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Connected Car Technology

I guess everyone have little knowledge about connected car technology as it has been newly introduced to auto industry. This presentation explains some common features of it i.e. Music app, Navigation, Automotive system diagnosis, Bluetooth, Road-side assistance, Hands-free control, Contextual help, Parking help, App manager, 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, ADAS etc. The most demanded features of connected car are the In-car safety features and vehicle-to-vehicle safety features. Check out for details.

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Connected Car Technology

  1. 1. Connected Car :
  2. 2. What Are The features Of Connected Car..??
  3. 3. Music App Navigation Automotive system Diagnosis Bluetooth
  4. 4. Road-side assistance Hands-free control Parking Help
  5. 5. Vehicle Diagnosis ADAS 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot App Manager
  6. 6. Music App Can play radio through internet in different device The App manages the music as per your mood
  7. 7. Navigation system Works with the help of Wi-Fi or other available network Just connect your device and drive
  8. 8. Automotive System diagnosis Oil pressure Engine diagnosis Computer system information for service
  9. 9. Bluetooth Connection
  10. 10. Streamline the music Uninterrupted call facility Bluetooth facilities
  11. 11. Road Side Assistance
  12. 12. Road Side Assistance Assists driver by contacting family Inform authorities to Rescue others
  13. 13. Voice Command Limited Distraction While driving
  14. 14. Use different commands Play my song Navigates to nearest gas station
  15. 15. Contextual help/offers
  16. 16. Contextual help/offers Sensor senses driver preferences and then provide assistance If fuel is low shows nearest fuel station
  17. 17. Parking Help
  18. 18. Parking Help App locates the nearby parking Deliver information about pay parking also
  19. 19. Automobile Diagnosis
  20. 20. Automobile diagnosis System alerts the driver about the servicing and maintenance needs
  21. 21. Advanced Driver Assistance systems(ADAS)
  22. 22. Advanced driver assistance system Designed with strict and safe human- machine interface Increase car safety Most important road safety
  23. 23. 4G Wi-Fi hotspots
  24. 24. 4G Wi-Fi hotspots It keepseveryone connectedto internet inside the vehicle
  25. 25. App Manager
  26. 26. Let’s Know about The most demanded Connected Car features ..???
  27. 27. Proximity sensor Adaptive head lights Self- braking Parking assist Integrated Cameras
  28. 28. Vehicle To vehicle safety Information of over traffic caused by accident Stopping a car from no entry Information about upcoming road condition
  29. 29. Data Tracking Driver Behavior
  30. 30. Website: anics anics/about?gl=US&hl=en-US