Brazilian journalists and social networks


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A PR Newswire survey.

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Brazilian journalists and social networks

  1. 1. May, 2011
  2. 2. Brazilian Journalists and SocialNetworks - a survey by PR Newswire Brazil - April 2011
  3. 3. Why?PR Newswire - a leader in content distribution, especiallycorporate press releases – has become interested inknowing more about how Brazilian journalists areincorporating the social media channels into theirprofessional routine.For this, the company conducted, between March 20 andApril 1, an online survey among journalists, looking forbetter understanding how social networks are influencingtheir work.
  4. 4. The survey: The survey had seven multiple-choice questions, covering the use and preference for social networks. The disclosure happened via email and through PR Newswire Media Relations’ twitter account. 305 journalists across the country and from different media points (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and internet) answered the web based questionnaire (Survey Monkey).
  5. 5. One is not enough, two is good, andthree is great When it comes to social networks, Brazilian journalists prefer variety. PR Newswire’s survey found out that most of them - 31.8% - do like to participate in three different social networks. This result is closely followed by 30.5% of respondents indicating they interact in more than three different social networks at the same time. Only 3.6% said they don’t participate in any social network.
  6. 6. Where I find my sources? Social networks, based on relationship and exchange of information, have become an important tool for journalists to find their sources. When asked whether they have been using social networks to contact them, 79.7% said yes, against 20.3% who are not supporters of this practice.
  7. 7. Besides being a supporting tool to article’sproduction, social networks are also sources ofinformation for journalists. 83.3% of survey’sparticipants recognized they have used informationraised in social networks (such as a trending topic,from Twitter) to create an agenda.And this practice seems to have become popular:40.3% have already used a topic emerged fromsocial networks, at least from two to five times.
  8. 8. Twitter, the darling of journalists PR Newswire survey found out that Twitter is the favorite choice on social networks for journalists. When asked which social network would be more helpful for journalists on their job, Twitter has led the voting, with 73.4% of preference. Facebook was the second one, with 18.7% and Orkut had a modest participation with 2.3% of the preference.
  9. 9. Thanks for sharing The journalists who responded the survey stated that, besides obtaining information on social networks to generate articles, they also like to share their creations using these channels. 33.8% of the participants said they always replicate articles they write on social networking sites and 22% guaranteed sharing them eventually.
  10. 10. This was the first survey PR Newswire has applied in thecountry. The idea is to continually repeat this practice,always raising relevant discussion topics about Brazilianmedia players, helping the industry to better understandand manage the changes that have been occurring.
  11. 11. Contacts: Janaina Weigel Director of Media Relations, Latin America Camila Conte Media Relations CoordinatorE-mail: jana.weigel@prnewswire.comPhone: +55 11 2504 5100Site: www.prnewswire.comBlog: www.blogprnewswire.comTwitter: