Oregon Problem Gambling Services - Monthly PG Prevention Connect - Minutes - 10/4/13


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Hosted by Natasha Pineda.

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Oregon Problem Gambling Services - Monthly PG Prevention Connect - Minutes - 10/4/13

  1. 1. OHA-AMH Problem Gambling Prevention Coordinators Monthly Connect Minutes *Questions? Natasha Pineda at pinedaprevention@gmail.com or you can call 907-250-9473. Introductions Lisa (Marion County), Heather (Baker County), Bonnie (Umatilla County), Debbie and Anne (Lake County), Conner (Harney County), Lisa (Benton County), Jessica Jacks (Deschutes County), Julie (Lane County), Nancy (Multnomah County), Brianne (Columbia County), Pepe (Hood County/MCCFL), Becca (Yamhill), Jill (AMH), Natasha (AMH) Not on call but submitted communication via email: Shawn (Josephine County) and Ramon (Clackamas County). Updates from around the state Shawn (Josephine County ) from email: Problem Gambling was really highlighted at this year Josephine County Recovery Fair. This was the 6th annual recovery fair. We had Voices of Recovery attend and provide information at a booth as well as three-speaker talk about problem gambling. Some of the highlights are on the Josephine County Recovery Fair face book page. Ramon (Clackamas) from email: Ramon is unable to participate in the Friday calls due to clinical duties and client schedules, he will keep us in the loop on what is happening in Clackamas County and would still like to be connected to this group, but right now the schedule change means he cannot be on these calls. Please keep in contact with him. Julie (Lane County): Problem gambling Awareness day last week. Very rainy day. It was a well attended event, Ronda Hatefi, started this day after her brother committed suicide due to a problem gambling addiction. An overview of the event, day, history and a link to a great video can be found at; http://www.preventionlane.org/gambling/pgad.htm. The video is geared to general county. It is a broad messaging tool, 3 minutes 45 second. Jessica (Deschutes County): Had an ASSIST Training last week and able to get our PG treatment person to attend and he is really enthusiastic. Feeling good but incremental with infusing PG messages and data and awareness into our presentations and community Monthly Connect Minutes 1
  2. 2. partnership. Feeling good about our increased awareness. A request to the group is: Does anyone have any resources that can help us as we develop a vendor guide for special events that would help planners be more aware of prevention related issues and messaging? Brianne connected the ordinance work the festival committee is doing in their community for future events as well as Jill Dale sent a link to a training from UDETC. Please see training links at the end of the minutes for a connection to this training on “Techniques for Managing Special Events”. Brianne (Columbia County): Health and safety fair in Clatskanie will provide information out there on problem gambling. We are in our first environmental scan in Vernonia community coalition. They are working on that soon. Clarified what is meant by Video Box (Red box) and mechanical Sign (electric sign). Jessica will send clarification on what mechanical sign refers to in the environmental scan documents. *This can be included in the minutes of November meeting if needed. Bonnie (Umatilla County): We had a few calendars left and shared them at our community events. Amazed about how many people are not aware about this issue. Leadership Update Natasha: As many of you know, I have relocated back to Alaska. I would like to apologize for not sending out a notice on my last day. The program knew it was going to have me stay on board to help transition until a new Problem Gambling Prevention Coordinator could be hired. The details were still being worked out close to when I was leaving. I will be available to field questions, help address issues and host the monthly connect calls until a new coordinator is hired. You can get in touch with me at 907-250-9473 or pinedaprevention@gmail.com. I just got settled back into life after a long drive up the highway to Canada. I am currently working on setting up a listserv with everyone’s contact information and will start sending out communications shortly. I apologize for any disruption in communication and want to thank Julie Hynes for stepping in to support the call last month. I loved working with the PGS Coordinators around the state and am thrilled to be able to continue to support the work you are all doing in this transition period. You’re all doing great things at the community level, and I am impressed with the professional and strategic way you are all incorporating prevention and gambling. Once the new PGS Manager is hired, the recruitment and hiring of a PGS Prevention person will be underway. Please keep an eye out for the recruitment. There is a large enough pool of applicants for interviewing and hiring of the PGS Monthly Connect Minutes 2
  3. 3. Manager at this time, so it should not be too far in the future. Environmental Scan Presentations Becca and Jessica will present their findings and reports to the whole group at the November 1, 2013 Monthly Connect Meeting. We are really looking forward to learning from their trailblazing! Problem Gambling Awareness Calendar Problem Gambling Awareness Calendar is in final stages of completion and should be available for distribution. Debbie would like to make sure she receives copies of them this year as they were not distributed any last year. Nancy suggested that a notice needs to go out very soon for schools, as in the past the notification went out in August to get to schools. Natasha will work on figuring out if we can just update the flyer from last year and get it out to counties by no later than Christmas. It was an oversight on my part, as I did not understand the timeline and that it needed to get out sooner. Will have a draft for this group to review by November meeting. We also discussed other organizations besides schools participating. OAR 415-056-0040 Part 4(h) The group was asked if anyone has a specific policy? It is clear that a sample workplace policy needs to be put in place. Some coordinators expressed not knowing it was a requirement, and a request was made to have the Prevention Unit Staff discuss new pieces to the OAR at the fall in-person meeting. Nancy, Julie, Lisa and Becca will work on a sample policy. Jeff Ruscoe sent a sample policy that another county has been working on for us to use in our work group. Natasha will coordinate getting the four together for a series of meetings telephonically to coordinate the policy development. Prevention Cohort Pepe shared it was a great group, very diverse regionally, and in a variety of ways. Fun to be in it, and plan for the future, start building the personal and professional relationships. Great approach to developing the network. It is pretty exciting and fun getting to know others and sharing. Heather echoed what Pepe said. It was very diverse and exciting! Really exciting! Jill shared that the cohort has a total of 33 Monthly Connect Minutes 3
  4. 4. people, largest one we have ever had. Nancy asked if she could get details on schedule. Other Items PGS Infusion Projects: Nancy would like to have copies or presentations on the infusion programs developed like what the Lifeskills developed by Danette Killinger. New Contact Information: Nancy Martin has a new contact phone number, a direct line, 503-988-8222 Marijuana Conference: California Marijuana conference was great! Contact Debbie from Lake County if you are interested in more details. PGS In person Meeting: Mark your calendars for Thursday, Nov. 7. This is the date of our next in-person All Providers' Meeting. The meeting will be held in Sunriver, Ore. This is an opportunity to earn CEUs. We've scheduled this meeting to complement the Prevention Summit being held at the same location starting on Tuesday, Nov. 5 so that our problem gambling treatment and prevention specialists all have the chance to gather in person. Both events will be at the Sunriver Resort, 17600 Center Drive, Sunriver, Ore., 97707. More details about the timing and training will be forthcoming. Training Resources Online training from UDETC: Techniques for managing special events: Course Description: This two-hour training identifies the complex nature of a special event and the need for effective planning, proper management, policy application, and enforcement at the event. The importance of including all appropriate stakeholders in each phase of the event is emphasized. The training demonstrates how alcohol at a special event increases the event’s complexity and how implementation of various alcohol policies, and the enforcement of those policies, can be effective in curtailing the alcohol-related problems often associated with such events. The outcomes of poor planning and the effects of zero tolerance are also reviewed. https://www.ncjtc.org/PIRE/ManagingSpecialEvents/Pages/default.aspx Next meeting November 1, 2013 10:00am-11:30am 1-877-336-1828 Code: 907760 Monthly Connect Minutes 4