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1                         This is it. Deep snow blankets the untracked terrain. It is    cure fashion, the descentor deliv...
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Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno
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Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno


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Este é o Catálogo de Inverno 2011 de produtos da marca alemã Deuter. Aqui você vai encontrar a linha completa de mochilas para esqui, snowboard, escalada em gelo e muito mais! Confira!

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Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Inverno

  1. 1. Deuter Sport GmbH & Co. KG Siemensstraße 1 86368 Gersthofen · Germany Tel. +49 (0)8 21/49 87 327 Fax: +49 (0)8 21/49 87 339  StefanNeuhauser.comSpot: Vars – La Foret Blanche, Hautes Alpes
  2. 2. 1 This is it. Deep snow blankets the untracked terrain. It is cure fashion, the descentor delivers maximum pro- deep, it is steep. You see your line, you crack a smile, the tection. It is a pack engineered to take a beating and rush of adrenalin hits you and a yell of joy forces its way works like armor with its built-in TÜV inspected and CE out of your body. You can’t help it. This is it! certified PSA back protector in viscose-elastic SC-1 Foam. Those who have experienced the thrill of fresh powder Yet, the bodyguard also performs fantastic on the way up: runs, know why more and more people go beyond the you can mount your skis on the sides, diagonally or the boundaries. And what counts off-piste? Being seen, of front, carry the board vertical or horizontal and you can course! Not because of your ‘posing potential’, but be- also securely attach snow shoes and poles. cause visibility is a crucial safety aspect in the backcoun- Our smart, sturdy, and spacious backcountry specialist try. For thrilling descents as well as comfortable ascents, rise accomodates and masters all your gear! For multi- we present bright and clever high-end packs that are de- day excursions increase the capacity with the height ad- signed with safety, style and backcountry bliss in mind. justable lid. The neatly organised front compartment let’s Whether on-piste or off-piste, park or promenade, the you quickly grab your safety gear, while you can secure all versatile Freerider leaves you perfectly prepared for you wintersport items on the extremely sturdy, reinforced all adventures. The colours are as bright as its many fea- attachment straps. The brightly coloured Rise range has ; tures like the flexible neoprene waist belt, which can be grown with the compact 26 litre version that comfortably nd tze o wi ot rla , S ciPh easily stowed away when not needed. The smart, sleek holds the day’s necessities. be tituc Freeriders carry all you need for a day of laps in the pow- rg aP der or for styling around town. Have a spectacular season! gle To make sure you enjoy your fast rides in a safe and se- The Deuter Team En
  3. 3. 2 ht 3 w eig ce hturan 1 LignD e ace u ter e 10/15 Our ultra light sports packs for the quick r De D Litem footed athlete. Experience virtual weightlessness when mountain run- e t ning, ski tour racing, cycling marathons, Nordic walking or even when sprinting Spe SyS to catch that bus. 2 Speed Lite 10 / 15 • handy finger pull A close fitting padded • Delrin® U-frame loops on the zipper slides back with comfortable • made with ultra lightweight, high • external zip pocket for small items. breathable 3D Air Mesh. strength polyamide with reinforcements • 3M reflectors on bottom of pack • side mesh pockets allow quick ac- • height adjustable chest strap cess to energy food of drink bottles • special tapered shape for extra arm free- Material: Hexlite 210 / Ripstop 210 dom for running, ski touring or climbing 20 whether you use it for adventure racing, alpine sport-climbing, short ski tours or for summit gear on longer trekking tours – when you know how and when lightweight Removable gear is needed, the overall weight you carry can be substantially reduced. And waist belt and with the sleek silhouette the biggest among our fast packs looks athletic. chest belt. Speed Lite 20 • [2] spacious front stretch pocket for • Delrin® U-frame gloves, skins or further gear • handy finger pull loops on the zipper slides • side mesh pockets allow quick access to • height adjustable chest strap energy-food or drink bottles • [1] compression straps double up for ski • special tapered shape for extra arm freedom Tensioned Delrin® U Frame or pole attachment. To compress for running, ski touring or climbing provides exceptional flexibili- the pack to the max, these can be centrally • external zip pocket for small items 7490 3980 9909 7490 7490 5560 secured over the front • 3M reflectors sun-lemon black-titan black-titan midnight-ocean black-titan cranberry-fire ty at very lightweight. Removab- • reinforcements on bottom of pack Material: Hexlite 210 / Ripstop 210 le for weight reduction, or folding for most compact transport. Speed Lite 10 Speed Lite 15 Speed Lite 20 # 33101 # 33111 # 33121 Weight: 350 g Weight: 380 g Weight: 530 g Capacity: 10 l Capacity: 15 l Capacity: 20 l H x W x D: 40 x 23 x 13 cm H x W x D: 43 x 23 x 16 cm H x W x D: 48 x 26 x 18 cm
  4. 4. t igh4 5 we hte Ligac 1 r ki S 2 now in black on white: minimising weight equals minimising effort. That is why we have designer our Pace team along the lines of “you can hardly feel it”. Ski racing is the forte for the Pace 20; adventure races, alpine sports climbing and day ski-tours are the realm of the Pace 28 SL & 30. Lightweight anatomically shaped hip fins and airy mesh shoulder straps provide a secure, compact fit. 3 Pace 20 / 28 SL / 30 • ice axe and crampon fastening press the pack as small as • 3M reflectors at the front and back options possible, can be fastened • stretch side pockets • two zipped mesh pockets on the at the centre of the pack Additional for Pace 20: hip fins • ice axe loops • [1] skis can be fastened quick and • quick access to contents via central • flexible, tensioned Delrin® U-frame easy without having to remove the zip at the front. for stability at minimal weight. pack using the loop at the base Additional for Pace 28 SL & 30: • zipped mesh pocket and gear and straps at the top • reinforced base loop on the hip fins • [2] spacious front flap for gloves, • lip pocket skins or helmet • [3] Special compression straps to Material: HexLite 210 / Ripstop 210 • mesh inner pocket fasten skis to the pack and com 20 • • • • • • • • 28 SL / 30 • • • • • • • • • • 7130 7130 7130 black-white black-white black-white Pace 20 Pace 28 SL Pace 30 # 33600 # 33610 # 33620 Weight: 650 g Weight: 850 g Weight: 900 g Capacity: 20 l Capacity: 28 l Capacity: 30 l H x W x D: 48 x 34 x 20 cm H x W x D: 56 x 28 x 22 cm H x W x D: 61 x 29 x 23 cm
  5. 5. 6 7 The “Multi-Layer Construction” of the Deuter Shield System helps to lessen or even prevent injury during a fall. Mutually complementary material layers combine to give comfort and maximum safety during a fall. The shock-absorbing core compo- nent is the viscoelastic SC-1* Foam. SC-1* Foam sets benchmark standards with its progressive shock-absorption function. A slow increase in load leads to the PSA back protector reacting gradually, whereas a rapid impact shock means the protector’s ech Me om resistance increases progressively quicker. A layer of offers addi- hi H - La er.c ije tional protection against sharp or pointed objects while soft foam Mic rave uhaus pads guarantee carry comfort. tl *SC-1 foam made by e Rid t: La fanN G Spo Ste  er: Shoulder straps are contoured The spaces between the padding al- low for comfortable air circulation. The Shield System protection zone ex- ceeds considerably the required TÜV zone. The anatomically shape protects sensitive back areas (spine and shoulder blades) and also provides great freedom of movement. The spaces between the padding allow for comfortable air circulation. Anatomically formed neopren hip fins for freedom of movement and a body-hugging fit. Extra padding in the lumbar region. Shieuter The Descentor offers protection in the coccyx area through extra padding. SyS eLD tem D
  6. 6. 8 a rD 9 bO e OwriD Snree 2 F iSte p For skiers and sowboarders who like fast and [1] fun descents whether on- or off-piste, the De- 3 scentor with built-in pSa back protector follows every movement, provides armor – and a lot of options: you can mount your skis on the sides, diagonal or the front, [1] carry the board vertical or horizontal and, of course, you can also securely attach snow shoes and poles. Yet, the Descentor keeps it clean: you can roll up the compression straps and secure them with a Velcro tape, and the loops and buckles are hidden in [4] garages. 4 Descentor EXP 18 SL / EXP 22 • safety light loop • TÜV inspected and CE certified • inner compartment for probe and PSA-back protec-tor in viscose- shovel handle elastic SC-1 Foam from SaS-Tec • mesh compartment • neoprene hip belt with pull-forward • valuables pocket with key clip adjusters • height adjustable chest strap with • [2] fleece-lined goggle pocket at emergency whistle front • all-round compression strap • [3] neoprene tunnel integrated in • reflective prints the shoulder strap for water tube The shorter torso Descentor EXP 18 insulation SL offers complete TÜV/CE approved • extremely durable snowboard, protection for a back length (top snowshoe and ski attachment of hip to inner shoulder) of 38-49 system cm; the Descentor EXP 22 for back • loops for helmet holder (Accessoire) lengths of 44-54 cm. • [4] ice axe loop Material: MacroLite / Duratex 7001 7001 black-pinestripe black-pinestripe Descentor EXP 18 SL Descentor EXP 22 # 33631 # 33641 Weight: 1600 g Weight: 1700 g Capacity: 18+4 l Capacity: 22+4 l H x W x D: 51 x 26 x 20 cm H x W x D: 55 x 29 x 21 cm
  7. 7. 10 11 Load adjustor straps on the shoul- Two padded foam stripes der straps and hip fins serve to fine-tu- that provide carrying stability and ne the load according to the terrain: comfort with „chimney” effect loose > more ventilation and mobility; ventilation between the stripes. tight > more control and a more compact fit. d; rlan itze o X-frame system with curved , Sw hot Contoured, comfortable 3D Air- erg ciP profile aluminium stays, pro- leb ituc Mesh lined shoulder straps. The vides exceptional flexibility and Eng Pat slimmer shaped SL shoulder straps  weight carrying ability. (Guide) come with Soft-Edges. Removable insulating sitting-mat stabilises the back. Flexible, tensioned Delrin® U- Rise, Freerider Pro & Guide: The shaped frame provides stability pivoting Vari Flex hip fins follow and effective load transfer with complex body movements. Thus, little extra weight. It follows the load can be evenly distribu- the most varied movements ted to the hips, providing free- with absolute ease. (Freerider dom of movement and reducing Pro, Cruise, Guide Lite & Rise) fatigue. Removable for weight reduction. Also separately remo- vable waist belt (Guide, Rise). ck Anatomic hip belt with bilaminate foam tem ba aLp uter for comfort, flexibilit and weight transfer. SyS ine De
  8. 8. 12 a rD 13 bOhOe OwwS 1 SnnO S ki S the rise holds enough gear for a full dawn-to-dusk day or even multi-day 2 trip. You can store your avalanche safety gear in the quick access front compartment and securely attach skis, board or snow shoes. The ergonomically shaped, flexible and detach- able Vari Flex hip belt adds freedom of movement, while the new compact 26 l version features a lightweight mesh hip belt that can be easily stored in special, hidden compart- ments on the back. Rise 26 / 30+ SL / 32+ • top lid attachment rings 3 • Delrin® frame to store extra gear • [1] front compartment for • removable foam mat shovel, probe and first aid kit • emergency whistle • [2] reinforced ski attachment on chest strap straps at the side Additional for 30+ SL / 32+ • one stretch side pocket, • [3] detachable Vari Flex hip one zippered side pocket belt with gear loops • attachment loops for optional • height adjustable lid for 8 litre helmet holder extra storage space for multi- • adjustable ice axe loops day trips • spacious lid pocket Material: 4 • reinforced ski attachment Ripstop 210 / Duratex Lite straps at the side 2009 3301 5520 emerald denim-turquiose fire-cranberry + Rise 30+ SL / 32+ Rise 26 Rise 30+ SL Rise 32+ # 33652 # 33661 # 33671 Weight: 1250 g Weight: 1550 g Weight: 1600 g Capacity: 26 l Capacity: 30+8 l Capacity: 32+8 l H x W x D: 62 x 29 x 20 cm H x W x D: 64 x 24 x 22 cm H x W x D: 66 x 31 x 24 cm
  9. 9. 14 h Oe 15 ki OwS S n 1 S 2 the cruise backpack will hold everything a keen winter sports fan could possibly need, and a little more. [1] The additional pack opening from the back allows for easy access to the entire contents via a hemispherical zip – no more endless rummaging through your stuff. 3 Cruise 26 SL / 30 • Stretch side pockets • Delrin® frame • Zipped front pocket • Padded hip belt with zipped • Lid pocket with zipped valuab- pocket and gear loop les pocket • [2] Special compression straps • Pockets for snow shovel, pro- double up for snowshoe or ski be and shovel handle attachment at side or front. To • Load adjustment straps. Cruise 30 compress the pack to the max, • attachment loops for optional these can be centrally secured helmet holder over the front of the pack • [3] Pole & ice axe loops / cen- Material: Ripstop 210 / Polytex tral ski loop 5520 4750 fire-cranberry anthracite-black Cruise 26 SL Cruise 30 # 33689 # 33699 Weight: 1250 g Weight: 1300 g Capacity: 26 l Capacity: 30 l H x W x D: 58 x 28 x 20 cm H x W x D: 62 x 30 x 22 cm
  10. 10. D16 are 17 bOhO OwwS e 1 SnnO riD S ree F For those who have to have it all – for the board park, 2 the piste and the promenade – this is the one. From comfortable board transportation, to quick access to your emergency equipment and to a ‘no hip fins flip’ this pack knows all the right tricks. For women riders, the SL is pure bliss thanks to its back system tailored to a female’s shape. A pack as bright as its colour options! 3 Freerider 24 SL / 26 • [3] comfortable Neoprene fins can be stowed away • [1] large shovel compartment at the front with additional probe and handle sections • removable foam mat • compression straps • two ice axe loops • [2] vertical snowboard and snowshoe attachment with wide the attachment points for a stable fit 4 • skis can be carried in the centre or at the sides • stretch side pockets • whistle on chest strap Material: Ballistic / Super-Polytex 5002 7000 2009 7000 magenta black emerald black Freerider 24 SL Freerider 26 # 33502 # 33512 Weight: 1200 g Weight: 1250 g Capacity: 24 l Capacity: 26 l H x W x D: 52 x 28 x 16 cm H x W x D: 54 x 31 x 17 cm
  11. 11. 18 a rD 19 bOhOe OwwS e SnnO riD 1 S ree F this amazing fully featured pack will easily stash everything you could possibly need for 2 an extended journey into the backcountry or for free-riding and let you gain access to it just as easily. [1] An additional large two-way zipped opening at the back allows access to the main compartment, without having to unfasten your snowboard or snowshoes. The Freerider Pro gets its styled from its tough Hypalon front and delicate print design. The women’s SL version has surfer attitude. The shorter back, shaped hip fins, narrower fitting and slimmer shoulder straps fit women’s shape perfectly. 3 Freerider Pro 28 SL / 30 • zipped fleece-lined goggle compart- • [2] vertical snowboard and ment with accessed from the outside snowshoe fastening straps • detachable helmet flap • [3] skis can be carried in the centre, • stretch side pockets diagonally or at the sides • gear loop and zipped pocket on the • axe loops hip belt • large shovel compartment at the • hip belt with Pull-Forward system front with additional probe and • mobile Vari Flex hip fins – detachable handle sections • whistle on chest strap • load adjustor straps • 3M reflector • side compression straps Material: Ballistic / Macrolite 1020 7030 1302 white-blueberry black-black white-ocean Freerider Pro 28 SL Freerider Pro 30 # 33520 # 33530 Weight: 1740 g Weight: 1780 g Capacity: 28 l Capacity: 30 l H x W x D: 54 x 28 x 17 cm H x W x D: 56 x 31 x 18 cm
  12. 12. g ht erin20 21 w eigine ht nta g Lig Ou bin m Lim 1 c ki S packs that put weight off the mountaineer’s shoulders with- out sacrificing performance. Fo- cusing on the essential, this purist version of the Guide classic also comes in a 24 l model. Here, the lightweight mesh hip fins can be quickly stored behind the back [1]. Guide Lite 24 / 28 SL / 32 • reinforced ski straps at • Delrin® Rahmen the side • Long back lengths for • lid pocket with central those who are 170 cm to zip, valuables pocket and 195 cm tall SOS label • ultra-compact ergono- • snow cover mically shaped hip fins • ice axe loops Guide Lite 32 with compression and • carabiner loops at pull-forward straps (28 the front SL & 32) • lashing loops on the top • anatomically shaped shoulder straps with load Material: adjuster straps RipStop 210 / Macro Lite • compression straps 3033 8400 5520 2170 + 28 SL / 32 ocean-midnight sun-silver fire-cranberry moss-anthracite Guide Lite 24 Guide Lite 28 SL Guide Lite 32 # 33551 # 33539 # 33549 Weight: 1020 g Weight: 1050 g Weight: 1150 g Capacity: 24 l Capacity: 28 l Capacity: 32 l H x W x D: 60 x 26 x 19 cm H x W x D: 62 x 30 x 20 cm H x W x D: 66 x 32 x 22 cm
  13. 13. 22 r ing 23 e b ing ine im unta cL O 1 Guide 30+ SL / 35+ / 40+SL / 45+ • Height adjustable lid with cen- crampon straps, new ice axe at- whether used as a seat m ki • Removable, very lightweight mul- ti-chamber aluminium X-frame tral zipped pocket and valuables pocket tachment [2], top lid attachment rings to store extra gear, gear for a snack in the snow, an S • Long back lengths for those who are 170 cm to 195 cm tall (35+ / 45+) • Snow skirt • Compression straps which can be fastened over the middle of loops on waist belt Guide 40+SL / 45+ • comes with a separate bottom ice-axe store or used to carry • [1] Side zip for easy access to the pack compartment. all your hardware – the range of buried items • Numerous practical attachment Guide backpacks are not only well equipped • [4] Detachable Vari Flex hip belt options: reinforced ski attach- Material: MacroLite / Duratex Lite but they can take a beating. The slim shape • detachable rope lashing strap ment straps at the side [3], front 2 and body-hugging fit of these packs provi- de complete carry control, even over difficult terrain. And with their ergonomically shaped, flexible Vari Flex hip belts, there is added + 40+SL / 45+ freedom of movement. 3 [4] 5014 9810 3333 7490 9500 2160 5520 4260 5340 blueberry-silver mandarine-sun coolblue-midnight black-titan orange-lava moss-titan fire-cranberry anthracite-silver lava-ash Guide 30+ SL Guide 35+ Guide 40+ SL Guide 45+ # 33569 # 33579 # 33589 # 33599 Min. Weight: 1340 g without hipbelt & X-Frame 2009 Min. Weight: 1440 g without hipbelt & X-Frame Min. Weight: 1600 g without hipbelt & X-Frame Min. Weight: 1650 g without hipbelt & X-Frame Year Total Weight: 1590 g of the Total Weight: 1690 g Total Weight: 1850 g Total Weight: 1920 g Gear Capacity: 30+6 l TZ Capacity: 35+8 l Capacity: 40+8 l Capacity: 45+10 l 1. PLA säcke ck H x W x D: 65 x 33 x 20 cm Tourenru deuTer H x W x D: 68 x 34 x 22 cm Ge H x W x D: 70 x 33 x 22 cm H x W x D: 73 x 34 x 24 cm guide 30 + SL ar a of the ye r
  14. 14. PatdAmpezzo, Dolomites;Cortina itucciPhoto
  15. 15. 24 25 Helmet H older More and more winter sports enthusiasts are wearing helmets for downhill skiing and ski mountaineering. Deuter has responded Shelter I 1 by adding helmet holder loops to all winter First Aid Kit S First Aid Kit Dry M backpacks such as Guide or Cruise. The helmet • waterproof: 5.000 mm The lightest way to protection: for Compact and light first This is a dry bag version of the First Aid Kit M, pro- • central opening with drawcord those who demand great wind and holder suitable for it can now be purchased sep- aid kit for minimalists. tecting the contents from water, sand and dust, so closure weather protection, but want to keep 2 arately. Material: Mesh • two openings with Velcro closure Contents: Dressings and you can use it after the heavens have opened or it simple and light, the new bivouac • four long loops # 32910 triangular bandage. Full on a canoe trip. When correctly rolled closed, the • stuff sack with SOS label sacks are an essential. In emergencies, 7000 circumference zip enables bag with its taped seams is waterproof [1]. Comes • reflective logo climbers, trekkers and adventurers black quick access to contents. with dressing material, space blanket and triangular appreciate the versatile Shelter I: get Weight: 80 g # 39581 Material: Deuter-Nylon bandage. Material: Taffeta Carbonite yourself in [1], get your pack in – or 9001 carrot get yourself in your sleeping bag [2] in # 39240 # 39260 1 Weight: 420 g for extra protection and insulation at 5050 5050 fire W x L: 90/70 x 220 cm fire night, or you can also use it as a tarp Weight: 130 g Weight: 280 g [3]… It comes in a bright emergency H x W x D: H x W x D: colour with a big reflective logo print. 12 x 10 x 6 cm 22 x 15 x 5 cm Material: Ripstop 3 Shelter II First Aid Kit M • waterproof: 5.000 mm The Shelter II has all his little brother Well stocked first aid kit containing dressing material, space blan- • five tent pegs has to offer – and quite a bit more. ket and triangular bandage. Full circumference zip enables quick • central opening with drawcord closure It was engineered for two persons access to contents. • two openings with Velcro closure and can also be easily set up as an Material: Deuter-Nylon • four long loops emergency tent [4]: just lay it down, • stuff sack with SOS label • reflective logo peg it out, use a hiking pole to pitch 4 # 39250 the front and create headspace. Now # 39591 you’re sheltered! Material: Ripstop 5050 fire 9001 carrot Weight: 280 g Weight: 850 g with 5 tent pegs H x W x D: H x W x L: 70 x 135 x 220 cm 17 x 11 x 8 cm
  16. 16. 26 27 Compression Packsack 1 size of 1 size of You still have your sleeping bag but the stuff sack has long been lost, forgotten • compression straps shoe EU shoe UK • carry handles in the or destroyed? Compressions sacks can be bought individually at any time. The XL version Circumfe- rence (cm) Length (cm) Montana Gaiter (S / M / L) Altus Gaiter (S / M / L) Pamir Gaiter (S / M / L) largest of these is so big that it doubles as a carry bag. Material: Deuter Nylon 36 -39 3,5 - 6 S 40 42 Put on your Montana gaitors when things get wet or “The” gaiters to have when out and about in snow and ice. The elongated front tongue of this new hard-wearing S M L XL muddy. The elongated, hooked front tongue can be With its straight cut and the wide Velcro closure, it is engi- gaitor fits tightly over the boot; extremely durable re- 40 - 43 6,5 - 9 # 39760 # 39770 # 39780 # 39790 M 44 easily fixed to the boot. Available in three sizes. neered to perfectly fit ski boots. Material: Duratex-Light inforcements on the front and the sides fend off rough 42 7000 7000 7000 7000 Material: Ripstop / Super-Polytex rock or crampon spikes. black black black black 44 - 47 9,5 -12 • Velcro closure at front L 44 Material: Ripstop 330 / Duratex Weight: 94 g Weight: 105 g Weight: 125 g Weight: 250 g 44 • Velcro closure at front • hooks to fix to boots Capacity: 9 l Capacity: 12 l Capacity: 20 l Capacity: 32 l • hooks to fix to boots • reinforced synthetic straps • single hand drawcord closure • zipper and Velcro closure on the side H: 41 cm Ø: 16 cm H: 45 cm Ø: 18 cm H: 48 cm Ø: 23 cm H x W x D: nds on footwear style . • reinforced synthetic straps • hooks to fix to boots 1 Please note: Sizing depe • press stud closure at the top 30-45 x 40 x 20 cm • single hand drawcord closure • reinforced synthetic straps • press stud closure at the top • single hand drawcord closure • press stud closure at the top Boulder Gaiter S and bottom S # 39841 # 39811 4700 The short gaiter keeps snow and debris granite-black S 3810 where it belongs: outside. And for some storm-black Weight: 260 g # 39871 muddy paths might even turn into small Weight: 220 g 4750 anthracite-black joyrides. Material: Ripstop 330 M # 39851 Weight: 240 g M B ag • elastic top and bottom 4700 on • hooks to fix to boots # 39821 pCram granite-black • one size (fits from kids size 31) 3810 M storm-black Weight: 300 g # 39881 Weight: 235 g 4750 # 39801 anthracite-black You gotta keep them separated! Stuff your sharp crampons in • two drainage holes L • daisy chains 7000 Weight: 250 g this durable bag and keep your pack, your insulation jackets and black L # 39861 • elastic closure other gear clean and well protected from cuts. With the daisy chains on the # 39831 4700 H x Ø: 20 x 18 cm granite-black back, you can secure the crampon bag on the outside of your backpack. It Weight: 145 g 3810 L storm-black Weight: 330 g # 39891 also features two openings on each side for drainage. Weight: 250 g 4750 Material: Duratex / DMF coating anthracite-black Weight: 265 g # 39761 7000 black Weight: 180 g H x W x D: 21 x 42 x 2 cm
  17. 17. er r Slid28 29 me Strea Drinking regularly whilst exercising will keep you fit for longer. The Full width top opening for easy Streamer Tube Brush Deuter hydration systems with their “Helix Valve“ enable a constant filling and cleaning. Easy to use flow of liquid without interrupting the flow of your sports. Top per- sliding clip. Absolutely leak-proof. forming hydration systems in 3 sizes, with competent hydration tech- Special brush easily cleans residue from tube nology from SOURCE VAGABOND. inner walls. Material: Nylon / Stainless Steel # 32861 1.0 2.0 3.0 Streamer Slider # 32885 # 32809 # 32931 # 32941 0000 0000 0000 0000 transparent transparent transparent transparent Weight: 50 g Weight: 165 g Weight: 175 g Weight: 185 g Length: 100 cm Capacity: 1 l Capacity: 2 l Capacity: 3 l H x W: 30 x 19 cm H x W: 35 x 19 cm H x W: 42 x 21 cm Streamer Thermo Bag 3.0 Keep your Streamer cool in summer and hot in winter with this insulating Guard Streamer Tube Insulator Helix Valve & Dirt TasteFr e e ® Bla d bag. The capacity has been increased der & T to 3 litres, so that even large bladders u be will fit. The Thermo Bag can be carried either inside your pack or on the out- Protects in cold conditions against freezing. This fleece lined flexible side. Side loops enable attachment to neoprene cover is conveniently zipped on and off without removal of Helix Valve: The new mouthpiece is drip-proof and the outside using the pack compression the tube from the system. Shoulder strap attachment strap. has a water stop tap. The tap is opened by a simple straps. Also suitable for drink bottles Material: Neoprene / Thermofleece quarter turn. With light pressure, the water flow is Tast-Free bladder: The special film with activated and flows at a comfortable rate. The inte- inner surface as smooth as glass, keeps and food. Reflecting foil liner. # 32895 grated spring valve causes the mouthpiece to shut water for days and even weeks without Material: Microrip-Nylon 7000 black automatically. The “Helix Valve” is easy to take apart changing taste. Due to the special molecu- and clean. lar properties of the bladder, this system is Weight: 70 g # 32908 Length: 70 cm Dirt Guard: The cap covers the mouthpiece to pre- very hygienic, easy to keep clean. 4000 vent it from getting dirty during transportation. Taste-Free tube: The special co-extruded granite tube has a glass smooth inner surface Weight: 120 g # 32829 # 32839 without any taste. Capacity: 3 l H x W x D: 44 x 24 x 2 cm Streamer Helix Valve Streamer Tube & Helix Valve