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Greg Smith Public Relations


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How I practice public relations. Mostly it's about listening. At the end of the day, PR is about People and Relationships. It's how you manage them that counts.

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Greg Smith Public Relations

  1. 1. PR is about … Your Publics + Your Relationships
  2. 2. Your relationships with audiences are … Essential to PR About messages reaching individuals Crucial to long-term success
  3. 3. I deliver integrated solutions •Strategy •Writing •Editing •Media •Reputation •Social Media •Design •Branding •Research •Community consultation
  4. 4. Integrated solutions give you … Consistency Presence Efficiency Cost savings
  5. 5. Social media gives … Direct delivery Undiluted message Audience engagement
  6. 6. The secret ingredient • Listening. • PR is 90 per cent information in, 10 per cent information out.
  7. 7. Specifically-targeted strategies ensure positive results
  8. 8. Are you on target?
  9. 9. No-obligation appraisal GregSmithPR 0405 313 000