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Author u may 2,2013


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Does the media still matter to get publicity to promote books and help authors get the recognition they deserve? Publicity expert Dan Janal shows there are many ways to use the media today.

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Author u may 2,2013

  1. 1. Why Publicity Still WorksDan JanalAuthor U ExtravaganzaMay 3, 2013
  2. 2. Myth #1• I’m not good enough to get publicity• I’m not smart enough to get publicity• There’s someone better on this topic than Iam
  3. 3. Myth Buster #1• Reporters use the most interesting commentsfrom the people who respond• Interesting trumps credentials every time• You’ve written a book; you’re credentialed• Most reporters wish they could write a book• They hold you in high regard
  4. 4. Myth #2• Reporters don’t want to hear from me• I’m a nobody• I’ve never been on Oprah
  5. 5. Myth #2 BusterReporters are looking for you!• Need new sources• Can’t quote the same oldpeople all the time• Need new angles• Need new ideas
  6. 6. Myth #3• I don’t know where to find reporters
  7. 7. Myth #3 buster• Many services connect you with reporters– PR LEADS, HARO, Pitch Engine, etc.– Find reporters on Facebook, Twitter, MediaWebsites– It’s never been easier to strike up a conversationwith reporters
  8. 8. Myth #4• I don’t know what to say
  9. 9. Myth #4 Buster• You wrote a book, you have more thanenough to say!• You have to frame and mold your ideas tomeet the needs of the reporter• Get a media coach to help
  10. 10. Does the media still matter?• Eskimos have “30” words for “snow”• There are “30” words for “media”• It’s a whole new ball game with new rules• Good news is that the new media helps you.• Better news: There is no bad news.
  11. 11. EarnedMedia Paid MediaOwnedMediaSocialMedia/SharedMediaConversationsProspectsClients
  12. 12. Earned Media• Articles written about youby reporters– Generated by PRLEADS, HARO, PRfirm, Reporter’s ingenuity– Build credibility– Build visibility– NEW– You earn media in• Social retweets• Search engine listings• Create discussions• Add nytimes, google
  13. 13. • Anyone can produce content• Reporters/Media provide context, not justcontent• They act as a filter from all the data and info
  14. 14. Paid Media• Sponsored articles– Press Releases• Printed on media websites –so you get credibility• Indexed on Google – so youget found• Read by prospects – so youget sales– Ads, PPC, banners– Sponsorships– Results
  15. 15. Press Release Myth #1• You have to have “news”• False: You have to be interesting• Solution: How to articles can be turned intopress releases
  16. 16. Press release tips for new books• Don’t focus on the book• Focus on the content• Weave in book details• Use keywords• Share your results
  17. 17. • Google ranks pressreleases high on searchresults• What would yourprospects think of yourif they saw Wall StreetJournal as first listing foryour topic?
  18. 18. • Steve Juetten, financialplanner, author• Steves email list hasgrown by 42%• Queries for new businesshave jumpednicely. Steves sell cycleis fairly long, and he isvery pleased with thenumber of new, qualifiedprospects he is meeting.
  19. 19. Owned Media – You as Publisher• Content Is Your Foundation• Create your brand• Create content for life• Create evergreen materials– Blogs– Articles– Press releases– Pictures– Infographics– Ebooks– Website– Webinars– Teleseminars– Transcripts– Slideshare
  20. 20. Social Media• Original thoughts• Links to your blog posts• Repurposing of others’ comments and articles• Benefits– You are a publisher– You are a personality – not a faceless brand– Your comments are indexed on Google
  21. 21. Shared Media• Content you share with social media friends
  22. 22. A typical email box – shared media
  23. 23. CommProBiz
  24. 24. Everyone is a publisher• You publish on your blog and social media• You publish your own books• You re-publish other people comments andarticles (isn’t that what a publisher does?)
  25. 25. Clever Ways to Take Advantage of theMedia and Get Visibility
  26. 26. Become a reporter’s BFF• Follow reporters– Blogs• Comment on articles, blogs, editorials and letters toeditor• Add relevant info• You’ll stand out from the crowd• You’ll be the first person reporters reach out to forcomments• Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInGet to know your target reporters
  27. 27. Get active on Google+• Google search engineindexes Google+ posts
  28. 28. Google Authorship• Simple command addsyour picture andnumber of Google+circles you are in toGoogle searches• Add the “rel author” tagto your articles, blog• Benefit:• You stand out visually• You have social proof
  29. 29. Add keywords to articles• Google thrives onkeywords• Use free Google AdWords tool to findpopular words• Work the words into yourcontent• Headline and firstparagraph are mostimportant• 1 link per 100 words: bestpractice
  30. 30. Tell the world you got media!• Put articles in bookproposals, saleskits, speaker promopacks• Put links to articles onyour website• Don’t bury it!• Use a dedicated “mediapage” to display all yourmedia mentions
  31. 31. Tell reporters you are a media darling• Let them know whereyou’ve been quoted• If you’re good enoughfor Oprah, you’re goodenough for me!• Reporters don’t want tobe burned. They wantto quote people whoknow how to play thegame
  32. 32. Fill out your profiles• Amazon author page• LinkedIn• Social media sites• What’s your smpersona?– Professional?– Whimsical?– Emotional?– Irritating?– Anonymous?
  33. 33. Use your media in your intro• Jack Canfield• “Behind the empire TimeMagazine called the"publishing phenomenonof the decade" isAmericas leading expertin creating peakperformance forentrepreneurs, corporateleaders, managers, salesprofessionals, corporateemployees, andeducators.
  34. 34. Make it easy for reporters to find you• Add a media section onyour website• Laura Stack– Earned articles– Press releases– Articles she wrote– Questions to ask her– Pictures in differentformats– Much, much more• The
  35. 35. If a reporter contacts you…• Drop everything andreply to them• They are on deadlineand will go to the nextperson if you are “toobusy”• Alert support personalto get you
  36. 36. Publicity still matters• Builds credibility• Enhances visibility• Helps make sales• Shows the world thatyou are the expert thatyou are
  37. 37. Final Reason: Google• Get into to the mind ofa person searching forGoogle.• What are they lookingfor?• How do they refinetheir search?• Will they find you?
  38. 38. My Invitation• Two hours of coaching with me• Learn how to find your unique media message soreporters want to write about you and reviewyour book• Find out how to create the best keywords so youcan get found on Google• Media training so you know what to say toreporters and how to say it• We’ll create your 12-month editorial calendar soyou always know what to write about. Neverhave writer’s block again
  39. 39. • Normally, $300 per hour or $600 for 2 hours• Show special – only $295• Offer expires when Author U Extravagannza2013 show ends
  40. 40. • If you’d likeslides, please put yourbiz card in my fishbowl.• You’ll also get myweekly publicity tipsnewsletter• I never sell my list• Write “no news” if youdon’t want newsletter
  41. 41. • For info, go to:•• 952-380-9844