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MEDIdrawer and RXdrawer _ CAEM METSYS NACDS 2011


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MEDIdrawer and RXdrawer storage solution for Drugs presented by CAEM METSYS at NACDS convention in Boston, August 2011.

CWCS is also explained: CAEM WIll Call System for management of Will Call RX

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MEDIdrawer and RXdrawer _ CAEM METSYS NACDS 2011

  1. 1. MEDIDRAWER MEDIDRAWER uses the CAEM Modular Shelving System therefore an infinite range of configurations is available to the designer. The structure is fully modular and walls and aisles can be created very easily. Each MEDIDRAWER clicks on the vertical profile (the “upright”) in either horizontal or inclined position. These pictures show the look of 9 ft wall of 27 MEDIDRAWERS in a combination of horizontal and inclined positions. MEDIDRAWER and the CAEM structure deliver extreme flexibility: the stock can be configured with the same MEDIDRAWERS all inclined 15°, or combined inclined 15° and horizontal or all horizontal. A number of 9 MEDIDRAWERS per unit is recommended to reach a good combination of safe ergonomics, efficient use of floorspace and enough vertical stock space in each drawer. These pictures shows MEDIDRAWER on a T25 System - the nett spaces are: 22/3” 32/3” 42/3” 52/3” etc.
  2. 2. Back-to-front dividers can be placed very easily and anywhere at 2 inch space. Side-to-side dividers have a window to ease the Pharmacist looking at drugs and can be placed between vertical dividers anywhere at ½ inch spacing. Compartments can be created and adjusted easily at any time in infinite combinations.Pharmacist and Hospital managers will have their A number of plastic accessories is available in order to use printedstocking needs satisfied with MEDIDRAWERS also in tags and avoid stickers.the labeling aspects. MEDIDRAWER units are normally A full height and full length pocket can be used in order to locate thelabeled unit after unit, top left to bottom right. letter anywhere at any time. If a lower tag is enough, a lesser high pocket is available. The same pockets can be supplied at 2” length to be used anywhere. 13/17/21” T25: 2 3/8”/ 3 1/8”/ 45/16” MEDI DRAWER 12/16/20” Performance Weight Capacity Reliability ➠➠➠ 50.000 openings 100% opening 12/16/20” 60 lbs at 24 lbs * * Norm UNI 8581/84 Norm FA 2/95
  3. 3. RX DRAWER RXDRAWER is the multi drawer cabinet for the stock of medicines in Pharmacies and Hospitals. It has a unique design so that the structure and the drawers are delivered totally flat pack for a truly eco friendly solution. The cabinet is fully modular and is easy to install and level. RXDRAWER increases the stocking capacity within dispensary areas in pharmacies and stock areas of hospitals and delivers an attractive and clean design to such environments. RXDRAWER is available as RXDRAWER50 which is 20” deep and as RXDRAWER70 which is 27” deep. Each stack can be of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 drawers. The cabinet can be built with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 stacks of drawers.The RXDRAWER cabinet can be configured in a array of options:from 2 to 7 stacks of drawers, each stack having from 6 to 18drawers in even numbers. The maximum use of floor space isachieved with the taller cabinets, where the top drawers are usablewith commonly seen accessories.RXDRAWERS are fitted with high quality glides having a testedlong lasting operating life. The drawers are slightly inclinedupwards to ease the coming back to the closed position.
  4. 4. CWCS CAEM Will Call System is the solution for RX Will Call delivering optimization of space and time savings. CAEM suggests to use a tags in each bin and a Warehosue Management System to stock and then pick customers’ RX. This will work with either MEDIDRAWER and RXdrawers. See CWCS at Why to use MEDIDRAWER for your CWCS: • adjustability; • visibility of drugs; • integration with other shelving;z • compatibility with other shelving • total flexibility of dividers • stock the bottles and avoid prefilling bags Why to use RXDRAWER for your CWCS: • cleaner design • closed drawers • lighter drawers • stock the bottles and avoid prefilling bags 1 3/4” 15 3/8” +15 3/8” +15 3/8” 1 3/4” 303/8” or 22 1/2” 2 3/16” RX DRAWER 27 1/2”or 20” NET 43/4” ➠➠➠ 100% opening +4 15/16” Weight +4 15/16”Performance Reliability Capacity 40.000 openings +4 15/16” 500 77 lbs at 66 lbs 40.000 openings 4 15/16” 700 66 lbs at 55 lbs 5 1/2” CAEM METSYS LLC 13981 Valley View Lane Chino Hills, CA 91709 Tel. 909-902-5674