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Visualizing Business Stories That Sell


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Presentation by Blair Caplinger, Founder & Creative Principal at Telling Media given at the PR Newswire/ Business Development Institute Visual Storytelling event held in Atlanta on April 23, 2013

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Visualizing Business Stories That Sell

  1. 1. Visualizing Business Stories That SellBlair Caplinger, Founder & Creative Principal4.23.2013
  2. 2. People make decisions based on stories.
  3. 3. All businesses tell stories.(whether they know it or not)
  4. 4. What is a business story?“A business story is a narrative that explains howa business or an aspect of a business (product,service, change initiative, etc.) satisfies theneeds and aspirations of a target audience.”
  5. 5. Business story typesVision storiesBrand storiesProduct storiesRecruiting storiesCustomer success stories
  6. 6. Story informs everythingBrandStoriesMarketing & SalesRecruiting & HRCustomer ServiceProductDevelopmentInvestor Relations$BrandExperience
  7. 7. The storytelling process1 32
  8. 8. Stories are words & pictures
  9. 9. Visual storytelling work stepsStory storming• Visualization games• White boarding• Sequential artResearch• Stakeholder interviews• Social listening• Focus groups• SurveysMeta creative• Iconography• Info-graphics• Process maps• AnimationThe written narrative creation
  10. 10. client examples
  11. 11. White boarding the off-shoring value prop
  12. 12. Illustrating the off-shoring value prop
  13. 13. White boarding off-shoring delivery
  14. 14. Illustrating off-shoring delivery model
  15. 15. Illustration explains off-shoring benefits
  16. 16. Visualizing classified information
  17. 17. Key messages in pictographsDeliverOur integrated design, engineering, manufacturingand fulfillment environment delivers the fastest pathfrom conception to deployment.CollaborateBring us your hardware and software applications,and we’ll figure out how to deploy them whereverthey need to go.DesignConsumer off the shelf-based solutions engineeredto form factors that make what was once impossible,now possible.ExperienceStrategic, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)technologies re-imagined to deliver mission criticalapplications in forward-deployed environments.
  18. 18. Icons communicate shared values
  19. 19. Infographic depicts product value
  20. 20. Ineffective tools fail tocommunicate requirementsBusiness and IT team membersSpeak different languages•Solutions fail todeliver desiredintelligence•Rework costs bigmoney and timeSketching to illustrate audience struggleIT takes the blame
  21. 21. Rise above the facts
  22. 22. Communicate concise concepts
  23. 23. Tell business stories that are…
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Contact:678.678. 7975bcaplinger@tellingmediainc.comThanks!