Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia


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Erika Kash, Product Manager, Online Services, PR Newswire
Rachel Foster, CEO, Fresh Perspective Copywriting
Scott Armstrong, Partner, Brainrider

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Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia

  1. 1. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia WEBINAR #B2BMARKETING
  2. 2. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 SPEAKERS: Rachel Foster @CopywriterTO CEO Fresh Perspective Copywriting ‎ Scott Armstrong @Brainrider_SA Partner Brainrider Erika Kash @erikakash Product Manager, Online Services PR Newswire MODERATOR:
  3. 3. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014
  4. 4. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 Source: Forrester Research Put Distribution At The Heart Of Content Marketing– 10/3/12
  5. 5. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 Using multimedia in your releases increases journalist and public engagement According to internal sample research comparing press releases that contain multimedia with those that do not.
  6. 6. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 Clients tell us they DO want to try – or use more – multimedia Source:‎PR‎News‎&‎PR‎Newswire‎Survey,‎July‎2013,‎and‎Beyond‎PR‎“79%‎of‎PR‎Pros‎Believe‎Video‎is‎Underutilized”‎by‎Sarah‎Skerik, PR News/PR Newswire Survey – July 2013 10% 27% 30% 22.6% 8.6% How often do you include multimedia in press releases? Never Always 68% is a big opportunity 76% plan to increase multimedia BUT 85% of content DOES NOT include multimedia 1.1% 19.5% 76% In planning for 2014, do you anticipate your use of visual storytelling to increase or decrease? Decrease IncreaseStay the Same
  7. 7. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 2009 – 7% 2013 – 15% Total Content Syndicated Over PR Newswire
  8. 8. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 Why? Access. Value. Complexity. Please select the 3 top reasons that prevent your organization from using Multimedia Price Availability of suitable pictures, videos, etc. Uncertainty of results Sees limited/no value Just not interested Compliance Others% of respondents 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 81% 54% 49% 37% 21% 12% 9% Customer Survey Results, October 25 2013 Actionable: Price could be a potential lever to pull; however, it should‎be‎prioritized‎after‎fixing‎the‎“leakage”‎points Actionable: Allow customers to store and access multimedia Actionable: Quantify and communicate value Less Actionable: Challenging to address
  9. 9. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 Client Lens: I Want… …to understand and demonstrate ROI, on my multimedia distributions. …to maximize awareness and engagement, with easy to use, competitively priced multimedia products. …media pick-up with my multimedia showcased along with my text. …to‎be‎able‎to‎tell‎my own story.
  10. 10. Why Multimedia Matters #B2Bmarketing
  11. 11. The Evolving B2B Buying Process #B2Bmarketing
  12. 12. 65% of B2B buyers need at least four pieces of content before they make a shortlist of vendors. TechTarget #B2Bmarketing
  13. 13. 75% of senior business executives watch videos on business sites every week and 65% of them go on to visit the vendor’s‎website. Earnest Agency #B2Bmarketing
  14. 14. Press releases that contain multimedia files – such as photos, videos and documents – receive a 77% increase in engagement compared with press releases that contain text only. PR Newswire #B2Bmarketing
  15. 15. Agenda • The golden rule for creating great content • Best practices for creating multimedia content, such as blog posts, videos, downloadable assets, infographics, press releases and presentations • How to tell a consistent story across all of your multimedia assets • Q&A #B2Bmarketing
  16. 16. The Golden Rule for Great Content Make sure that your content aligns with what your target audience wants to know and where they are in your sales cycle. #B2Bmarketing
  17. 17. Media is only effective if the information that it features is relevant to their research and is helpful for them during the process. TechTarget #B2Bmarketing
  18. 18. 61% of respondents agreed that the winning vendor delivered a better mix of content appropriate for each stage of the purchasing process. DemandGen Report #B2Bmarketing
  19. 19. Buyers Need Useful Content to Make Sound Buying Decisions What’s my problem? How do I fix my problem? Are you right for me? #B2Bmarketing
  20. 20. Useful content is not just about you.
  21. 21. Customers Want Content That Helps Them Solve Their Problems Übersuggest #B2Bmarketing
  22. 22. ... Aligned to Their Buying Decision If your customer is asking: What’s my problem? How do I fix my problem? Are you right for me? They want: Education & Benchmarks Solution Options & Product Suitability Proof Points & Decision Support What to share with them: •Trends •Benchmarks •Analyst coverage •101 Education •How-to guides •How other people are solving this •What is the solution and how does it work •Solution comparisons •Pitfall analysis •Readiness and suitability assessments •How to choose a vendor •Pricing •Bench strength demonstration •Case studies •ROI/TCO •Working with us •How to buy #B2Bmarketing
  23. 23. Best Practices for Creating B2B Multimedia • Blog posts • Videos • Downloadable resources • Infographics • Press releases • Presentations #B2Bmarketing
  24. 24. Blog Posts #B2Bmarketing
  25. 25. • Create a steady stream of fresh content that engages buyers over time • Bring more leads and customers to your website • Improve your SEO • Display your thought leadership • Stand out from your competition • Increase brand awareness Why Blog? #B2Bmarketing
  26. 26. 78% of businesses that blog on a daily basis have acquired a customer from it. V2 Marketing Communications When Should You Blog? #B2Bmarketing
  27. 27. Publish on Mondays to get the most views or Saturdays to get more comments. KISSmetrics When Should You Blog? #B2Bmarketing
  28. 28. What Should You Blog About? #B2Bmarketing
  29. 29. • Write strong headlines • Include a summary sentence • Keep it focused • Format your posts for easy reading • Include calls to action • Include social sharing buttons Blog Writing Tips #B2Bmarketing
  30. 30. Videos #B2Bmarketing
  31. 31. 75% of senior business executives watch videos on business sites every week and 65%‎of‎them‎go‎on‎to‎visit‎the‎vendor’s‎ website. Earnest Agency Why Should You Create Videos? #B2Bmarketing
  32. 32. • When you want to tell a story • When you want to show something (i.e. product demos or facility tours) • When you want to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time When Should You Create Videos? #B2Bmarketing
  33. 33. • Identify the objective you want to achieve with your video • Keep it simple and short - less than 90 seconds • Use video chapters to tell a longer story; host a contents index and each chapter on a separate page for better SEO value and engagement tracking • Include a text transcript below your video for better SEO • Try a tool like Wistia to integrate video into your pipeline metrics • Tell a story Video Creation Tips #B2Bmarketing
  34. 34. Downloadable Content #B2Bmarketing
  35. 35. • Give leads a reason to opt in for your content • Qualify leads • Display thought leadership • Educate leads about your products or services • Move buyers through your sales funnel • Give existing customers added value Why Create Downloadable Content? #B2Bmarketing
  36. 36. • You have a product or service that is lacking enough supporting materials to educate buyers and move them along the sales cycle • Your current content is old and needs to be updated • Your objective is form completion • You want to track content engagement with marketing automation When to Create Downloadable Content #B2Bmarketing
  37. 37.  Take existing blog posts and turn them into a white paper or an eBook  Stop selling, start helping  Break it down into digestible bites eBook and White Paper Writing Tips #B2Bmarketing
  38. 38. Title Dos and Don’ts:‎‎Don’t‎be‎Generic Before: Technical White Paper: Cloud Security #B2Bmarketing
  39. 39. Title Dos and Don’ts: Do Focus on Your Audience After: The IT Manager’s Guide to Enterprise Cloud Security #B2Bmarketing
  40. 40. Title Dos and Don’ts:‎Don’t‎Make‎it‎All About You Before: ABC Company’s Landing Page Optimization Software #B2Bmarketing
  41. 41. Title Dos and Don’ts:‎Do‎Show‎the Benefits After: How to Optimize Your Landing Pages: 10 Easy Changes for Greater Conversions #B2Bmarketing
  42. 42. Title‎Dos‎and‎Don’ts:‎Don’t‎Forget‎a Subtitle Before: How to Reduce Global Shipping Costs #B2Bmarketing
  43. 43. Title‎Dos‎and‎Don’ts:‎Don’t‎Forget‎a‎Subtitle‎ After: How to Reduce Global Shipping Costs: 7 Ways to Get Lower Rates Without Delaying Deliveries #B2Bmarketing
  44. 44. Infographics #B2Bmarketing
  45. 45. • People are visual • Make complex information easy to understand Why Create Infographics? #B2Bmarketing
  46. 46. • You want to make complex information easy to understand • You have a visual story to tell • You want to create shareable content • You want to add personality to your data When to Create Infographics #B2Bmarketing
  47. 47.  Start with the story and then build the graphics  Don’t‎include‎too‎much‎text  Keep it upbeat  You‎don’t‎need‎to‎use‎your‎own‎research  Add insights or tips to the data  Resource: www.piktochart.com Infographic Tips #B2Bmarketing
  48. 48. Press Releases #B2Bmarketing
  49. 49. • They help with your SEO • They can get your content in front of journalists in your industry • You can send press releases to very targeted journalists, bloggers and industry leaders • You can use them to drive brand awareness Why Create Press Releases? #B2Bmarketing
  50. 50. • You have something newsworthy to promote When to Create Press Releases #B2Bmarketing
  51. 51.  Write a compelling header and sub-header  Include the five Ws in the lead paragraph  Include multimedia  Link keywords back to your landing pages  Include‎your‎media‎contact’s‎information  Make it social Press Release Tips #B2Bmarketing
  52. 52. Presentations #B2Bmarketing
  53. 53. • They can get your content in front of a wider audience • They are a good lead generation tool • They help script the flow of your content Why Develop Presentations? #B2Bmarketing
  54. 54. • You want to provide in-depth education or live training • You want to interact with your audience • You are testing the reception of a new idea or concept When to Develop Presentations #B2Bmarketing
  55. 55.  Stick to one idea per slide  Use lots of images  Do a tech test  Provide additional resources  Make your presentation social  Encourage live tweets  Upload it to LinkedIn and SlideShare  Use Guy Kawasaki’s‎30/20/10‎rule  Provide what’s next links back to your content Presentation Tips #B2Bmarketing
  56. 56. Thank You for Joining Us! #B2Bmarketing
  57. 57. For more helpful B2B Marketing content, visit: Resources: brainrider.info Articles: brainrider.com/blog @Brainrider www.linkedin.com/company/brainrider Scott@Brainrider.com Resources For Better B2B Marketing Evaluate your content, website and programs with our Free Better B2B Marketing Checklist or a Free 20-minute content consultation Go to brainrider.com/b2b_cheatsheets to‎download‎today’s‎presentation‎and‎content‎cheat‎sheet #B2Bmarketing
  58. 58. Visit www.CopywriterToronto.com to check the Fresh Marketing Blog, download FREE resources or learn more‎about‎Rachel’s‎B2B‎ copywriting services. Find resources from this presentation at www.CopywriterToronto.com/multimedia. You can also connect with Rachel on: Twitter: @CopywriterTO LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/copywritertoronto You Might Also Like ... #B2Bmarketing
  59. 59. Powering B2B Marketing Campaigns through Multimedia April 9, 2014 Rachel Foster @CopywriterTO CEO Fresh Perspective Copywriting ‎ Scott Armstrong @Brainrider_SA Partner Brainrider Erika Kash @erikakash Product Manager, Online Services PR Newswire THANK YOU
  60. 60. FOR MORE INFORMATION: US: (888) 776-0942 CANADA: (877) 269-7890