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Este é o Catálogo de Bike 2011 de produtos da marca alemã Deuter. Aqui você vai encontrar a linha completa de mochilas de hidratação, mochilas de bike, alforges, acessórios e muito mais! Confira!

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Catálogo Deuter 2011 - Linha Bike

  1. 1. B IK E 2011 Spot: Aur Rider: Oph StefanNeu  is en Oisa élie David ns, France , Dom Gro belDeuter Sport GmbH & Co. KGSiemensstraße 1, 86368 Gersthofen, GermanyTel. +49 (0) 821/ 49 87 327Fax: +49 (0) 821/ 49 87 GB
  2. 2. MARCUS ANDI HECKMAIR ANDREA ANDREAS HERRLINGER KLAUSMANN advisor to Deuter ROBERT SCHIEFERLE BERND KULLMANN HAHN Domestic Sales Manager at 12 x German for 20 years, in- Member of the Deuter export and heart and soul rucksack develo- SL-Team, Deuter for 9 years & moun- Champion MTB ventor of the bike General Manager since 2009; fastest per at Deuter for 22 years, CEO MTB-Guide tain bike fan Downhill. rucksack rider of them all. since 2006 Another Deuter is born here THOMAS HILGER GERHARD CZERNER product MTB instructor, DAV GABI BUCHNER Bikeguide designer, ANGELA VÖGELE SL-Team (German Alpine Association); for women and works for RAINER WENNINGER with Deuter & spokeswoman, with Deuter training team Deuter SL-Events Deuter Director for 10 years, Deuter for 15 years STEVE BUFFINTON Marketing, spends all his athletic mul- product designer, shaped the face of spare time outdoors titalent In creative heads and Deuter rucksacks for the past 14 years35 Airstripes System Protection on broad shoulders7 Hydration „Professional mountain guides, who guide their clients 200 days a year, give us feedback that9 Compact would take your ordinary outdoor enthusiast ten years to accumulate.” MIGUEL TIBLAS, PRODUCT MANAGER11 Race Whether it is on the North Face of the Eiger lity with Deuter. spend the rest of its life – in the outdoors. or a family outing, climbing Nanga Parbat or Over the past 112 years, Deuter has experi- Deuter creations are born in the minds of peo-15 Cross Air EXP biking the Trans-Alp, it all begins with an idea. enced natural growth spurts such as the first ple who spend their life in the outdoors – in16 Cross Bike Big ideas, however, can only be turned into back ventilation system in the 30’s, the Air- the minds of our collection experts, the athle- reality with the right kind of equipment. Hans comfort system introduced in 1984 or the first tes in our SL team and the numerous moun-17 Bike I Deuter’s mission to create the perfect rucksack bike rucksack in 1990, as well as periods of tain guides from the „German Association of19 Superbike began back in 1898. Today, the likes of Anderl careful and considered maturity, where syste- Mountain and Ski Guides”. and Andi Heckmair, Hermann Buhl and Ger- matic improvements were made. After careful nurturing, the youngest members25 Trans Alpine linde Kaltenbrunner represent the countless Even now, in the third millennium, each new of the Deuter family – the new Furtura and AC27 Kids Bikepacks mountaineers, climbers, hikers and mountain addition to the Deuter family is not conceived Lite rucksacks – are now ready to fledge. bikers that have turned their dreams into rea- behind a desk but rather exactly where it will Welcome to the world!29 Speed Lite31 Accessories37 Streamer41 Bike Accessories49 Material Deuter 2
  3. 3. Airstripes System Deuter Technology 3D AirMesh lined shoulder straps. Anatomically formed, they Narrower shoulder straps guarantee comfortable move- Shorter back system ment range. The chest strap More acutely angled waist belt further secures the fit r s Webe nia, , Roma , Hanne ai er Falterm Carpath ride Karpaten Friedrich Rider: T n Mountains SFranz  homas ee ia Spot: Fr Breathable Mesh wings on the hip belt stabilize Two contour- the load shaped layers of knobbly foam with AirMesh lining and minimal back contact provide maximum airflow The bilaminate construction Flexible aluminium stays made from one soft and one within the foam profile can be firm layer of foam provides bent to fit the back exactly. excellent carry comfort and (Bike I, Superbike and Trans Alpine) optimum load distribution.3 bikepacks bikepacks 4
  4. 4. Attack Shield System This backpack with “protective” instincts has been Deuter completely revised. It is tweaked for safety and aimed at adrenaline junky mountain bikers. It has grown in volume, we introduce a SL women’s model and the At- tack gets attachments for leg and arm protection as well as a spacious, extremely well 1 Technology organised compartment for tools Deuter’s integrated Shield System features a etc. Technically suited to freerid- Attack 18 SL / 20 • [2] front pocket with approved protec- multilayer construction which minimises, or ers’ needs it is the perfect partner • TÜV tested and CE cer- great organisation inclu- tion for a back even prevents injury occuring during a fall. for spontaneous journeys off the tified PSA back sys- ding three mesh pockets length of 38- Mutually complementary foam layers and plates beaten track. tem made of visco- for tools, first aid kit etc. 48 cm (top of hip to in- elastic SC1 foam • arched back system for a ner shoulder), the combine to give comfort and maximum safety • carrying system with comfortable fit when Attack 20 for a back during a fall. The shock-absorbing core compo- ventilation chan- in riding-position length of 44-54 cm nent is the viscoelastic SC-1* Foam. SC-1* Foam 2 nel and state-of-the- • detachable full-face sets benchmark standards with its progressive Material: art shock absorption helmet holder Hexlite 210 / shock-absorption function. A slow impact in- • [1] separate hydrati- • reflective loop for Sa- MacroLite / Polytex crease leads to the PSA back protector reacting on sys-tem pocket can be fety Blink accessed from the out- • spacious inner gradually, whereas a rapid impact shock means side; tube attachments mesh pocket the protector’s resistance increases progressi- on both shoulder straps • 3M-Reflectors vely quicker. The SC1 foam also features a ‘Me- • snug fit due to extra wide • stretch side pockets fins on waist belt • chest strap mory Effect’ – after a de formation it goes back • [3] universal Hyper- in its original shape and can therefore be used lon attachment flaps 3 *SC-1 Schaum von again and again. Two layers of PE offer additio- for protectors nal protection against sharp or pointed objects • compression straps. The while soft foam pads guarantee carry comfort. Attack 18 SL offers full TÜV/CE Shoulder straps are contouredr V-Shape protects sensitive back areas (spine and shoulder blades) and also 7000 7000 provides great freedom of movement. black black The spaces between the padding Attack 18 SL Attack 20 Stefan allow for comfortable air circulation Spot: La Chim enée de Balm Extra wide, anatomic cut waist #32231 # 32241 Auris en Oisa e, ns, France Rider: Dom fins add flexibility and freedom Grobel Weight: 1500 g Weight: 1600 g of movement in any riding posi- Capacity: 18 l Capacity: 20 l tion and also ensure the pack H x W x D: 50 x 23 x 20 cm H x W x D: 56 x 28 x 22 cm sits tight up against the back5 protection protection 6
  5. 5. Hydro Lite 1 These Hydro Lite mo- Hydro Lite 2.0 / 3.0 • mesh shoulder straps and Air- • 3M reflectors at the front, sides and back dels with hydration stripes back system for allround • safety blink loop blad-der are small and ventilation • With the zip tabs secured by • zipped front pocket • waist strap perfectly formed. [1] The press studs, the bladder tube thermally lined main compartment keeps can exit directly from the main Material: anything cold – or warm things warm. compartment for instant use HexLite 210 / Super-Polytex 2.0 • 2.0 l • • • • • 3.0 • 3.0 l • • • • 0510 7490 fire-titan black-titan Spot: A Rider: B Hydro Lite 2.0 Hydro Lite 3.0 0 lpe dHu l runo La StefanNeuhau # 32159 # 32169 va ez, Isere, Weight: 500 g Weight: 540 g Capacity: 3 l Capacity: 4 l H x W x D: 45 x 22 x 7 cm France H x W x D: 40 x 17 x 5 cm ser.com7 hydration hydration 8
  6. 6. Compact EXP 1 The Compact bike range is Compact EXP 8 / 10 SL / 12 an illustrious assortment • mesh shoulder straps, mesh hip fins with two zipped mesh pockets and Airstripes • two zipped front pockets • [2] front mesh pocket for jacket or of all-rounders. back system for all-round ventilation helmet in EXP 8 They now come with a relaxed, urban style • hydration system compatible with bladder • [3] side compression straps also suited to and cool colours. On longer rides they offer top compartment, Velcro sealed tube channels storing protective pads. Stow-away helmet flap quality functionality. The mesh pocket or helmet and mouthpiece holder and rain cover in EXP 10 SLand 12 models flap offers extra storage and the side compres- • bike pump sleeve Material: 2 sion straps can be used to store protective pads. • safety light loop Ripstop 210 / Super-Polytex • 3M reflectors at the front, sides and back When it comes to an extended day trip, then 8 • 3.0 l • • • • • • abracadabra, [1] you can expand it and get more 10 SL • 3.0 l • • • • • • • • into the main compartment. The stylish design 12 • 3.0 l • • • • • • • and functional material are just the ticket. The new Compact EXP 10 SL has specific women’s SL straps and mesh SL hip fins to suit women bikers. 3 7313 7111 7401 black pinstripe-coolblue black pinstripe-white black pinstripe-silver Compact EXP 8 Compact EXP 10 SL Compact EXP 12 # 32189 # 32171 # 32199 a nce Weight: 700 g Weight: 810 g Weight: 840 g , Fr sere Capacity: 8+2 l Capacity: 10+2 l Capacity: 12+2 l om uez, I er.c h aus lpe d`H David H x W x D: 45 x 22 x 15 cm H x W x D: 42 x 24 x 17 cm H x W x D: 46 x 22 x 18 cm Neu ot: A hélie fan Sp r: Op Ste  Rid e9 compact comp compact 10
  7. 7. Race Race X These quick Race packs for bikers are athletic and sleek. With a simple, clean Race / Race X • Airstripes back ventilation • 3M reflectors at the front, sides and back and front pocket design made from technical Hexlite material, they are the perfect light- • anatomically formed mesh shoulder • valuables pocket inside weight partner for those who only want to take the bare minimum. straps with an easy to adjust chest strap • loop for safety light • hip belt with mesh wings • [1] rain cover, mesh side pockets • small zipped pocket at the top Material: HexLite 210 / Microrip-Nylon Race • 2.0 l • • • • • • Race X • 2.0 l • • • • • 1 9490 5470 orange-anthracite fire-silver Sp der: Ri ot Bi : V ke or G de ui re de 7260 7400 Kr s V black-silver um er black-moss ba ena ch St Race Race X alp itz e, ing Gu er nz es ar  # 32009 # 32019 rie ku ,M de s H rT ö St ef al, Weight: 520 g Weight: 560 g an Al Ne hn lgä M Capacity: 10 l Capacity: 12 l uh le, u arti au H x W x D: 43 x 23 x 16 cm H x W x D: 44 x 25 x 18 cm se r.c om n race race X Hi tzl11 12 er
  8. 8. Race X Air With its sharp contour lines and technical Hexlite material, this small Race EXP Air This sleek, technical backpack is engineered for quick day tours with minimal bag- 1 gage. If you need to take that little bit more with you, it has practical Race X Air • rain cover pack is extra streamlined for quick rides out. volume expansion options [1]. Deuter Aircomfort back system • easily adjustab- • loop for safety light Heat build-up and sweaty backs are le chest strap • wet laundry compartment effectively prevents heat build-up or sweaty backs. prevented by the proven Aircomfort • 3M reflectors at the front, sides and back • mesh side pockets System with mesh shoulder straps. • zipped front pocket Material: • hydration system straps HexLite 210 / Microrip-Nylon Race EXP Air • 3M reflectors at • with airy mesh shoulder straps front, sides and back • easily adjustable chest strap • loop for safety light • fold-away helmet flap • rain cover • front pocket with zip- Material: ped valuables pocket HexLite 210 / Microrip-Nylon • wet laundry compartment • mesh side pockets 7490 0510 black-titan fire-titan 3390 4260 ocean-silver anthracite-silver Race X Air Race EXP Air Bik ot: Sp ing Sw wi iss A th  # 32039 # 32029 th ps eP l Pa iz tit B Weight: 950 g uc Weight: 820 g er nin ciP Capacity: 14 l Capacity: 12+3 l ho ai H x W x D: 47 x 28 x 15 cm to n H x W x D: 47 x 22 x 15 cm th eb ac race X air race EXP air race EXP air kg ro13 14 un d
  9. 9. Cross Air 20 EXP This multi-talented pack for longer day tours has even Cross Bike 18 The compact biker pack with its legendary more potential now: the pole attachments make it the Airstripes System is a faithful and well-loved partner with 1 perfect companion for‘bike & hike’ trips. clever features. In its new design, it looks modern and clean. Also, the front pocket allows quick grab access to maps. Maximum ventilation is provided by the Deuter Advanced Aircomfort carrying system. And then there is the cool design, the Cross Bike 18 • helmet flap • loop for safety light body-hugging shape and the practical zipped volume expanders. • valuables inner pocket • two mesh side pockets Material: Cross Air 20 EXP • 3M reflectors Microrip / Hexlite • [1] hiking pole attchment • outer pocket • [2] front pocket with mesh pouch for quick storage of jacket or helmet • two front pockets • side pockets • wet laundry compartment • organiser • valuables inner pocket • 3M reflectors • loop for safety light • hydration system straps 2 Material: Ripstop 210 / Hexlite 5470 3390 fire-silver ocean-silver 5470 7400 fire-silver black-silver Spo r: Vere Ride  t: H Cross Air 20 EXP Cross Bike 18 ohe a Stitz Stef n Ec an N n k, O ger, M euh # 32091 # 32071 in bers ause tauf kus Hö Weight: 1120 g Weight: 650 g ar en m Capacity: 20+4 l Capacity: 18 l H x W x D: 48 x 32 x 24 cm H x W x D: 46 x 28 x 18 cm nle15 cross air EXP cross bike 16
  10. 10. Bike I 1 For the forefather of Bike I biker backpacks and his • hip belt with mesh wings • Soft-Edge comfort straps girlfriend functionality is tradition! • compression straps The women’s SL version features SL • front pockets shoulder straps and mesh SL hip fins, • mesh side pockets • Wet laundry compartment specially suited to the female shape. Bike I SL 2.0 l • • 3M reflector All systems go for a joint Bike I out- Bike I 3.0 l • [1] stow-away helmet holder ing. For a family outing, there is also • hydration system straps the mini version: the “Ultra Bike” for • loop for safety light children. Material: Hexlite 210 / Microrip kus Hönle inger, Mar rena Stitz 7490 4460 black-titan anthracite-titan Hitzler, Ve ur, Martin 1430 0510 turquiose-titan fire-titan uides on To Allgäu Bike I SL Bike I euhause er Gruppe, äu Bike G # 32059 # 32088 Stefan N Spot: Hörn Rider: Allg Weight: 790 g Weight: 850 g  Capacity: 18 l Capacity: 20 l H x W x D: 46 x 24 x 18 cm H x W x D: 50 x 26 x 20 cm17 bike I bike I 18
  11. 11. Superbike The great-grandson of the original bike backpack – looking fresh and young! Choose the Superbike 14 EXP SL / 18 EXP • Airstripes back system • [2] also with volume expansion • [3] adjustable stow-away helmet holder • mesh side pockets • wet laundry compartment funky coloured version for a real eye-catcher or alternatively opt for the more • mesh hip belt wings with zipped • spacious front pocket with zipped • reflective loop for safety light mesh pockets valuables pocket • rain cover with 3M reflector modest option. Either way, the new high visibility neon yellow rain cover and • [1] unique, patented Windshield • Soft-Edge comfort straps Material: Hexlite 210 / Ripstop 210 1 the reflective elements really stand out and thus improve road traffic safety. The easily detachable rain cover has an innovative loop for a safety light. The 14 EXP SL • • • • 2.0 l • • • • • • • 18 EXP • • • • 3.0 l • • • • • • windshield is in neon yellow sothat as a biker you cannot be missed. It is refi- ned with fitted collar, draw cord and zip, this integrated wind-chill/rain protec- tor is a true safety vest. The SL version is tailored specifically for women. 2 3 7130 7130 black-white black-white 9111 5350 carrot-white fire-white Superbike 14 EXP SL Superbike 18 EXP # 32100 # 32110 Weight: 950 g Capacity: 14+4 l Weight: 1040 g Capacity: 18+4 l Spot:  Stefan Neuh A H x W x D: 46 x 28 x 16 cm H x W x D: 51 x 31 x 16 cm Rider: lpe dHue auser. com Dom, z Bruno and O rpheli e19 superbike superbike 20
  12. 12. Heckmairs pioneering tour back in 1990 took him from Oberstdorf (Germany) to Lake Garda 20 years of crossing the Alps by bike (Italy) – here at the Schlappiner Joch. It was only a small step for him as a mountain & bike guide – yet a giant leap for biking mankind. How Mr Heckmair set off the Transalp avalanche „Everybody laughed at my idea of traversing the Alps and developing specific gear for this project. Centurion did not. And neither did Deuter.“ TRANSALP-PIONIER ANDI HECKMAIR Some people create high-flying dreams to overcome a personal low. Andi Heckmair is one of them. Back in 1988, he was lying in a hospital bed after he had crashed with his bike. He spent his time thinking about things to do after his recovery. This is when he came up with the idea of crossing the Alps. Yet not on foot, but on one of those solid bikes that had made their way across the ocean from the States a few years back. Heckmair was the first guide to lead a bike expedition in the 19 90 llen hel me t. exa mp le: Hec kis woo Himalayas in 1987 from Lhasa to Kathmandu. And Centurion boss Wolfgang Renner was part of two bike pac ks. Bad Goo d exa mp le: the the crew. 2010... Two years later Andi had checked numerous trails and routes and the idea of riding across the 20 YEARS LATER: Alps became reality. In August 1990, Andi Heckmair and his friends Wolfgang Renner and Gerhard Strittmatter got on their bikes – and 4 days, 10 passes, 315 km and 11.000 altitude meters later they had invented the Trans Alp. And along with it the bike pack. Back then, none of the rucksacks on the market were designed for biking. Heckmair therefore invented the "Bike1". And Deuter produced it. In 1990, the godfather of all bike backpacks featured many, many details that other packs still dream of today… 19 90 and 2010 Hec kma ir Alp enc ross 199 0 rge r Hut 1. Day : Obe rstd orf– Fre ibu Klo ster s 2. Day : Fre ibu rge r Hüt te– 3. Day : Klo ster s–S cha nf 4. Day : Sch anf–Bo rmi o ca 5. Day : Bor mio –Va l Cam oni Giu dica rie 6. Day : Val Cam oni ca–Val del Gar da 7. Day : Val Giu dica rie– Riva 1990 3.30 pm at the Rau hen Joc h. Attr acti ng cow s. Directions: Andi Heckmair shows the way down to the Lago. And even though the sign in front of his bike shop in Oberstorf has seen better days, it still points in the right direction: towards Italy.21 20 Jahre Transalp 20 Jahre Transalp 22
  13. 13. Heckmair reloaded The 20th anniversary jubilee tour „Bikes, equipment, technology – many things have changed in the past 20 years. The breathtaking sce- nery between Oberstdorf and Lake Garda remains the same.” TRANS ALP PIONEER ANDI HECKMAIR 20 years on, everything remains different… the stiff bikes have turned into full suspension bikes, cotton has been replaced by functional synthetics and the "Heckmair-Route" has been followed up by hundreds of different routes across the Alps. In 1990, three riders crossed southwards – in 2010, there are tens of thousands. Today, bikers enjoy many conveniences: GPS tracks, bike hotels, laundry service, luggage transportation. They have made it more or less possible for (almost) every healthy and fit rider to cross the Alps. Still, despite all those improvements – you still have to pedal yourself… And The caravan moves on – upwards to the legendary Tremalzo tunnel. Looking down on the numerous turns of the old military road and the original route still promises the most spectacular and most adventurous the lake 1.800 m below, you look down in wonder and know: all the pain and all the sweat was worth it! ride. The 20th anniversary was, of course, celebrated on the saddle from Oberstdorf to the Lago. The jubilee crossing was organized by Top Mountain TWO MEMBERS OF THE JUBILEE TOUR CREW: Tours, equipped by Deuter and Centurion and guided by the man himself – Andi Heckmair. By the way: What do the Heckmair route, Deuter’s "Trans Alpine" and Nutella have in common? All three have been copied umpteen times – yet none of the replicas has ever come close to the original. And none ever will. PETRA HARMANSA, RALF PHILIPP, Hairdresser from Burgthann: Event Manager from Markdorf: „Last year I did the tour with „The jubilee tour was a more a girlfriend of mine. But it than worthy preparation for the is much more fun with the Annapurna trip that I will go on group this time!" with Andi in October.” +Andreas Kern 19 90 Lifted! Cross Alp riders know how to pack it.23 20 Jahre Transalp 20 Jahre Transalp 24