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Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing


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On-Demand Webinar:
Shannon L. Ryan, GM, Online Marketing Summit

Ardath Albee, CEO, Marketing Interactions, Inc.

Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Social Media, PR Newswire

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Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing

  1. Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing Presented by:
  2. Presenters Shannon L. Ryan - Moderator GM Online Marketing Summit @Brandrelevance Ardath Albee CEO Marketing Interactions, Inc. @Ardath421 Sarah Skerik Vice President, Social Media PR Newswire @SarahSkerik #omsummit
  3. About Ardath Albee Clients include: Storyteller, Die-Hard Writer, Marketing Geek, Strategy Nut 27 years of business management & marketing leadership Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale Industry Speaker, Workshop Leader, Blogger Top 50 Marketing & Sales Influencer 2012 Obsessed about helping B2B companies use eMarketing strategies & contagious content platforms to turn prospects into buyers. Believes buyer personas are the key foundational tool for every content strategy. @ardath421
  4.  The state or capacity of being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresence This doesn’t mean World Domination It means the extent of your presence in channels your customers frequentThe Quest for Brand Ubiquity
  5. Qualities of Converged Media  Using 2 or more types ◦ Paid + Owned ◦ Owned + Earned ◦ Paid + Owned + Earned  Consistent storyline & creative  Channels working in concert  Your logo is less important than tone, style, quality and relevance
  6. Not A Consistent Storyline Blog Website How access to We’re the colleagues and data leading powers productivity provider of… Improve your Our X Solution customer satisfaction won another with presence award! Shorten your time to We added 37 revenue with project new customers workspaces this month.
  7. Paid Media – Builds Awareness • Ads, PPC, Banners • Press Releases • Sponsorship • Promoted Content • Native Advertising
  8. Owned Media Creates Brand Experience SEO Podcasts Graphics eBooks Websites Video Blog Email Foundational media – start here Create perpetual life for content Develop “evergreen” strategies for reuse Customer-focused, always
  9. Continuum =Connected Content + Conversations Search Get Found Email for Tweets Press Release Nurturing Articles Blog Posts Lead DatabaseConnected LinkedIn Status/Groups Offers forConversations and LeadContent Pathways Generation
  10. Curation Media Blog CoverageEarned Word of CommentsMedia Mouth Social SharingIs… Syndication …conversations related to your brand initiated by others
  11. Earned Media is Your Compass  Audience Use this  Topics data to inform paid  Channels & owned  Content investments
  12. #omsummit
  13. Paid Owned EarnedIndustry Expert Content Webinar ReTweetsSocial Press Release Email Media coveragePPC Campaign Twitter Campaign Stream LinkedIn DiscussionAd in Industry Newsletter Registration Page SEO Blog Posts WOM Social Media Sharing Blog Post Reviews/Mentions SlideShare Curation Infographic Thought Leadership Webinar
  14. Pre-Event: Post-Event:• PPC Campaign • SlideShare• Press Release • Email Archive Link• Industry News Ad • Q&A Blog Post(s) • White Paper• Registration Page • Article Series• Email Invitations • Podcasts• Tweets • Invitation to view• LinkedIn On-Demand• Blog Posts Thought Leadership Webinar
  15. Awareness Experience Conversations Customers (Paid) (Owned) (Earned) (Outcome) Converged Media is a Continuum
  16. What’s in it for you Mastering converged media means less disruption when new channels emerge… …and they will.
  17. Thank You!Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing StrategistMarketing Interactions, Inc.Web: www.marketinginteractions.comTwitter: @ardath421Blog:
  18. Leveraging Converged Media’s Impact on Content Marketing Sarah Skerik#omsummit
  19. Communications then – ONE WAYone way, brand speaking toaudiences but not WITHCommunications today –conversational, drivesbehavior, focused onstorytelling and contentthat is shareable Speaking NOW: #omsummit @SarahSkerik
  20. Evolution of Earned Media Earned Media, Then TRADITIONAL MEDIA #omsummit
  21. Evolution of Earned Media The emergence of social media The ascendance of owned media MICROSITES SEARCH MOBILE BRAND APPS WEB SITES MOBILE SITES BLOGS COMMUNITIES #omsummit
  22. Evolution of Earned Media Radically evolved the nature of earned media Earned Media, Now TRAD’L MEDIA #omsummit
  23. The Informed Consumer Speaking NOW:#omsummit @SarahSkerik
  24. The creation of high The value exchangequality, valuable contentthat is shared by thebrand… BRAND AUDIENCE Currency = Personal Info Currency = Content The brand continuously delivers relevant content & establishes its worth to the audience The audience trusts the brand enough to identify themselves & Jane Smith grant permission for engagement 555-555-5555 CEO, XYZ Corp. …with current & prospective customers, creating a value exchange that gives the brand permission to engage. #omsummit
  26. Content has to be AWESOME! Find opportunity and get the most out of your messages.Revisit your communications Speaking NOW: #omsummit @SarahSkerik
  27. Press Releases Come in a Variety of Formats #omsummit
  28. #omsummit
  29. Visitors could share and embed the ARC on their site or blog. When you update content, it is automatically updated everywhere the player has been embedded. The ARC™ engagement platform hosted high- quality videos that could be instantly updated across all the places the original video was embedded. Speaking NOW:#omsummit @SarahSkerik
  30. #omsummit
  31. Challenges Impeding the Creation & Use of Converged Media Department silos No unification of messaging No overarching content strategy Wasted budget on paid campaigns if PR is not involved at the onset. Alignment with overall business goals/objectives #omsummit
  32. Thank YouSarah Skerik, Vice President, Social Media, PR NewswireAuthor of Unlocking Social Media for PR (ebook): http://blog.prnewswire.comTwitter: @SarahSkerik #omsummit
  33. Q&A Shannon L. Ryan GM Online Marketing Summit @Brandrelevance Ardath Albee CEO Marketing Interactions, Inc. @Ardath421 Sarah Skerik Vice President, Social Media PR Newswire @SarahSkerik #omsummit
  34. Informing Marketers. Transforming Brands.The digital marketing landscape changes rapidly.Stay ahead of the curve with the latest insights,perspectives and knowledge from Online MarketingSummit (OMS).Join us in San Diego, February 11-13. Save 30% onyour Conference pass or get a free Expo pass withcode WEPRNEVENT #omsummit