Social Media Presentation for May 9th, 2012 Meeting


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Social media marketing strategies by pro2go Designs for meeting on May 9th, 2012.

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Social Media Presentation for May 9th, 2012 Meeting

  1. 1. I have a Facebook Page and I work hard to follow bestpractices but I dont think I am getting any or enoughleads for my efforts......
  2. 2. ● You know the difference between a Facebook Profile and Page● You share industry specific and relevant updates● Your updates are consistent● You share a mixture of nice quotes, funny pictures, cool videos●You are quick to respond to your customers when they have a concern orcomplaint●You post your company events to social media , letting clients know whatspecials you have and whats going on internally●You share your companys culture by posting photos of company meetingsand funny things happening around the office● You following your clients on social media●You monitor whats being said about your brand or industry through socialmedia listening tools● You use keyword rich words when tweeting and posting to help with SEO● You link back to your website● Your social media accounts are streamlined (working together)
  3. 3. Why havent I seen a return on investment? Whatcan I do to improve my current ROI?
  4. 4. And how does it What is a Social differ from the day Media Strategy? to day work I am already doing? ROI Social Media Strategy Unique content created by you Big brands dont delivered on specific medium(s),at need a lot of a specific time for the purpose of capturing leads. social strategy. They can get Best Practices away with Regular updates talking aboutA lot of us Branding themselves alllive here Commenting the time.forever. (Networking) Responding Fan Building Showing Company Culture/personality Customer Service
  5. 5. Creative, sharable content will help pull you to the ROI side faster!
  6. 6. The content for your strategy needs to showcase your authorityin your industry and should be used to teach and help people.The purpose is to create content people will willing download,bookmark and share. How do you know what to say/create?Find out what your target market wants/needs by:● - Asking clients directly - Join Industry Groups on LinkedIn - Talk to your sales team - Follow your customers on social media (LISTEN to them) - Follow industry news sources ( Google alerts) - Listen for prospective customers (
  7. 7. But dont forget to stay organized!