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The Modern PR Trends Every Communicator Should Know


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Insights on the future of PR from the industry's top firms including Burson-Marstellar, Edelman, and Ketchum,

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The Modern PR Trends Every Communicator Should Know

  1. The Modern PR Trends Every Communicator Should Know
  2. “I think far too much attention today is being given to communications, and not enough to company behavior." - Harold Burson, founding chairman of Burson-Marsteller
  3. “The actions of the company are as important, if Public relations not more, than the words.” Social Marketing media - Ray Kotcher, Chairman of Ketchum PR
  4. “Tech was the boom part of our universe, and we wondered where tech was going to find itself in the world of public relations. I’m looking forward to the industry taking advantage of technology and creating its own powerful platform.” Public relations Social Marketing media - Brian Cohen, Chairman of NYC Angels Home About Product Contact
  5. “PR is no longer just picking up the phone and talking about the brand you’re representing. It’s really an integrated approach.” Public relations - Marisa Carstens, VP of Text100 Global Communications Social Marketing media
  6. “You can no longer rely on the benevolence of a journalist to drive your communications campaign. You need to build your digital foot print using other ways – content marketing, bylines, hybrids and Public relations earned media.” - Peter Himler,CEO of Social Marketing media Flatiron Communications
  7. “We’re beginning to see the great power of public relations as a media producer and a media Public relations - John Lee, SVP of TallGrass Public Social Marketing media Relations publisher.”
  8. “We will continue to see a lot of convergence from a marketing perspective, especially with the use of social media and how people consume and share Public relations Marketing - Andy Polansky, CEO of Weber Shandwick information.”
  9. “PR is so much more strategic than ever. You really need to understand everything from a marketing perspective ranging from measurement, target audiences, objectives to being creative.” Public relations - Stacey Cohen, CEO of Co-Communications Social Marketing media
  10. “Every industry and every client has different types of measurement. Sometimes it’s a numbers game but there are other things that you could Public relations Social Marketing media - Trace Cohen, President of measure.”
  11. “How do we show the power of earned media in driving actual purchasing behavior? We must focus on getting further into the buying cycle beyond just awareness and influence metrics.” Public relations - Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing, PR Social Marketing media Newswire
  12. “PR is now on equal footing with other marketing disciplines during the integrated planning process, and the skill set public relations brings to the table is well-suited to the changing media landscape.” Public relations - Jason Winocour, Partner at Hunter Public Relations Social Marketing media
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