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Construction Management with RFID


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Make your job site more efficient, safe, theft-proof and secure with real-time data from a complete RFID solution designed for the construction industry. Just plug and play and start realizing the benefits within six hours.

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Construction Management with RFID

  1. 1. Construction Management with RFID A smarter way to manage employees, subcontractors, assets and materials
  2. 2. Technology Driving Efficiency  Today, smart managers can use RFID technology to manage complex job sites with hundreds of workers, large quantities of materials and tools, a large and ever-changing workspace and valuable construction equipment.  Enable automated secure access to job site  Manage personnel and hours  Track and allocate materials and tools  Protect equipment from theft  Improve worker safety and reduce overall risk
  3. 3. What Is RFID? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.There are several parts of a complete RFID solution: Tags –These come in many shapes and sizes, and can be part of a personnel badge or affixed onto a pallet or piece of equipment.Tags contain a microchip that identifies the individual or item with a high level of data. Readers –This equipment automatically reads the data in the tags.They can read many tags at once, instantly capturing the data in real-time. Antennas –This equipment sends a signal to the tags so the readers can read them. Portals –These fixed structures house and protect readers and antennas and can be part of an outside perimeter or at the entrance to different parts of a site. Software – Specialized software shows data captured by the equipment and allows managers to react immediately to breaches, material needs and emergencies
  4. 4. ManagingWorkers  Fixed portals at the perimeter of the job site automatically ensure that only authorized people can enter  Captures worker ingress and egress times for HR and subcontractor payment  Create alerts when workers enter restricted area without proper safety training  Know where everyone is on the site at all times in case of emergency
  5. 5. Managing Materials  Know what materials are on your site and where they are  Ensure that you have enough of what you need  Allocate materials to different areas for maximum efficiency
  6. 6. Managing Equipment  On large job sites, know what equipment is where  Manage equipment components for each stage of your project  Be aware of when expensive equipment comes onto and goes off the job site to reduce theft
  7. 7. Complete RFID System, Ready to Go  Our Complete RFID System is designed specifically for the unique needs of construction companies and job sites  Includes everything you need including tags, readers, antennas, portals and software  Professional installation is part of the package  Plug and play – when we leave, your system is working for you immediately  Easy to use and maintain
  8. 8. Rugged,Weatherized Portals  Protects delicate readers and antennas  Built for outdoor use to withstand all kinds of weather  Rugged to defend against impact by construction equipment and delivery vehicles  Use as part of perimeter and entrance to restricted areas within site  Designed for and used by US Marines
  9. 9. Antennas & Readers  Our portals come pre- loaded with RFID readers and antennas  Pre-tested  Compatible  State-of-the-art  Durable  Right number, strength and range means your job site system is operational fast with no problems
  10. 10. Tags  Just tell us how many people, tools, pallets and assets you want to track and we will supply the proper kinds of tags  Ability to expand the system at any time by adding more tags
  11. 11. Software  Built specifically for construction management, our ActiveIdentity software:  Gives managers data in real-time so they can act immediately  Reduces labor hours and human error  Is easy to use  Is already integrated into the system, so it works right away  Improves safety and reduces risk of injury and theft  Lowers your insurance costs
  12. 12. Our Partners: Leaders in Construction Products  Jamison RFID is a division of Jamison Door, the leading manufacturer of cold- storage doors  Family-owned,American company in business 110 years  Active Identity is a cutting-edge software company based in Austin, Texas  Supports antennas and readers from all top manufacturers
  13. 13. Getting started Take your construction company to the next level of safety and efficiency with our Complete RFID System Contact Construction RFID today!