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The current report analyzes the global molecular diagnostic market. It also presents a view of the various segments of the market. The report discusses the drivers and challenges prevailing in the molecular diagnostics industry. It presents the competitive conditions prevailing in the global molecular diagnostic market, along with the profiles of major players.

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Molecular diagnostics sample ppt

  1. 1. View Report DetailsGlobal Molecular Diagnostics Market -------------------------------- 2012
  2. 2. View Report DetailsExecutive SummaryHuman being has evolved with an unending quest for exploration. With constant research in medical and other sciences,molecular diagnostic tools and techniques were developed. Besides providing the medical work and a wider spectrum andaccuracy of test findings, these tests have also enabled researchers to establish new findings about human body which isproving a boon against the rising complexities of health care in the present world. The global market of molecular diagnosticshas increased significantly in the recent past and is anticipated to expand invariably in the years to come. The market isprojected to record a CAGR of approximately 13.1% for the period spanning 2012-2014.Testing for established infectious diseases such as HPV, CT/GC, and hepatitis, among others, represents the largest marketcategory in terms of revenue generation. However, with the realm of molecular diagnostic testing in cancer screeningundergoing a major change, the Oncology segment of the market will witness significant expansion in the times to come,driving the overall market for molecular diagnostics. Geographically, the US is the largest regional market in worldwidemolecular diagnostics industry, with Europe and Japan trailing behind the US. While, these regions will continue to dominatethe molecular diagnostics landscape, the emerging regions are expected to experience the fastest growth.The global molecular diagnostics market is presently characterized by growth in large value mergers and acquisitions andshifting focus towards tailored therapy and personalized treatment, especially in the field of Oncology. Further, risingincidences of genetic diseases unfolds new opportunities for genetic testing in the molecular diagnostics market. Further, theever escalating demand for better healthcare solutions, coupled with ageing world population and rising new incidences ofcancer are governing the global molecular diagnostics market growth, taking it to new heights. However, the global moleculardiagnostics marketplace continues to be plagued by challenges in the form of rising price pressures and growing regulatoryhurdles.The intensely competitive and fragmented global molecular diagnostics market is mainly led by a few large players. Roche,Qiagen, Gen-Probe, Novartis, Cepheid, and Becton Dickinson, are among the top notch players in the industry.The current report analyzes the global molecular diagnostic market. It also presents a view of the various segments of themarket. The report discusses the drivers and challenges prevailing in the molecular diagnostics industry. It presents thecompetitive conditions prevailing in the global molecular diagnostic market, along with the profiles of major players.
  3. 3. Global molecular diagnostics market witnessed steady growth in the past, acrossvarious segments and regions… Global Molecular Diagnostics Market: 2007-2011  The molecular diagnostics segment held approximately……..share of the global IVD market in 2011.  Global IVD market is anticipated to grow steadily over a long term.  The global market for molecular diagnostics was valued at about US$…….. billion in 2011, up by approximately ……% over the prior year. Furthermore, the market registered a CAGR of approximately …….% during 2007- 2011. Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Breakdown by Regions (%): 2010  The major revenue generating regions of the global molecular diagnostics market are ……,………, and …………….., collectively accounting for ………..% share of the world market in 2010.  Nearly………number of molecular diagnostics tests products were approved by the FDA in the US in 2010, of which approximately ………% were accounted by………….product category.
  4. 4. Segmental breakup of global molecular diagnostics market… Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Breakup by Segments (%): 2010  The global molecular diagnostics market can be largely categorized into five sub segments, with ………….segment accounting for a lion’s share of the overall market.  The share of……….segment, nearly ……% as noted in 2010, is anticipated to witness fastest growth in the coming years, thus accounting for about ……..% share by the end of 2015.  The market for molecular diagnostics can be further categorized on the basis of application or types of diseases including ………, ………, ………, and …….., among others. Global Molecular HPV Testing Market: 2010-2013E  Global Molecular HPV testing market was worth US$......million in 2010, down by ……% over a year ago period. The US is the largest molecular HPV testing market, accounting for nearly US$……..million sales during the same period.  The global CT/GC market was valued at about US$......million in 2011.
  5. 5. Long term growth expected in the global molecular diagnostics market supportedby numerous factors… Global Molecular Diagnostic Market Share by Companies (%): 2011 • Roche is the leading player in the worldwide molecular diagnostics market, with a share of about……..% in 2011, immediately followed by………. and ……….. • The global molecular diagnostics market is projected to witness steady increase in the years to come, reaching approximately US$...........billion by the end of 2014. Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Forecast: 2010-2014F • The factors responsible for steady and continuous increase in the molecular diagnostics market, world over, include ………………., ………………………., …………….., and ……………….., among others. • The rising ………. and ……………testing market is expected to significantly drive the global molecular diagnostics market over a long tem.
  6. 6. View Report DetailsTable of Contents List of Charts and Tables1. Overview List of Charts1.1 In Vitro Diagnostics: Industry Overview IVD Market – Segments by Technology1.2 Molecular diagnostics Molecular Diagnostcs – Traditional Process Main Purposes of Molecular Diagnostics2. Global Market Structure Global In-Vitro Diagnostics Market Revenues, 2004-2010 Growth in Global In-Vitro Diagnostics Market, 2005-2016F2.1 Global IVD Market Global IVD Market Classification by Segments, 2011 Global IVD Market by Regions, 2010 & 2015F2.1.1 Global Market Size Market Share of Leading Players in the Global IVD Market, 20102.1.2 Market Segmentation Global Molecular Diagnostics Market, 2007-20112.1.3 Competitive Scenario in IVD Market Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Breakup by Segments, 2010 & 2015F2.2 Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Breakup by Application Areas, 2010 Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Breakdown by Regions, 20102.2.1 Global Market Size Number of Molecular Diagnostic Products Approved in the US, 2010 Global Molecular HPV Testing Market, 2010-2013E2.2.2 Market by Segments HPV Testing Market Penetration Rates in the US, 2010-2013E2.2.3 Market by Regions Global CT/GC Market Revenues, 2011 Global CT/GC Market Share by Leading Companies, 20112.3 Molecular Diagnostics Segments Analysis The US Market for Influenza Diagnostic Tests, 2010 Current Standards of Care in Various Therapeutic Areas, 20112.3.1 HPV Mergers & Acquisitions in Molecular Diagnostics Sector, 2008-20102.3.2 CT/GC Number of Genetic Tests and Laboratories Available Worldwide, 1993-2.3.3 Influenza 2011 Global Ageing Population, 2005-2013F3. Molecular Diagnostics - Market Dynamics Global Healthcare Spending, 2005-2010 Global Molecular Diagnostic Market Share by Companies, 20113.1 Trends & Developments Leading Players in PCR Based Global Molecular Diagnostics Market, 20103.1.1 Molecular Diagnostics in Oncology: Focus on Personalized Roche’s Revenues by Business Segments, 2011Treatment Roche’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20113.1.2 Growing M&A Activity in the Molecular Diagnostics Novartis’ Revenues by Business Segments, 2011Landscape Novartis’ Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20113.1.3 Emerging Korean Molecular Diagnostics Busine3.1.4 Growth in Genetic Testing3.1.5 Development of Industry’s First Real-Time “MultiplexQuantification” Molecular Diagnostic Testing Technology
  7. 7. View Report Details3.2 Growth Drivers Qiagen’s Revenues Share by Source of Revenues, 2011 Qiagen’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20113.2.1 Growing Ageing Population Gen-Probe’s Revenues Share by Source of Revenues, 20113.2.2 Rising Demand for Better Healthcare Options Qiagen’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20113.2.3 Rise in Healthcare Spending Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Forecast, 2010-2014F3.3 Challenges List of Tables3.3.1 Increasing Safety Regulations Patients Worldwide Waiting for Better Treatment Options, 20113..2 Escalating Price Pressure Non-PCR Amplification Processes Global Peer Comparison in the Molecular Diagnostics Market, 20114. Molecular Diagnostics - Competitive Scenario Global Molecular Diagnostic Companies – Proprietary Technology Dependent & Independent Variables, 2004-2010 Correlation MatrixCompetitive Overview Model Summary – Coefficient of DeterminationMarket Share Regression Coefficients OutputPeer Comparison5. Company Profiles5.1 Roche Holdings AGBusiness DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesFocus On Innovative DiagnosticsLeverage Expertise in Molecular Biology5.2 Novartis AGBusiness DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesSustained Investment in InnovationExpansion in High-Growth Markets
  8. 8. View Report Details5.3 Qiagen N.V.Business DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesComplete Automation SystemsContinuously Adding New Test Content5.4 Gen-Probe IncorporatedBusiness DescriptionKey FinancialsBusiness StrategiesExpanding Product PortfolioMarket Expansion within Clinical Diagnostics6. Market Outlook6.1 Market Forecast6.2 Forecast Methodology6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables6.2.2 Correlation Analysis6.2.3 Regression Analysis
  9. 9. View Report Details Contact Us:These are abridged and sanitized sample pages from the comprehensive report on the “Global Molecular Diagnostics Market”.To know more about this report or for any customized research requirement, please contact the following: Koncept Analytics CS-36, Second Floor, Ansal Plaza Vaishali, Ghaziabad, U.P. – 201010 Vikas Gupta T. +91-120-4130959 BD Manager C: +91-9811715635