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How Electronic Stability Control Will Help You


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This presentation is completely based on the concept of Electronic stability control. Firstly you can find what is ESC, what exactly it does and its components, then after a step-by-step description on how this system works and lastly, some of its benefits and side effects. Let’s see in details.

Published in: Automotive
  • There are various benefits of using the Electronic stability control. It should be there in all vehicles to provide a safety drive.
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  • Vehicles with electronic stability control system are even safer than the others. Good presentation!
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How Electronic Stability Control Will Help You

  1. 1. How Electronic Stability Control Will Help You?
  2. 2. Wheel speed sensors A control module A steering angle sensors
  3. 3. A yaw rate sensors An accelerometer A hydraulic modulator
  4. 4. How the system works???
  5. 5. Yaw rate sensor determines where the car is exactly pointing
  6. 6. The steering angle sensor determines where the car front wheels are pointing
  7. 7. The accelerometer detects if the vehicle is sliding
  8. 8. The wheel speed sensor monitors the speed of the wheels
  9. 9. The control module helps in detecting the discrepancy between the intended path & the actual path
  10. 10. The control module communicates with the steering angle sensor & the yaw rate sensor to monitor the discrepancy.
  11. 11. In case of over-steer situation, the control module would apply braking to the front outside wheel to keep the vehicle under control
  12. 12. A hydraulic unit increases braking or decreases wheel speed
  13. 13. Benefits:
  14. 14. Reduces crash risk Calculate the speed of the tires
  15. 15. Restore the stability of your vehicle Control the vehicle by reducing engine power
  16. 16. Does it have any side effects?
  17. 17. Behavioral adaptation:
  18. 18. It means the driver may get addicted to this system and in result he may drive more recklessly and with greater risk taking.
  19. 19. ThankYou… Website: hanics anics/about?gl=US&hl=en-US