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New School PR Tactics: Evolving the Press Release to Drive New Outcomes


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On-Demand Webinar:
Sarah Skerik,Vice President, Content Marketing, PR Newswire
Beth Monaghan, Principal & Co-Founder, InkHouse
Anne Donohoe, Managing Director and Director of Public Relations, KCSA Strategic Communications
Stephanie Pflaum, Online Marketing Specialist, Fathom
Jason Khoury, Communications Director, Jive Software

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New School PR Tactics: Evolving the Press Release to Drive New Outcomes

  1. 1. NEW SCHOOL PR TACTICS: Evolving the Press Release to Drive New Outcomes #PRNEDU
  2. 2. Overview Today’s agenda • 4 condensed case studies • Panel discussion • Q&A Other notes: • Webinar archive • Deck • Wrap up blog post #PRNEDU Moderator: Sarah Skerik VP Content Marketing PR Newswire @sarahskerik
  3. 3. Speakers #PRNEDU Beth Monaghan Principal & Co-Founder InkHouse Jason Khoury Communications Director Jive Software Jeff Corbin CEO KRSA Strategic Communications Jenni Ramminger Director of Marketing Fathom Stephanie Pflaum Online Marketing Strategist Fathom
  4. 4. Vibes’ Showrooming Press Release Beth Monaghan July 18, 2013 #PRNEDU
  5. 5. Overview • Goal: Position Vibes’ executives as thought leaders for retail marketers • Strategy: – Conduct independent research to uncover the marketing challenges for retailers and the opportunities for mobile retail strategies – Use data to insert Vibes into the discussion about showrooming, a hot button for the press and retailers #PRNEDU
  6. 6. The press release #PRNEDU
  7. 7. The results • 373% bump in coverage over previous quarter – WSJ piece drove the top traffic day of the year – Media placements in 50+ top-tier outlets • Top Vibes’ prospects saw the report #PRNEDU
  8. 8. Why it worked • Timely topic – Research-driven content – Contrarian point of view – Practical strategies for combatting showrooming • Advance timing to get ahead of the news cycle • Narrative headline, optimized for reporter search queries • Easy-to-understand content – No jargon – we used plain language – Fact-based • Long-term news value #PRNEDU
  9. 9. Resources • Retooling the Press Release to its Intended Audience: The Press – intended-audience-the-press/ • Pull in News by Making Your Content Findable – findable/ • Want Headlines? Have a Unique Viewpoint, and Tell it Well – viewpoint-and-tell-it-well/ • Do You Really Need a Press Release? – #PRNEDU
  10. 10. 9 Case Studies to Demonstrate Tactical Executions 9 The KCSA Approach to New School Press Release Tactics #PRNEDU
  11. 11. The Goal – Boost Thought Leadership KCSA CEO 11 #PRNEDU Issue KCSA CEO Jeff Corbin had just released the second edition of his book: “Investor Relations, the Art of Communicating Value.” In it he had a new chapter on social media and it was right around the time that Facebook was going through its IPO. This was a prime opportunity to insert Jeff into the conversation and boost him image as a thought leader in Investor Relations AND social media. Idea Every element of the Facebook IPO process was covered in meticulous detail. As an IR consultant, Jeff had plenty to say about it, but it wasn’t content that we would traditionally issue as a “press release” so we created a section of our blog called “Diary of an IPO” and use PR Newswire’s Webmax Plus to promote it.
  12. 12. The Approach 12 #PRNEDU
  13. 13. Impact 13 #PRNEDU
  14. 14. Fathom Press Releases & The Digital Marketing Funnel #PRNEDU
  15. 15. The NEW Strategy Digital Funnel Management  SEO  Social Media  Paid Advertising  Video  Content Marketing  Shopping Engines  Email Marketing  Marketing Automation  Display Remarketing  Reputation Management  CRO  Analytics  CRO  Optimization #PRNEDU
  16. 16. Where do press releases fit in? Overview • Comprehensive campaign structure and multiple bidding rules • Use non-branded keywords to drive awareness and increase sales & revenue through multiple channels • Brand vs. Non-brand attribution measurement • Acquisitions • Drive new website traffic through compelling story telling • Build links to support SEO • Conversion • Promote special offers, products and contests • Promote content such as while papers, guides and e-books • Use creative CTAs • Nurture • Promote content such as infographics, new data from research and corporate goodwill • Support positive online reputation Press Releases are not just for reaching news media & publishing sites –often, they’re used to reach our audience, because we know press releases rank & are visible through different online channels. #PRNEDU
  17. 17. PR Case Study 1: Missouri Law Firm (Acquire) The legal search space is HYPER competitive -it can be very difficult to break through organic rankings and very expensive to show up in paid results. Press releases help gain more online visibility in a competitive space to acquire new site visits. • Communicated their stance on important legal/political issues. • Promoted emotional, engaging videos • Shared powerful client stories • Press releases have driven about 500 visitors to the site this year (1% of total visits) • Visitors stay on the site for 2:59 (site average is 1:51) #PRNEDU
  18. 18. PR Case Study 2: Consumer Crafts (Convert) ConsumerCrafts is an online craft store – it’s an ecommerce site – the main goal is to increase sales of Jewelry, Beads & Kids Craft supplies. Press Releases helped increase conversions. • Submitted press releases for Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sales & Back to School Crafter’s Challenge – included linkes & CTAs to main category pages • Saw tangible results from our efforts: – 35% increase in referral traffic from Pinterest – Increased Pinterest followers from 750 to 818 – 192 total contest re-pins on Pinterest; 80 Contest “likes” on FB – 37% increase in overall referral traffic – $245 in sales directly from press releases #PRNEDU
  19. 19. Consumers often do research online before committing to signing up for a health screening. Promoting positive content and stories about this brand helps convince customers health screenings are a good investment and earn their trust. • Promoted earned media on credible sites • Promoted positive branded content – Infographics – Blog posts – New research • Increased authority of positive websites, profiles and articles to outrank negative articles in the SERPs – BBB – Social Profiles (Facebook, Linked In, YouTube) • Screening locations frequently submit releases that rank in local & news results in Google PR Case Study 3: Life Line Screening (Nurture) #PRNEDU
  20. 20. Breaking Old School PR Habits Jason Khoury Director, Communications July 18, 2013 #PRNEDU
  21. 21. The Challenge #PRNEDU Increase traffic to site and downloads of apps through press releases Elevate SEO from afterthought to forefront when creating headlines/subheads
  22. 22. Some Lessons Learned #PRNEDU Old School Approach Place one or two links in press release New School Approach Drive call to actions both upfront and at various points in the release
  23. 23. Some Lessons Learned © Jive confidential23 Inverted Pyramid With A Twist SEO Terms Need To Be A Key Part of The Initial Story Add Tracking Codes to Query Strings To Feed Data to Marketing Automation System Work closely with your demand generation/SEO marketing counterparts to review keywords
  24. 24. #PRNEDU
  25. 25. #PRNEDU
  26. 26. The Results #PRNEDU 200% increase in traffic to sites highlighted in the press releases
  27. 27. Did you miss the live webinar? Access the archive, and hear the panelists give more details about the tactics they used, and the results generated. For the webinar replay, click here: New School PR Tactics And here’s our blog post recapping the discussion: New School Press Release Tactics
  28. 28. Q&A Sarah Skerik @sarahskerik Beth Monaghan @bamonaghan Jason Khoury @jasonkhoury Jeff Corbin @jcorbinIR Jenni Ramminger @JenniRamminger Stephanie Flaum @StephPflaum #PRNEDU