIS Step 4. You have all the information about the order and payment details at the click of a button Supplier B2B website PO Supplier Portal INV Supplier Users PO INV INV Supplier Systems Transaction system Our eMarketplace – bringing buyers and suppliers together to trade securely across the internet The Procserve Commerce Network (PCN) is a complete range of secure, hosted and managed eProcurement software solutions. PCN comprises a number of solutions that can be deployed together or separately. These include a range of eProcurement catalogue content and transaction management solutions as well as electronic payments, business intelligence and other eCommerce services, all built on a highly secure infrastructure. Based upon a conventional Business-2-Business (B2B) architecture, each element adds its own value which can then be engineered together to make a unique value proposition. 4 The core component is an electronic marketplace or eMarketplace where buyers can log on, search content hosted on the eMarketplace, or on the supplier’s website. They can then bring it back in shopping baskets for approval, before issuing an electronic purchase order to their selected supplier. The supplier is able to flip this into an electronic invoice to return it via the eMarketplace to the buyers system for electronic matching and payment. Sounds straightforward – and we make sure it is by making everything we do value and benefits led. For example, PCN includes an electronic request for quotation (eRFQ) tool to take care of your spot-buying requirements. So everything is fully compliant with your purchasing policy, and is auditable and transparent. Typically, introducing our eMarketplace onto your corporate platform means: • fully automated Purchase to Pay (P2P) A process regardless of the underlying ERP systems. Requisitions will be converted into orders automatically without manual intervention with orders being sent to suppliers once approved. Order acknowledgement, advance shipping notes, amendments, cancellations or proof of delivery will be sent automatically from the supplier to the buyer using our technology.
  5. 5. • devolved ordering system with A a significant reduction in non-value added administrative tasks. Internal and external customers can raise their own orders, check online catalogues and decide whether to order from these catalogues or raise eRFQs themselves. Procurement teams can manage eRFQs by exception, receiving warnings for eRFQs over certain thresholds. Proof of delivery, invoices and any other supporting documents can be received and processed through our eMarketplace and automatically transmitted to your corporate system. • rice consistency, best value and P a reduction of lead time. The lead time from identifying the need to goods receipt is significantly shorter when catalogues are in place, prices are consistent over time, best value purchases are easy to identify and most importantly, your own products should be easier to identify leading to a potential reduction of cost and in turn increase of revenue. • ncreasing procurement automation, I releasing category managers’ time and generating value and savings and efficiencies for your indirect spend. We have the experience of many eProcurement journeys … Over 13,500 buyers and 27,000 suppliers transact on PCN. PCN hosts 1,800 catalogues containing 2.4 million product IDs. Client organisations range from the entire English and Welsh Police Service and the Department for Work and Pensions through to global telecommunications and travel companies. …so our customers can enjoy the benefits PCN clients see tremendous transformational benefits for their business, no matter what stage of the eProcurement journey they are on; there is always value to be gained. The good news is that whatever first step is taken, the benefits of more efficient processes and controls, improved commercial intelligence, understanding of buyer and supplier behaviour and having the data to understand the implications of buying decisions big and small, are continuous all the way along the road. The trick is to understand how far you are into the journey and how much better your business can be for going further. Unlock the benefits More Value for Your £ Using PCN means that every buying decision is made safe in the knowledge of what you and others in your community are paying for goods and services today, last week and last year. The visibility that our solution provides means that you can always get the best prices right at your desktop. Once you have made your decision then you have the processing power to transact electronically from P2P with a full audit trail and information about your purchases as they happen, in real time. In Control Because PCN can integrate with your corporate platform it adds major value to your existing investments. Users can access PCN with a single click from your ERP system or directly through the cloud and either way, everything they do is fully embedded within your corporate platform from requisitioning to accounts payable. This means you can organise your business in whatever way you choose and PCN will work with you to make sure that you have full visibility and control. And our fantastic team of implementation experts will be there to guide you every step of the way. Peace of Mind Security is at the heart of what we do. Each part of our service is assessed annually for compliance with the most robust security standards. Full risk assessments, penetration testing and independent assessments ensure that our services always carry accreditation to IL2. Moreover Procserve’s unique integration capability means that we can manage the carriage of data between secure and non-secure environments from IL0 to IL3. This is a standard part of our integrated services allowing Procserve to operate from inside your firewalls and those of your customers or suppliers. That is why over five million purchasing documents with a value of over £1.6 billion have been entrusted to PCN. Our services are UK hosted with a ‘warm’ backup, full Disaster Recovery and business continuity plans fully tested every six months. Although we’re happy to say this has never been needed, if things ever did go wrong, you will be back up and running in no time. 5
  6. 6. The Natural Choice for Smarter Procurement Delivering real savings An independent study of our client’s experiences of using Procserve has identified a range of real savings delivered directly as a result of embedding the Procserve eMarketplace in their platforms and processes. BUYING AT THE RIGHT PRICE BUYING AT THE RIGHT PRICE The price different buying organisations are charged for standard office products can vary widely. AAA Batteries Wireless Mouse RRP £3.96 BUYERS 10% SAVINGS RR P £9.66 £6.99 £11.16 by reducing maverick spend and buying from unapproved suppliers 50% SAVINGS by reducing time spent manually matching invoices and orders £6.40 3% SAVINGS P HP Toner RR Box of Bic ballpoints by running mini-competitions £117.04 £21.25 Kettle £5.00 £264.05 RRP by reducing time spend manually matching invoices and orders £60.00 The Procserve Commerce Network offers benefits for both the supplier and the customer. When an order arrives at Banner Recommended Retail Price (RRP)* it eliminates the need for a manual through the eMarketplace, SAVINGS SAVINGS order. Paper consumption in Banner and with theMADE USING customer is MADE USING Popular Online eMarketplace PCN OVER PCN OVER greatly reduced. TRADITIONAL TRADITIONAL CHANNELS Andy Porter, National Account Manager, Banner Business Supplies CHANNELS Procserve Commerce Network £0 £200 SUPPLIERS 2% SAVINGS £400 6 FASTER ORDER PLACEMENT FASTER ORDER PLACEMENT SENIOR MANAGEMENT REAL TIME management information to facilitate more effective sourcing decisions and supplier relationships R EDUCED price variability across your buyer community ABILITY to benchmark buyers and suppliers
  7. 7. Working together Standing still is not an option at Procserve. We are committed to evolve with our customers to stay ahead of the game and always meet their needs. More than that, we understand the very real constraints that they work under and the continual need to get more for less. But it’s also about driving the ‘Art of the Possible’ – to uncover real opportunities to deliver more and more savings and to exploit the full capability of the technology they have at their disposal. So we are always adding to our capability, devising new functionality to help them do their job better and to take advantage of the great work they do. We also understand the real value of having huge amounts of transaction data and how it can be used to measurably increase intelligence and understand the effects of buying decisions. That’s why we are delighted to support and contribute to thought leadership initiatives to help shape the future of procurement and data. Because of our close relationship with our clients we understand how difficult it can be to have cohesion across such a vast community. Hence, we sponsor eProcurement research so we and our clients can answer the questions that others only ponder. 7 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 3 0 . = We commissioned international accountancy firm, BDO LLP* to extensively research the benefits of eProcurement, looking not only at our clients experiences of PCN but the wider context of eProcurement across organisations. We are sure you will find their revelations fascinating. As a result of BDO’s research anyone can now evaluate their own ‘eProcurement Maturity’ using our online calculator to find out if they are ‘Innocent’ or ‘Excellent’, and how much they could be saving by using an eMarketplace. You can find the Procserve eValuation Calculator at Orange is committed to making it easier for our customers to manage their accounts the way they want to. Businesses looking to get the benefits of eProcurement for their mobile communications don’t necessarily need to make major investment to do so. By understanding the benefits of consolidating existing systems rather than having multiple systems, customers will feel the benefits by saving both time and money. Michael Lawrence, Former Head of Corporate Propositions at Orange UK *Accountancy and business advisory firm, BDO LLP, is the UK member firm of the BDO International network. The firm employs 3,500 people across 23 UK locations, generating revenues approaching £400m. 7
  8. 8. At Procserve we help our customers to optimise their procurement activity by removing cost and complexity in their processes and empowering them with access to the best deals backed up with maximum transparency and visibility of their buying activity. With an optimised Purchase to Pay capability buyers can have total control over their third party spend and get real value for every pound, without having to change their exisiting systems. For more information please visit our website Contact us: 17th Floor, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5RS +44 845 6042 328 Connect with us: or contact us on Procserve, a leading cloud services company, was originally established in 2006 to develop and run the Government eMarketplace. Today it specialises in enabling secure transactions and the exchange of data online. Procserve’s secure networks have hosted more than £1.6 billion transactions and are today used by over 13,500 buyers and 27,000 suppliers to buy, sell, and share information within online communities. Its offering includes, but is not limited to, Purchase to Pay (P2P), Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS), electronic payments (ePayments), and dynamic marketplace solutions, as well as specialist eProcurement implementation services. The company’s solutions are government security accredited to IL2 and IL3, and ISO 27001 certified. © Procserve Holdings Limited 2013.