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Published in: Spiritual, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Stepping Stones
  2. 2. stepping stones up to heaven
  3. 3. I go one by one with nothing said
  4. 4. what will I tell my children
  5. 5. when lying on my death bed?
  6. 6. I've accomplished nothing in my life
  7. 7. only filled scrapbooks with my name
  8. 8. trophies and plaques scattered in the attic memorabilia of fortune and fame
  9. 9. what will I tell my children that life is fun and always fair?
  10. 10. it would be a terrible lie because no one really cares
  11. 11. go back down those rough stones
  12. 12. I still have a rocky road ahead
  13. 13. what do I tell my children
  14. 14. it's better to be alive than dead?
  15. 15.