Oregon Problem Gambling Services - Monthly PG Prevention Connect - Minutes - 6/7/13


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Oregon Problem Gambling Services - Monthly PG Prevention Connect - Minutes - 6/7/13

  1. 1. Friday, June 07, 2013 Page 1 of 3OHA-AMHProblem Gambling Prevention CoordinatorsMonthly ConnectCall in Information 1-877-336-1828 Code 907760June 7, 2013 Meeting MinutesTime TopicIntroductions PresentDeAnne Mansveld (Union), Darlene Foster (NARA), DanetteKillinger (Linn), Jennifer Varsteeg (Lincoln), Julie Hynes (Lane),Becca Heuser (Yamhill), Jill Quakenbush (Clatsop), Ashlee Voges(Harney), Ramon Zelaya (Cascadia/Clackamas), Andy Cartmill(Washington), Brianne Mares (Columbia), Jerry O’Sullivan(Douglas), Nicole Walker-Sundby (Polk), Karlie Wright (Curry),Sarah Poe (Malheur), Anne Kasbolm (Lake), Debbie Utley (Lake)and Natasha Pineda (AMH)Check-InsSharingSuccess• Many positives happening across the state. Infusion ofproblem gambling prevention into general addictionsprevention. Media collaborations, raising awareness, gettingopportunities to present and teach in new locations previouslyhad challenges with, collaborating more with communitycoalitions and new ways of incorporating art are some of thesuccess shared.Challenges• In additions to successes there have been some challenges dueto staff turnover, changes in organizations, geography,attracting buy in and general community readiness.National Problem Gambling Conference• At least two participants are presenting in some format at theupcoming National Problem Gambling Conference in Seattle,WA in July 2013.• In addition to these two another five may be able to attend aswell if funding and scheduling work out.
  2. 2. Friday, June 07, 2013 Page 2 of 3AMHPreventionUpdateLegislative Update• HB2163A has a public hearing on Mon, June 10, 2013 at1:00pm at H-174.• HB2355A has a public helating on Mon, June 10, 2013 at 1:00pm at HR FDOJ Opinion• Julie Hynes provided a brief overview of the history andcurrent status of the DOJ Opinion. Natasha will send out abrief or press release to coordinators once it is obtained, toensure they are up to date on current events with this particularissue.• Discussion regarding lottery commission meeting, responsiblegambling group and continued partnership/collaboration toensure definitions are fleshed out.• Addressing the funding and need for media to drive calls to the1-877- MY-LIMIT line is currently underway at AMH.• This is a continuing conversation and dialogue with partners atall levels.Training Needs / Cohort Update• Cohort will start in October 2013 and end September 2014,recruitment will be in the fall 2013. There are potentialchanges to the test in 2014; however we will proceed with thecohort as planned and adjust training and content as necessary.It is an asset to our state that Caroline Cruz has beenparticipating on the national level in development of thesetools.• There is a need for Prevention Ethics training for those whoneed to maintain CPS credential. Suggestion was made toutilize Pauline Martell’s correspondence course or Daystartraining.• Discussed potential of offering a CPS Test Prep Training forthose interested parties. It will require that 10 people are readyand need to test. At least two people expressed a desire to beincluded in this training. More to come on his subject.• Problem Gambling Prevention coordinators who are not able toattend the National Conference would like to have the materials
  3. 3. Friday, June 07, 2013 Page 3 of 3and topics shared. A discussion was had to put together awebinar and have those who attend present in the fall,potentially around August.Visiting programs/training• Natasha Pineda request that coordinators invite or alert her toopportunities in their county to see problem gamblingprevention activities. She would like to become as familiarwith the programs and activities. She would like to get to atleast two programs a month until she has learned about all theefforts happening around the state.• If you have a problem gambling prevention meeting, activity,training or would just like to meet or consult on an topic pleasecontact Natasha at 503-602-9448 or atNatasha.m.pineda@state.or.us.Annual Reporting• A draft of proposed changes to question #1 and deletions willbe sent to prevention coordinators for feedback.Workforce Development PEC• Becca Heuser volunteered to participate on the PEC.• Any other interested parties need to contact Natasha by 1pm onMonday June 10, 2013• Updates to the Prevention Coordinators Website:www.problemgamblingprevention.org has been updated and ismore user friendly. Please check it out.Wrap Up• July Meeting is cancelled. Next meeting will be August 2,2013 10am-11:30pm1-877-336-1828 Code: 907760Follow Up Items:• Coordinators wanted a link to how to listen to sessions: Connect to legislativehearings and other resources at http://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/.• DOJ Opinion overview documents will be sent out to coordinators by June 14,2013.• Complete changes to Appendix D and send to the coordinators by June 14,2013 and get their feedback by June 21, 2013.