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Infusing Problem Gambling Into Existing Prevention Efforts [11/27/12 Webinar]


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Published in: Education
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Infusing Problem Gambling Into Existing Prevention Efforts [11/27/12 Webinar]

  1. 1. Infusing Problem Gambling Into Existing Prevention Efforts
  2. 2. Imperatives• Meets requirements in new OAR• No other voices—not yet in SAMHSA, no MADD equivalent, no federal research• If you aren’t talking about pg, no one else is either
  3. 3. If you know alcohol/drug/tobaccoprevention, you know problem gambling prevention
  4. 4. Risk & Protective Factors are the same for ATOD and PG and require similar interventionsRISK FACTORS PROTECTIVE FACTORS• poor parenting • strong family bonds• school failure • clear rules of conduct• pro-use community • parental involvement and norms monitoring• affiliation with peers • strong bonds with school, exhibiting behavior community• availability/access • moderation norms
  5. 5. Challenges• Not on people’s radar screens• Not seen as an addiction• “We just don’t see it” when it comes to youth
  6. 6. Turning challenges to messages• Not on people’s radar screens—you bring it up, highlight it, talk about it, include it• Not seen as an addiction—include that info in what you tell people—show brain slides, call it an addiction, DSM 5 it will be the first behavioral addiction• Not seen as risky
  7. 7. Infusion – minimal decencies• Add it to your business card, email signature, etc• Make sure it is included in your prevention website even if only a link to• Make sure it is mentioned in your prevention service brochures• When you release youth risk data, make sure it is included• Include it in your reports
  8. 8. Infusion Ideas by CSAP Strategy: some examples
  9. 9. Infusion by CSAP Strategy: Information Dissemination• Calendar• Media: examples on• Teachable moments
  10. 10. Examples ofteachable moments• When crimes make the • school publicizes its paper and a gambling participation in Scratch problem is involved Off for Schools (embezzlement, theft) • celebrity gambling issue• During major annual hits the national news sports events: March • gambling industry hits Madness, Super Bowl, the local, state or national World Series, Civil news War, Triple Crown
  11. 11. More examples• When the World Series of Poker winner is announced• If gambling is used inappropriately as a fundraiser – Casino nights – Newport News Times
  12. 12. Ways to respond• Press release• Letter to the editor/Op-Ed• Blog entry• Informational email• Request a meeting• Radio talk show• Presentation• Phone callWhich one(s) to use depends on time, resources, context and goal
  13. 13. What’s the goal?• Crime in paper: pg prevalence; increase awareness of free treatment• Sports events: pg prevalence, addiction potential and availability of help• School scratch offs: youth gambling prevalence; consider the message being sent; advocate for more education on pg in schools• Casino night: youth gambling prevalence; consider alternatives and at least offer pg information; advocate for more education
  14. 14. Resources• Adult prevalence study• Student Wellness Survey• Helpline website• Prevention Coordinator’s website• Local treatment providers• AMH staff• Voices of PG Recovery
  15. 15. Infusion by CSAP Strategy: Prevention EducationYouth video and discussion guide – middle schoolHigh school curriculum pieces – developed by a HS teacher; both products free download at local teachers need you to “show and tell” them about these materials; pg is included in their curriculum standards (see and scroll down to health ed standards)
  16. 16. Coming soon! Ready to use modules for including problem gambling into EBPs• Project Northland• Girls Circle• Life Skills• Too Good For Drugs & Violence• Project Alert• Strengthening Families 10-14• Latino parenting classBeing developed by your prevention colleaguesWebinars on each will be held in January and the modules will be available to all
  17. 17. Infusion by CSAP Strategy: Alternative ActivitiesExample: casino night alternativesFactsheet and ppt located at: outh/Fact-Sheets/Casino-Night-Fact- Sheet.doc
  18. 18. Infusion by CSAP Strategy: Community Based ProcessesEducate your coalitions about youth gambling and problem gambling in general
  19. 19. Infusion by CSAP Strategy: Environmental ApproachesSchool policiesRetailer trainingAdvertising and placement
  20. 20. Infusion by CSAP Strategy:Problem Identification & ReferralProblem gambling education programs (treatment agencies, at risk youth programs, etc.)Familiarize yourself with and promote Helpline 1-877-my limit and
  21. 21. Strategic prevention framework and PG
  22. 22. Discussion: how can PG be infused into these aspects of SPF?• Assessment—unlikely to come up in most community assessments unless you add it; may not be at the top due to low community awareness but still needs to be addressed• Capacity—likely only you and your treatment partners at first; increasing general awareness will increase partner base; you do have dedicated funding and a lot of resources at your disposal ( office staff/prevention colleagues• Planning—deliberately include pg prevention in your plans and use some of the ideas discussed in the webinar• Implementation—same• Evaluation--same
  23. 23. Infusion for SPF18-25 year olds,in addition to havinghighest rates of bingedrinking, also havehighest rates ofgambling problems
  24. 24. Include and share this info when talking about risks for 18-25 year olds
  25. 25. Risks travel together and should be addressed together sexual behavior drinking Problem Behaviors smoking gambling drug use
  26. 26. Next steps?• Individual technical assistance• Webinars on the new products - January• Periodic calls on particular infusion ideas for more indepth?
  27. 27. •National PG conference: July 2013 in Seattle plan to attend-prevention is a track! put in a proposal!Info on pg prev coordinator’s website ageid=4520