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Beyond Social: Blog Marketing Tips to Reach and Engage New Audiences


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Rebecca Brown, Executive Director of Strategy,
Engagement Labs
Amanda Hicken, Manager, Audience Relations, PR Newswire, Blogger at Beyond Bylines
Amanda Eldridge, Director, Strategic Channels, PR Newswire

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Beyond Social: Blog Marketing Tips to Reach and Engage New Audiences

  2. 2. #BLOGTIPS Speakers: Rebecca Brown Executive Director of Strategy Engagement Labs @BunchFamily Moderator: Amanda Eldridge Director, Strategic Channels PR Newswire @PRNSmallBiz Amanda Hicken Manager, Audience Relations PR Newswire Blogger Beyond Bylines @ADHicken
  3. 3. #BLOGTIPS Showcase your expertise Build your influence Engage with your audience Understand their needs Marketers who blog are 13x more likely to drive positive ROI than those who don't. - HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2014
  4. 4. #BLOGTIPS Identify your goals Understand the value you bring Establish a blogging routine Create craveable content Step 1:
  5. 5. #BLOGTIPS Step 2: Promote it. Sounds easy. Right?
  6. 6. #BLOGTIPS Today, we’ll discuss how to: 1. Uncover where your blog’s audience is 2. Make the best use of your time on social media 3. Use other tools to grow your readership 4. Position your content to promote your expertise
  7. 7. #BLOGTIPS • Blogs are no longer destinations on their own • Content marketplace is saturated • Social channels becoming pay-to-play Multi-Channel: The New Normal 80% of Consumers Research Online Prior to Purchase Your audience is choosing content based on recommendations & shares
  8. 8. #BLOGTIPS • Who your audience is • What topics they’re interested in • Where they hang out • Their digital and social habits Unlock Your Promotion Strategy By Researching
  9. 9. #BLOGTIPS Assign categories to: • Content published across channels • Your audience Research, Categorize & Record Gather data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest’s free native tools Capture data in spreadsheet and observe over time
  10. 10. #BLOGTIPS
  11. 11. #BLOGTIPS Tailor Strategy by Social Network Start with a few networks aligned with your business Adapt according to how users interact with each Identify and differentiate your voice if needed Stay organized and stick to a schedule
  12. 12. #BLOGTIPS Don’t Just Broadcast – Build! Build relationships and influence by: • Answering questions • Offering (non-promotional) advice • Sharing and engaging with other bloggers Follow ‘Real Life’ Rules: Be nice and be helpful
  13. 13. #BLOGTIPS Use Multimedia The state of video on :The effect on retweets of: • > 1 billion video views daily • 50% of people in US who regularly visit Facebook watch 1+ video daily • Number of video posts per person increased 75% globally, 94% in US Source: Twitter Media Blog Source: Facebook Media Blog
  14. 14. #BLOGTIPS Leverage Smaller, Niche Networks
  15. 15. #BLOGTIPS Get Involved in Groups
  16. 16. #BLOGTIPS
  17. 17. #BLOGTIPS
  18. 18. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Email Marketing
  19. 19. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Email Marketing Use site and social analytics to select content Make it easy to subscribe Personalize by audience type Not tech-savvy? No problem!
  20. 20. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Press Releases
  21. 21. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Press Releases • Frequency: Once per week • Select posts that feature original research and focus on consumers • Coupled with personalized media outreach, syndicated partnerships, social media
  22. 22. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Press Releases Earned media on: • Yahoo! Finance • CNN Money • MarketWatch • New York Times • Associated Press • LA Times • • Show
  23. 23. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Press Releases
  24. 24. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Partnerships Use search engines, social and your professional network to identify relevant partners. Be flexible and find mutual benefit: • Conferences and webinars • Cross promotion • Guest Posting
  25. 25. #BLOGTIPS Beyond Social: Strategic Guest Posting Do it for the right reasons: • To help others and demonstrate expertise • NOT for SEO Research site’s requirements and published content Provide original content with new perspective No link spamming
  26. 26. #BLOGTIPS Monitor Analyze Define Execute / Adjust Full Circle Promotion
  27. 27. #BLOGTIPS Full Circle Promotion Look at channels AND content Identify patterns, but don’t ignore outliers Get rid of your assumptions Refine and pivot
  28. 28. #BLOGTIPS Questions? Rebecca Brown Engagement Labs @BunchFamily Amanda Eldridge PR Newswire @PRNSmallBiz Amanda Hicken PR Newswire Beyond Bylines @ADHicken Follow PR Newswire: Follow CNW: @PRNEWSWIRE @CNWGROUP
  29. 29. FOR MORE INFORMATION: US: (888) 776-0942 CANADA: (877) 269-7890