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ATPI - janal-Facebook advertising-PowerPoint Template


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ATPI - janal-Facebook advertising-PowerPoint Template

  1. 1. Build Your Business with Facebook Advertising Dan Janal President PRLEADS
  2. 2. Why are you here today? • You need more prospects and you don’t want to pay a fortune for them!
  3. 3. Solution
  4. 4. About Dan
  5. 5. My “a-ha” moment • Facebook knows everything about you!
  6. 6. Show your ad to targeted audiences
  7. 7. Multiply your audiences! • Existing clients • Lookalike audiences
  8. 8. How to make your ads stand out • Pictures • Questions • Benefit • Short copy • Call to action • Test, test, test
  9. 9. Lead Generation Plan • Show ad • Offer an “ethical bribe,” “freebie,” “lead magnet” • They go to a landing page that amplifies the benefits of your message • Ask for name and email • Thank them • Send them the info • Follow up with emails to build trust • Ask for appointment after trust is established
  10. 10. Email sequence to build trust, ask for appointment • 1. Welcome them, thank them, ensure they have the product • 2. Ask if they have questions about the product. • 3. Send another freebie • 4. Offer advice or tip (compliance) • 5. Ask for appointment in non-aggressive way
  11. 11. Don’t get banned! • Don’t make wild promises of wealth • Don’t show before and after examples
  12. 12. Do you see how powerful Facebook ads can be – when done the right way?
  13. 13. One sentence promise: • I’ll create an ad campaign for my clients that gets qualified prospects into theirr sales funnels
  14. 14. Here’s what I do • A great ad that attracts top prospects • A landing page that helps build credibility • A lead magnet based on your materials • A lead capture system • I’ll work with your team to transfer leads (emails, names, etc.) • An email sequence that builds trust and a call to action to book an appointment • Daily reports
  15. 15. Thank You