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Workbook Deuter 2011


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Versão 2011 do Workbook Deuter!

Quer conhecer um pouco mais dos detalhes que fazem uma mochila ser uma Deuter?

No Workbook Deuter 2011, você vai ter uma visão mais aprofundada dos sistemas de ventilação, detalhes das linhas de mochilas Deuter, entender como funciona um saco de dormir e muito mais! Aproveite!

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Workbook Deuter 2011

  1. 1. DEUTER – Get the facts WORKBOOK Get the FACts WORKBOOKwww.deuter.comDeuter Sport GmbH & Co. KG · Siemensstraße 1 · 86368 Gersthofen · Germany · Tel. +49(0)8 21/49 87 327 · Fax: +49(0)8 21/49 87 339 Photos: Chris Müller;
  2. 2. © PatitucciPhoto Copyright Deuter Sport GmbH & Co. KG / 2011 Deuter reserves the right to change technical details and takes no responsibility for printing errors. Colours may vary due to printing techniques.
  3. 3. DEUTER – Get the facts WeLCoMe to deuter every single deuter product tells a story – easier to simply exchange it for a new prod- packed with ideas, unique experiences, and uct. However, to repair a pack is also a ques- a lot of passion. We would like to share these tion of responsibility. We save resources for stories with you – and we want to do it in future generations. and for many dedicated an entertaining, yet detailled way. But to start deuter customers it is important to have their with, let’s focus on the major question – beloved old companion back on their backs. also, since January 2009, deuter is a Bluesign What does member. With this step, we have committed ourselves to manage all environment, health a “deuter” and safety (eHS) issues in our supply chain – from the first steps at the computer to the final delivery – according to the strict bluesignContent stand for? standards. Thus, we further reduce our envi- ronmental footprint and improve the conser- vation of resources in production. This is a con-inTro 3 FiT, venTilaTion & FuncTion tinuous process with step-by-step progress. those are the key factors that we focus on The fact that we exclusively work with onedeuTer HiSTory 4 when building a backpack. The human anato- production site for the backpacks makes it aBackPack Finder 8 my shapes the carrying system: in the end, the lot easier for us to install improvements, com- backpack should offer maximum, customised pared to brands that have many produc tionBackPack FiT 10 comfort for the individual wearer. Further, our sites in asia, which they also often change.BACKPACK FIT, SL / EL 10 backpacks minimise sweating.FITTIng ThE BACKPACK 12 a well-ventilated back system efficiently helps more THan JuST a ProducThow To PACK 15 reduce heat build-up. depending on the is every single sleeping bag and backpack for range of use, deuter has developed solutions us. They are our reliable companions on trips that have set new standards. The features are and we are very passionate about them.Hiking 16 trimmed to the purpose, always bearing theTrekking 26 ideal weight-to-function ratio in mind. 200 dayS oF TougH FieldBike 32 TeSTing a year – that is what our prod-alPine 38 innovaTion and qualiTy ucts undergo on the backs of alpine pros. af- essentially define our brand. deuter has never ter a year, we get a feedback that we wouldSHield 42 been a marketing driven company. our budg- get from common users after maybe eight orliTe 48 ets are pretty low when it comes to market- ten years. Three of the world’s biggest moun-Family 50 ing. on the other hand, the list of milestones tain guide associations – germany, France, is long – from the first fully ventilated back- and the uSa – share their expertise and expe-Travel 52 pack with a mesh backsystem (the legendary rience with us, and thus support us in optimis-STreamer 54 aircomfort-System) to the “invention” of the ing our products. functional bike backpack, from the first TÜvSleePingBag Finder 57 approved child carrier to the TÜv approved devoTed and loyal reTail-Down 60 back protector for bike packs – those are all erS are crucial for deuter. our dedicationSYnThETIC FILL 62 true world premieres. and we will continue pays off – for example, we’ve been voted to invest a lot more in research and product number one manufacturer by german retail development than in marketing. magazine “markt intern”. and we will focusmaTerial 66 on this also in the future. in the end, complexBACKPACKS 66SLEEPIng BAgS 69 SuSTainaBiliTy is not a new concept products depend on experienced sales staff. for deuter: for decades, our products have People who know which product is the right been known for their exceptional durability one for which wearer. They also give us essen-deuTer 70 and the extremely low number of returns. tial feedback regarding the end consumer’sQuALITY AnD SuSTAInABILITY 70 and, of course, we are also famous for our requests. We would like to thank you for yourPRoDuCTIon 72 in-house repair service – even long after the important support! and we look forward toAwARDS 74 warranty has expired, for shipping costs only. working with you in the future! We fix what we can fix – sometimes even ancient “Tauern” models puchased in the 1950s. most of the time it would be a lot yours deuTer Team 3
  4. 4. DEUTER – Get the facts HiSTory deuter sInCe 1898 1898 augsBurg, germaNY. The company is found- ed by Hans Deuter. At the turn of the century Deuter is commissioned to supply the Royal Bavarian Post Office with postage bags and mail sacks. 1905 expaNsioN The “mechanised sailcloth and linen weaving, sackcloth, freight, car and horse blanket manufacturing firm” expands and now also includes a rental service for tents. 1910 first major clieNt Satchels, backpacks, knapsacks, belts, mess and store tents are increas- company logo ingly in demand, especially by the military. about 1910 1919 the fouNder haNs deuter operates the company under his name and produces suitcases, backpacks, tents and truck canopies. The bag pro- duction division becomes a joint-stock company. The tent rental reaches its space limit of 10.000 sq metres. It’s the first year for Deuter tents at the coorporation. The company is now called "Deuter 2001 deuter goes iNterNatioNal and establishes famous Oktoberfest in Munich. Industriewerke AG-Augsburg". a new subsidiary in the United States: Deuter USA Inc. 1939 the dark Years The entire equipment and 1962 the teNt diVisioN Becomes aN iNdepeNd- 2006 schwaN staBilo, a family owned German tent production is being taken over by the armed eNt compaNY "Deuter Hallenbau GmbH, Augs- Company, purchases Deuter. The company is now forces. burg". One of many expeditions equipped by called "Deuter Sport GmbH & Co. KG". Deuter reaches the summit of the Nanga Parbat via 1945 the coNseQueNces of the war are seVere. the extremely difficult Diamir face. Deuter tries to operate at full capacity by develop- ing new products. 1989 separate waYs - on 01.01.1989, two prod- uct segments, travel and backpacks, split from the 1955 staff iNcreases from 1.500 in July to 2.000 main company "Deuter AG" and become "Deuter people. The turnover amounts to 24.1 Mio. DM. Sport & Leder GmbH". Yet, the orders do not come in as anticipated, which leads to a critical financial situation. 1994 the New partNership with the compaNY company logo 2009 “duke” in Vietnam further pushes and optimises 1957 the familY BusiNess Becomes a joint-stock the production process.1971 1972 1973 1984 1991 1995 1996 1998 deuter Becomes the Big- deuter-aircomfort: mountain biking gets The new Vari-Quick sYstem The futura range with gest producer of back- the original is born and more and more popular. premiers: it allows a quick and its aircomfort futura packs and luggage in ger- patented. it revolutioni- deuter is the first compa- easy back length adjustment. back system enters the many. ses the backpack mar- ny developing bike speci- market. it has been extre- ket and becomes the fic packs – in cooperation mely popular ever since. most famous back sys- with mountain bike tem worldwide. legend andi Heckmair. The godfather is the „Bike i” mit airstripes- sYstem. Production and storage space of the luggage sec- deuter introduces the aircoNtact tion is almost doubled to aNd the sleepiNg Bag range. Fur- 40.600 sqm. For the forth ther, for the family segment, deuter time, deuter equips the engineers the first tÜV approVed olympic Team with sports child c arrier. a market sur vey bags and luggage. declares deuter as market leader in germany for backpacks. deuter increases the amount of nylon used in backpacks. deuter provides more than 80% of all tents at the okto- berfest.4
  5. 5. HiSTory DEUTER – Get the facts deuter introduces the first nylon backpack range. it quickly becomes the num- ber one backpack material.a saddlery is set up for For the first time, deuter Introduction of the legendary Five of the 15 ‘tauerN’ Backpacksthe processing of leather. tents can be seen at the Deuter ’ tauerN’ Backpack for Hermann Buhl’s Nanga Parbat oktoberfest in munich. – a bestseller for the next 30 (8.125 m) expedition were made of years. Perlon, a nylon alternative.1899 1905 1914 1920 1930 1939 1951 1953 1965 1968 The company starts Hans deuter alrea- as in the great War, deuter a weaving and dyeing With the alpine model its rental tent service. dy employs 80 wor- produces mainly equip- mill is established; pro- “Sierra” deuter premiers kers and 12 clerks. ment for the military, but duction of clothing and a backpack with inte- also industrial tents. camping tents. grated supporting frame.2000 2004 2005 2006 2009 2011 Sleeping bags become The design of the sl-wo- Tall people can enjoy a Neosphere dowN sleepiNg Bag more and more impor- meN’s fit models is per- per fec t fit with the raNge: the counterpart to the exo- tant. The range includes fectly trimmed and opti- ex tra long el-models: sphere synthetic mo dels, which kid’s models and 4-sea- mised for the women’s Favourite deuter backpack mod- were introduced to the market in son down sleeping bags. anatomy by a team of pas- els are available to suit taller peo- 2009. The ex tremely elastic sleep- The alpiNe pack guide sionate female athletes. ple with extended back lengths. ing bags feature the thermo is fully revised convinc- deuter presents a new lightweight stretch comfort sYstem. The ing mountaineers and range, spectro, equipped with a bags’ state-of-the-art technology alpine pros. new aircomfort back system: the and the unique comfort literally aircomfort flex lite sYstem. move the sleeping bag market. deuter introduces the shield Exosphere sYstem – a totally new back- pack concept. The integrated tÜV approVed aNd ce certi- fied Back protector guar- antees more safety for bikers and winter sports lovers. The innovation wins the eurobike award gold 2005 with the attack pack. The wiNdshield is revised and turns into a proper inte- grated wind vest. deuter continues to grow and in- troduces new innovations, such as the Vario futuras. The carrying system combines the air com fort Neosphere with vari-quick. 5
  6. 6. DEUTER – Get the facts HiSToryProfessIonaL exPerIenCe hermaNN Buhl carried a Deuter backpack on his famous first ascent of the Nanga Parbat (8.125 m). Pamir expedition led by While his companions turned back, Willi rickmer Buhl continued by himself – and left his Deuter pack at a secondary peak. aNderl heckmair But the climb was harder and more is the first to conquer time consuming than he expected the Eiger North face and he didn’t make it back before (on July 22.-24.) acco- the night. He was caught by dar- mpanied by Ludwig kness and had to survive the night cordilleras expe- Vörg, Fritz Kasparek, without his pack. He was forced to dition, Himalayans and Heinrich Harrer. stand upright on a narrow ledge, expedition On his back: a Deuter without any protection, without rucksack. bivouac equipment. Buhl was fortu- nate that it was a relatively calm, warm night – otherwise he wouldn’t have survived. The expedition was also supplied with Deuter tents.1928 1934 1937 1938 1953 1954 1957 1958 1959 1961 german-austrian german karakoram The “Tauern” proves its worth at the himalaYaNs karakoram expedition expedition expeditioN to the NaNga parBat. Expedition member Fritz Bechtold writes to Deuter: “We were Broad Peak expedition german-Swiss Himalayans exposed to the most extreme conditions – and so was expedition our equipment. We are happy to say that the Tauern sack is a piece of high quality alpine gear that we toNi hieBeler’s first winter ascent of the Eiger with Toni Kinshofer and could always fully depend on.” Anderl Mannhardt. Hiebeler writes about his childhood: “My father was a ski and mountain guide. He owned two Tauern backpacks. Owning a Deuter Tauern in the 1930 to the 1950s meant feeling a little like a king. When my dad was out in the mountains with clients, I wanted to go climb “my moun- tains”, too. I was 10 and simply stole my dad’s second Tauern. One day I ended up in a heavy storm and the backpack was still wet when dad found it. He didn’t like it and I got good thrashing. In the end, though, he had to admit there was no holding me back. He gave me his second Tauern. For me that was a gift from heaven.” Tauern backback from 1930 1991 1996 1997 2001 ralf dujmoVits becomes steVe BuffiNtoN, Start of the close cooperation iN cooperatioN with leki, hellY haNseN technical consultant, fine- product designer, joins the with the germaN ski aNd aNd meiNdl, deuter sets up a test ceNter tuning the products. deuter development team mouN taiN guide asso cia- oN the jamtalhÜtte. Here, costumers have the and creates the signature tioN. Supplied with deuter opportunity to test the latest deuter products. deuter product design. ruck sacks and sleeping bags The input from the center is integrated in the they deliver important feedback product development. for the product department. FakT: ation e close cooper For Deuter, th es has al - onal athlet with professi remain d will always ways been an ent of all developm crucial for the over view produc ts. He re you find an expeditions that deeply of athletes and oduc ts. influenced an d formed our pr 6
  7. 7. HiSTory DEUTER – Get the facts Excerpt from the expedition peter haBeler, together pepi stÜckl aNd peter Vogler, report of the German Hima- with Reinhold Messner, first mountain guides, become members of layans expedition honouring climbed the Mt Everest wit- the development team and thoroughly the 100th anniversary of the hout oxygen in 1978. He test the products on their tours. BerNd German Alpine Asso ciation: becomes technical consul- kullmaNN, a great allround mountaine- “All nine members made it tant at Deuter taking the er, becomes product & sales manager at up the 7.149m Glacier Dome. products on all of his tours Deuter. the BegiNNiNg of a New era: We also managed the first as- and expeditions to test them alpiNists, mouNtaiN guides, aNd aNdi heckmair, mountain cent of the Roc Noir (7.516m)... under the most severe con- Bikers stroNglY iNflueNce the guide and passionate biker We are happy to inform you ditions. He worked for collectioN. has inherited his father’s that the Deuter backpacks Deuter until 1991. love for the Alps. He also have performed superbly.” shares his dad’s passion for working on products: tog- ether with Deuter he deve- The German Nuptse (7.879 m) ex- lops the first bike rucksack pedition with ralf dujmoVits first worldwide. climbs the peak via the NW face.1962 1964 1969 1972 1982 1985 1988 1989 1990 On the 4th of May, Vladimir german Wakhan expediti- BalYBerdiN aNd eduard on, german Himalayans ski mYsloVskY reached the Mt expedition Everest peak via a new route, the almost 2.000 m high SW face. It is to be considered the most difficult and most dange-german diamir expedition, rous route. Further seven expe-nanga Parbat (8.125 m) via dition members, also equippedthe diamir Face with Deuter backpacks, reach the summit. anden expedition led by a team from augsburg, deuter’s hometown 20 Years of traNs alp – an anniversary that was, of course, celebrated on the saddle on the jubilee deuter’s product develop- transalp leading from Oberstdorf (Germany) to Lago ment team gets further (Italy). Guided, of course, by Andi Heckmair himself pro fessional support by – the man who invented the crossing of the Alps on the americaN mouNtaiN a bike, and the bike backpack along with it. guide associatioN. 2006 2010 2002 2005 2006 2009 The Sl backpack program is further extended and becomes a a secoNd test ceNter for deuter coherent women’s collection. deuter sees the New sl-womeN’s fit backpack s is established at the range as an important step that needs to be managed by a profes- Taschachhaus in the Pitztal, austria. sional, independent team. The new team solely focuses on the optimisation of the women’s products. and who knows better about female demands than women themselves? The entire team is set up of female outdoor enthusiasts, headed by gerliNde kalteNBruNNer, a true mountain pro, who brings her experience from the 8.000 m peaks to the the season 2002, theathletes spoNsoredBY deuter usa eagerlycollect medals and re -cords. and the deuterback packs are con-stantly in use – whetherin training or in compe-tition. The schwaN staBilo group puchases deuter. after 20 years with the brand, Bernd kullmann becomes ceo. 7
  8. 8. DEUTER – Get the facts BACKPACK Finder Backpack Finder Why do we develop different backpacks? A winter jacket at +30°C, sneakers on Via Ferratas - the right equipment not only provides more comfort, but also safety. This is why we have the right backpack for the respective use: you need different packs for climbing , hiking, biking, or trekking. We design our equipment specifically for the intended use. This is how we can guarantee fantastic carrying comfort, maximum ventilation and exact, smart WHICH details. Yet, BACKPACK IS THE RIGHT ONE?
  9. 9. DEUTER – Get the facts BACKPACK FINDER BACKPACK FINDER DEUTER – Get the facts BACKPACK FINDER1. HOW, WHERE AND WHAT TO BRING ALONG?HIKING TREKKING BIKE ALPINE FURTHER USES DAY HIKES DAY / MULTI-DAY HIKE LONG DISTANCE TREKS TREKKING SHORT RIDES DAY / MULTI-DAY RIDES MOUNTAINEERING SKI, SNOWBOARD, AND BACKPACK TRAVELLING MARATHON CLIMBING SNOWSHOE TRIPS PROTECTION LIGHTWEIGHT FAMILY TRAVEL DAYPACKhiking for several hours, backpack hiking weekend; backpack with hikes from accomodation to accomo- multi-day, long distance trekking several hours ride; backpack with Alps crossing in 5 days without gear week of alpine tours; backpack with day-tour with approx. 5 h ascent for fast activities with for activities where child carriers and kids for multi-week trips Daypacks for everydaywith food and weather protection hiking gear; overnight equipment dation over a longer period of time & backpack with tent and food; often water/energy bar, tool and weather transportation; board & lodging in full equipment; board & lodging in and descent; usual backcountry high injury risks, such as every ounce counts: trail backpacks for outdoor use at school, college, with longer hiking tours; provided at accomodation longer distances; backpack with off the beaten track / no infrastructure protection cabins / hotels cabins safety equipment single trail rides, down- running, alpine clim- activities Work & Travel; office, or the beach hiking equipment hill, freeride etc. bing, fast ski tours etc. & as light summit pack TÜV-GS APPROVED LOAD TRANSFER CHILD CARRIERS (stowable) back system continuously tested, – snug fit with internal strict safety standards – frame for heavy loads for the kid’s sake ADJUSTABLE BACK AIRCOMFORT SYSTEMS AIRCONTACT SYSTEMS AIRSTRIPES SYSTEM ALPINE BACK SYSTEM BACKPACKS ENGINEE- RED FOR KIDS LENGTH for a perfect individual, comfortable fit AIRSTRIPESVENTILATION VENTILATION LOAD TRANSFER LOAD TRANSFER LIGHTWEIGHT TIGHT FIT COMPACT FIT COMPACT FIT SHIELD SYSTEM LITE SYSTEM junior carrying system for maximum wearing SYSTEM STABILITYAircomfort Mesh Back: 25% Aircomfort Mesh Back: 25% Aircontact: snug fit with internal Aircontact: snug fit with internal light and compact for a small load Airstripes: close and secure fit in Alpine Back System: secure, close Alpine Back System: secure, close comfort superior material andless sweating helps saving energy less sweating helps saving energy frame for medium load frame for heavy loads any cycling situation fit for difficult terrains fit for difficult terrains PSA-BACK PROTECTOR DETAILED WEIGHT construction that lasts VENTILATION FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR PACK OPTIMIZATION Airstripes channels: freeOPTIMISED COMFORT PADDED HIP FIN ADJUSTABLE BACK LENGTH ADJUSTABLE BACK LENGTH THE SPINE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT SLENDER PACK FUNCTION a lifetime combines carrying com- of the carrying system, air circulation for 80% ofregarding carrying properties for comfortable carrying of for a perfect individual, comfortable fit for a perfect individual, comfortable fit sport-specific cut avoids chafing FOR THE SPINE for maximum freedom of movement attachment system for skis/snow- fort with maximum safe- materials and features PACK ORGANISATION the backand features medium load sport-specific cut avoids chafing board/snowshoes, compartment ty; TÜV/GS approved; front opening; VENTILATION STABILITY VENTILATION FUNCTION FUNCTION for shovel & probe, SOS label, ice removable daypack;FUNCTION OPTIMISED COMFORT functional Aircontact pads: 15% superior material and construction Airstripes channels: free air circu- VENTILATION attachment system for ice axe and School – main compart- axe holder separate compartments;attachment system for poles, regarding carrying properties less sweating that lasts a lifetime lation for 80% of the back Airstripes channels: free air circu- skis, SOS label ment holds folders; uni/external pockets and features lation for 80% of the back LIGHTWEIGHT office – padded laptop PACK ORGANISATION VENTILATION COMPACT SHAPE LIGHTWEIGHT focus on the essentials to save energy compartment; FUNCTION separate compartments also evenly Aircontact-Funktionsschaum: garantuees full freedom of move- COMPACT SHAPE focus on the essentials to save energy attachment system for poles, sepa- distribute the load 15% weniger schwitzen ment also for the helmet garantuees full freedom of SAFETY bike – helmet holder, rate bottom compartment, external movement also for the helmet SAFETY fully reliable material and function hip and strenum straps PACK ORGANISATION FUNCTION pockets, compression straps fully reliable material and function separate compartments also evenly reflectors, H20 compatible FUNCTION distribute the load helmet holder, reflectors, H20 compatible 14-35 l 22-50 l 35-50 l 40-75 l 3-15 l 14-30 l 24-45 l 24-32 l 18-22 l 10-30 l 50-80 l 15-32 l 3-8 kg 5-15 kg 5-17 kg 12-25 kg 2-4 kg 3-7 kg 5-15 kg 5-10 kg 2-10 kg 2-10 kg 12-20 kg 3-10 kg8 9
  10. 10. 2.the CustoMer’s Photo: klaus Fengler PhYsIQue you cannot choose a backpack exclusively on its capacity. The more volume a backpack has , THe more imPorTanT iS a carrying SySTem THaT can Be individually adJuSTed and gu- arantees freedom of movement plus fan- tastic wearing comfort. Take a look at the customer’s build and you’ll find the ideal fit for him/her. Broad Back? Yes Narrow shoulders? No Yes No short loNg legs / legs / short Back? loNg Yes Back? No Yes No eXTra long FiT For taller people, our Extra Long (EL) models offer superior carrying com- fort! Tall people (185 - 200 cm) often have trouble finding the right gear for their adventures. We’ve therefo- re elongated the back length, adding 6-9 cm to our most popular models. Narrow hips? rouNd waist? Yes We’ve also increased the capaci- Yes No No ty for our el range to swallow the bigger gear of taller people. We’ve kept, however, the respective stan- 2 X yeS? 2 X yeS? dard model’s back systems and fea- tures for our el versions. » Try THe STandard-model » Try THe Sl model10
  11. 11. BackPack FiT DEUTER – Get the factssL WoMen’s fIt sYsteM Backpack FIT el / SlWHy doeS THe deuTer SlSySTem FiT Women So Well?We’ve established a female team (includingprofessional athletes and designers) for the shoulder straps set s-shaped strapsdevelopment of our Sl packs. “SL“ stands for closer together with soft edgesSlimline – and those products are far fromjust men’s models in feminine colours. The 3entire pack, including the carrying system, is shorter aNdperfectly adapted to a woman’s physique. 4 3 Narrower 3 strapscompared to men the female anatomy has1 a slightlY shorter Back (because of longer 1legs and shorter height)1» The Sl back system with its lower shoulder strap shorteranchor point is a bit shorter than the standard Backversion. a key comfort factor since only the right leNgthback length can guarantee the optimum fit of theshoulder straps and waist belt. 2 22 a more coNical shape of the hip, which isfurther enhanced by women’s tendency towards ahollow back. coNical hip Belt curVed, aNgled» The Sl waist belt anchor points are set closer waist Belttogether and are slightly curved angling diagonallyupward. The fins are also preshaped so that thefastened hip belt has a conical shape delivering acustomised fit. Hugging the waist, it leaves nospace between wearer and backpack. 23 a Narrower shoulder width» in order to give a perfect anatomic fit around the “Selling Sl is fun! Just let the the fe-upper body, the Sl shoulder straps are both narro- male customer try on a standardwer and shorter in length, have narrow tapered ‘men’s’ backpack and then the Slends and smaller buckles. They avoid chafing in thearmpits and eliminate pressure points in the chest version – both packed. you feel thearea. difference straight away and this is» Further, the Sl shoulder straps are set closer tog- what convinces without many words.ether. Thus, they stay in place and do not slip offthe shoulders. myself, i’m wearing deuter Sl exclu- sively on my trips.”4 a more seNsitiVe chest» That is why the Sl shoulder straps have an Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, professional mountaineer, hasS-shape and feature softly lined edges on both successfully climbed twelve 8.000 peaks; member ofsides. The Sl construction curves around sensitive the Deuter SL development teamareas and stays in place. 19 kgWHo elSe can Wear Sl? 15 k gour Sl rucksacks are designed to fit the ave-rage athletic female build. However, since not 1) 76 kg 1) kgeveryone fits the norm it is likely that standard 60models also fit female users perfectly well –and vice versa: Sl models fit men...... with a very slim build, who do not fit the FacT: ther, a woman hascommon unisex sizing » check physique carry less than a man. Fur In average a woman can Sl development team n a man. no wonder the... with long legs, because they often have less muscular strength tha are (just like the on the contrar y, all Sl modelsshorter backs » check pants size never asked for “cute extras”. ures ratio. a challenge to the ideal weight-to-feat standard versions) trimmed... with a clothing size of S/m » check clothing to create clever solutions.size 1) results of the german microcensus statistics 2005: average female population: height: 165 cm & weight: 60 kg; average male population: height: 178 cm & weight: 60 kg (> you can carry about 25% of the your body’s weight); 2) Waist-to-Hip-ratio 11
  12. 12. 3.the rIght baCk Photo: Heidi Stettner DEUTER – Get the facts PaCk PosItIon Backpack FIT el / Sl once you’ve decided on a few models, it is time to test the individual fit. you best start by loading THem uP and Trying THem on: 1 2 3 4 1 Fill the backpack with a realistic weight. Here, length adjustable shoulder straps will trol and transfer more weight to the shoul- loosen all straps. Shoulder the pack. not help. only the right back length can solve der straps on rugged terrain. on longer this problem. it provides full freedom of move- trips, make sure you loosen and tighten all 2 Position the middle of the hip belt over ment for your arms and relief for your upper straps regularly to vary the load transfer. the hip bones and tighten. if the belt sits too back muscles with its anatomic, S-shaped high, it might constrict the stomach. if the pads. choose the right back length (Standard, To perfectly fulfil their function the stabiliser position is too low, the fins might chafe. SL or EL) for small capacity deuter backpacks. straps should be horizontally angled between For larger models adapt the length adjustable 30° and 45°. E For deuter trekking back- 3 now tighten the shoulder straps, but not back system (Vari-Quick and VariFlex packs you can adjust the angle by choosing a too tight. The main weight should be on System) to the ideal position. higher or lower positioned buckle on the pack. the hip belt. 5 once you have found the perfect back For smaller capacity packs, the straps fulfil a 4 The anchor points of the shoulder- length, fix and close the height adjustable different role. They allow the fine-tuning of straps are ideally positioned between the sternum strap. not too tight, since it could the back length. F loosen or tighten stabili- shoulder blades. Thus, the pads comfortably hinder breathing. The strap stabilises the ser and shoulder straps to perfectly fit the close around the shoulders. shoulder straps and is a standard feature of pack’s back position. Here, the angle can be almost all deuter packs. significantly smaller or even negative. A If the position is too low, the back length is too short. B The shoulder pads, 6 Tighten the hip belt stabiliser straps therefore, do not sit on the blades and can depending on the terrain. Tighten for more easily slip off the shoulders. load control. loosen for more freedom of C If the position is too high, the back movement. Tension the shoulder stabiliser length is too long. D it sits too close to the straps on the shoulder straps of larger capaci- neck, the shoulder pads run down to the arm ty packs. Loose for improved ventilation pits – this will lead to chafing on neck and and more weight on the waist belt for easy arms. Further, the pack tends to tilt back. passages. Tighter they deliver more load con-12
  13. 13. FiTTing THe BackPack DEUTER – Get the facts To judge the carrying properties of a pack, you need to load it up. Fill half of the pack with an air bladder or foil. you can prepare the foil in convenient small packs. Then place weight in the pack – at about shoul- der height and fill the rest of the space with foil so that the weight won’t shift. Miguel Tiblas, worked as Sales Rep Outdoor & Sport for nine years. Five years ago, he joined the Development and Design team at DEUTER. 5 6A C E FacT: - Lighten the load by brinB D F ging it close to the body! The per fect pack is slender of and sits close to the back – course, it also has to be pa- ! cked and fitted the right way 13
  14. 14. 4.the rIght WaY to Photo: Josef Weber DEUTER – Get the facts use the baCkPaCk So you found the perfect pack – now use it the right way! make sure you adjust the mo- dels that feature an adJuSTaBle Back lengTH and an inTernal Frame To THe individual Back. and finally pack it the right way! Pack iT THe rigHT Way! Those are crucial factors when it comes to carrying comfort. deuTer vari-quick SySTem inTernal Frame an unprecise adjustment restrains the poten- The duraluminium stays inside the packs are tial of a good back system. The following crucial for the optimum comfort and the 1 steps will help you to perfectly adjust the back ideal load transfer on the waist belt. The length of the vari-qick system: lightweight stays have an S-shape and 1 Find the right back length (see page 10). therefore already fit most wearers: it has a 2 Loosen and pull out the velcro closure. snug fit and distributes the main weight on 3 Put the harness strap into the right position, the hips. However, in case the wearer’s back then lace the straps through 4 attachment has a very different shape the stays can be loops. Tighten the strap and secure the velcro further adapted. Shape the pack by careful- closure. ly bending or straightening the back, e.g. on the edge of a table. For heavy loads (from about 10 kg) and longer walking distances in particular, the ideal adju- stment to the user’s back length is crucial. This means, it makes absolute sense to equip packs from a volume of 35 l with a vari-quick system. yet, keep in mind that every system with back length adjustment means additio- nal weight. For smaller capacities keep the pack’s own weight as low as possible. 3 deuter therefore offers for those models an option of three different sized back lengths: Standard, Sl and el. our rucksacks are designed to fit the ave- rage athletic build. yet, since not everyone fits the norm, we also offer a very special service: we can 2 easily adapt the carrying systems. in a few steps the shoulder straps of packs and child carriers with vari- quick can be swapped for Sl-shoulder straps. vice versa Sl straps can be exchanged for standard vari- quick shoulder straps that are suitable for the wearer with a more stronger build.14
  15. 15. HoW To Pack DEUTER – Get the facts Bernd Kullmann, for 22 years heart and soul of the rucksack development team; since 2006 DEUTER CEO – and still as passionate about mountains “The most important step when packing your rucksack is to leave the superfluous at home! as a general rule, a fit person should not carry more than 20 - 25% of his/her body weight over a longer period of time. The german military calculates with 33% - but then, we all know that their trips are more than strenuous!”LoadIng the PaCkThe pack’s center of gravity should sit close tothe body and ideally at shoulder height. Thisway it is positioned over the body’s center ofgravity and the pack won’t pull backwards.How to properly load your bigger capacityrucksacks (from about 30 l):Put the sleeping bag, down equipment andother light objects in the bottom compart-ment. Place midweight gear such as clothingon the top towards the outside. Heavy equip-ment – tent, food, big jackets – above shoul-der height, close to the back. Put small, often-used items in the lid pocket where they can beeasily grabbed. To avoid swinging, big windsurface or wetness, minimise the number ofitems you strap to the outside of the pack and high center of gravity > flat terrain low center of gravity > alpine terrainkeep them as compact and small as general keep an even weight distribution, A Bin particular for side pockets, in mind. usestuff sacks to get organised. Waterproof sacksare also a safe alternative to a raincover. Wrong! The pack stronglyIn easy terrain (hiking routes, flat trails) the pulls backwards – this indicates that the pack’sload’s center of gravity should sit higher [a] in center of gravity sits fardifficult passages (alpine routes, via Ferrata) from the body’s centera bit lower and thus closer to the body’s center of gravity. When you carry a heavy load like thisof gravity. (B) This packing system leads to a trekking easily turns intomore forward leaning position, yet it provides torture.The body constant-more balance compared to a higher center of ly works against the pack’s weight.The shoulders aregravity. heavily burdened. If your pack is not loaded properly it could become even risky in difficult terrain. 15
  16. 16. Photo: Bernd ritschel hIkIng “fuLLY ventILated on a hIkIng tour.“ We fully focus on ventilation for small to medium backpacks that are engineered for easy terrains. deuter puts an end to sweaty backs. The hard-wearing heart of the aircomfort System – proven for de- deuter cades – is a powdercoated spring steel frame. it provides the tension for our superior aircomfort mesh panel, which creates space between aIrCoMfort sYsteMs the backpack and the wearer’s back. This ensures effective air aircomForT FleXliTe SySTem SPecTro ac circulation since warm air can advanced aircomForT SySTem ac liTe, gröden/ZugSPiTZe escape to three sides avoiding aircomForT FuTura SySTem FuTura heat build-up. aircomForT Pro SySTem FuTura Pro aircomForT vario Pro SySTem FuTura vario Soft ventilation pads between the shoul- airconTacT Trail SySTem acT Trail ders and at the hip guarantee fantastic comfort. We offer various versions of the aircomfort System that are specifi- 1–2 24 – 32 l SPecTro ac cally designed for allround, lightweight days 3 – 8 kg hikes; weekend excursions; or Heavy load use. yet, they all have one thing in common: they reduce swea- ting and therefore enhance the athlete’s 1–3 16-35 l ac LITE/ endurance. Perspiration is reduced by up to 25% - this has been tested and verified days 3 – 8 kg GRöDEn/ZUGspITZE by the renowned german Hohenstein hikes; weekend excursions; research institute. 1–3 days 22 – 32 l FuTura hikes; family hikes; 3 – 8 kg 2+ days FuTura Pro cabin-to-cabin trips; pilgrimage; 34 – 42 l 5 – 12 kg winter walks; 2+ days FuTura VarIo multi-day cabin hikes; pilgrimage; 45 – 50 l 5 – 15 kg 1–3 20 – 32 l 5 – 10 kg acT TRaIL days hikes; via Ferrata; 16
  17. 17. FeaTureS Hiking DEUTER – Get the facts basIC features hIkIng aircomForT HIkInG driNkiNg sYstem s-shaped shoulder straps compatiBle: relieve the neck and shoulder attachment loops, opening muscles and avoid chafing;for the tube, and a hose hol- adjustable strenum straps for der, enable the use of a more stability water bladder sos-laBel attachmeNt sYtem for with emergency numbers hikiNg poles: and international instruc- easy access to the poles tions for emergency cases raiN coVer: exterNal pockets aNdbackpacks for longer excur- compartmeNts: sions are equipped with a easy access to map, drinking rain cover. it can be found bottle or sun screen. keeps in a zipped bottom com- you organised and evenly partment and can be spreads the load removed for drying extra features hIkIng padded Vari flex compressioN straps: hip Belt for tightening the pack crucial for the perfect load and improved load stabilitytransfer on the hip, particu-larly for heavy loaded packs (Futura Pro, Futura Vario) adjustaBle Back separate Bottom leNgth: compartmeNt: shoulder straps allow indi- zip opening; holds the vidual back length adjust- load in place ment (Futura Vario) height adjustaBle lid: staBiliser straps: volume of the backpack loose > more air circulation; can be increased by tight > more load control approximately 10 litres (Futuras) (Futura Vario) Foto: rainer Wenninger sPeCIaL features hIkIng lightweight: froNt allrouNd zip: exterNal mesh pocket: ideal volume and functions for quick gear access for helmet or wet clothing for short day trips (ACT Trail, Spectro, (ACT Trail) (Spectro) Futura Vario) 17
  18. 18. DEUTER – Get the facts aircomForT aIrCoMfort fLexLIte sYsteM aircomForT HIkInG It’s lighter – it’s Deuter With its exceptional two-frame construc- tion, the aircomfort Flexlite System pro- vides superior lightness and great per- formance. The combination of round and flat profile frames made of durable spring steel is flexible and durable at the same time: it follows the wearer’s movement and stabilises the mesh back with its pat- ented ventilation to three sides. staBiliser straps 2 aNatomicallY shaped shoulder straps 1 aNatomicallY shaped, two frame coNstructioN staBle hip fiNs combines minimum weight with 3 durability and flexible carrying comfort 4 1 shoulder straps: with the perforated foam 3 two-frame coNstructioN makes this aircom- 4 aNatomicallY shaped, staBle hip fiNs for and the 3d airmesh cover, the aNatomicallY fort System particularlY lightweight and at the great load transfer. The perforated foam and air shaped shoulder straps offer fantastic breathability. same time guarantees great flexibility and durabili- Wide mesh cover with its exceptionally big pores ty. With its combination of a duraBle spriNg steel guarantee additional ventilation. 2 staBiliser straps for precise positioning of the aNd a flat profile frame it follows every move- pack. ment and transfers the load to the hip fins. Further, it gives the mesh Back stability for the pateNted three side VeNtilatioN.18
  19. 19. Hiking SySTeme DEUTER – Get the facts PaCkIng LIst daY hIke SPecTro 24Sl rain pants rain jacket T-shirt Sun / fleece hat Pocket knife Headlamp mobile phone / emergency numbers map compass First aid kit Food Steve Buffinton, product manager at Deuter and 1l water (streamer) outdoor enthusiast. Trash bag ”comfort strongly depends on rain cover weight. if you carry the whole load yourself, you want to shave off 4kg grams. less weight also means more energy – but it is crucial that the pack does not compromise on comfort and function.”Dolomites, Tre Cime di Lavaredo: day tour, Spectro AC 24SL and Spectro 32, 4 kg @PatitucciPhoto 19
  20. 20. DEUTER – Get the facts aircomForT advanCed aIrCoMfort sYsteM ac liTe / ZugSPiTZe / gröden 1 mesh Back provides comfort and top class ven- tilation: the hot air dissipates freely from three sides. This reduces perspiration by 25% enhanc- ing the athlete’s endurance. 2 duraBle spriNg steel frame: aluminium de- forms, plastic easily breaks. our spring steel frame, mesh Back paNel however, is indestructible and always springs back into its original shape. The tensioned mesh and the deuter’s aircomfort back pads stay in place and provide stability. carrying system set 3 a completely new 3 aNatomicallY shaped, padded shoulder straps with 3d-airmesh cover. standard in 1984. aNatomicallY 1 shaped shoulder 4 VeNtilatioN pads made of BilamiNate foam straps (ac lite Serie, Zugspitze models) or padded hip fins with ventilation pads (gröden models) guarantee a great fit and carrying comfort. 2 4 VeNtilatioN pads made of BilamiNate foam duraBle spriNg steel frame AC Lite / Zugspitze Gröden with padded hip belt and ventilation pads FacT: "...hiking backpack with mesh back." our evergreens gröden and Zugspitze have been there from day one: in 1984 deuter introduced the first fully ventilated back system – the often copied aircomfort System – and with this step revolutionised the backpack industry. a mesh back panel creates a space between backpack and the wearer’s back and provides maximum ven- tilation: warm air can escape to three sides. in the past decades, we’ve fine-tuned the original and have continuously worked on specified aircomfort Systems. E FR A ME ... " ONE WITH TH CE..." ". ..THE DISTAN KEE PS THE WHICH "...BA CKPACK ." , A NET.. CKPACK "...A BA ." D ONE.. "..TH E NE T TE R AME..." PAC K IN A F "...BACK @PatitucciPhoto aIrCoMfort`84 1984: the first Aircomfort backpack enters the market.20