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Understanding Push Mail Part1


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This is the slide explaining how Push Mail works. Full blog post is at:

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Understanding Push Mail Part1

  1. 1. Blackberry BIS, iCloud Mail, GMail,… Sparrow,…!ProcessOne Push Mail !Part1 : Why Push Email needs to be reinvented with new “hybrid” technologies ? May 2012ProcessOne Arnaud Le Ruyet, CCO
  2. 2. What is Push Mail paradigm ? « whenever a mail is landed in your mailbox, you want to be notified right away that youve got an incoming email, without doing anything. » The notification gives you the title and the source (sender) in order to be informed and able to react Always-On What is Push Mail paradigm ? In the next future WWW (Multi-Device) Internet Provider Recipient (User) Sender Push Mail Service (User) (Mainly for Mobile Devices) Email Service Providers Telco Provider Source : Blog « BlackBerry BIS, GMail, iCloud, Sparrow, ProcessOne Push Mail », May 2012 Intermittently Copyright : ProcessOne Connected •  the basic user requirement is to receive emails right away on smartphones or tablets, •  in the next future to deskptops, •  even if end users screen is off and the device in your pocket.
  3. 3. Push Mail Paradigm : All the technologies and workarounds Push Mail paradigm : All the technologies and workarounds Push Paradigm Description Originated End User Value Service Providers Technologies & workarounds Mobile devices connect automatically to email Polling with a background process Handset Manufacturer (POP3 & IMAP email servers) servers at defined intervals to check and download for new emails in batches € Application Provider A new given and not user-friendly email Webmail Service Provider Fowarding email address address to which new emails are going to be Push Notification Service server-side fowarded right away Provider Mobiles devices maintain a persistent connection with no activity thanks to a time-out Telco Provider Long IP session with app daemon value specified by the Telco. Each periodic (SMS data message or IP Packet) transmission alerts server that the device is Android & € OS Software Vendor Application Provider ready to receive emails. As soon as an email Microsoft- landed, data synchronization operates based only A NOC is like a huge « store and forward » data center. Whenever NOC downloads new Network Operations Center (Email NOC, locate and register device) emails from webmails it pushes to the right located and identified smartphone through Like € Telco-centric Service Provider Telco BlackBerry A Push infrastructure with a constantly open IP Push Notification service for email connection to deliver instantly notifications from Handset Manufacturers (to the couple : mobile devices + private email servers or 3rd party servers to mobile devices. Problem : 3rd party webmails do not Apple APNs, € Cloud-based Service Provider OS Software Vendor apps) provide Push Notification APIs Google C2DM An IMAP IDLE constantly open IP connection (IMAP IDLE) Mail connector and to deliver instantly email titles+senders to Push + Cloud-based Service Provider Push Platform service Platform always connected to devices and API & Backend Service (Push Mail-as-a-Service : to apps) apps. No credentials stored if Oauth used by Push Mail and € Provider webmail providers P1PP Source : Blog « BlackBerry BIS, GMail, Incidence on battery Email storage Fetch email account Private service - No API available In end users’ favour iCloud, Sparrow, ProcessOne Push Mail », May 2012 Copyright : ProcessOne € User Cost (data plan) Email filters/rules Instant – near real-time Complex User Experience In end users’ disadvantage
  4. 4. The Push Mail Value Chain Mail Push Me Email Service Connector Notification Telco Provider YOU Sender Providers Provider Provider Recipient Application Shop Provider The Push Mail Value Chain Sender : Upik is a great push inbox Push notification Mail Push Connector Notification Infrastructure Sender Push Mail Service Source : Blog « BlackBerry BIS, GMail, iCloud, Sparrow, ProcessOne Push Mail », May 2012 Copyright : ProcessOne
  5. 5. Thank you !