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Global farm equipment market


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Global farm equipment market

  1. 1. View Report DetailsGlobal Farm Equipment Market -------------------------------- 2012
  2. 2. View Report DetailsExecutive SummaryA marked feature of todays ever growing demand for higher agricultural production, which is pivotal for the survivalof mankind, is the technological innovation providing advance machinery and tools for diverse agricultural needs.The farm equipment sector is not only growing but also playing a vital role in the economies of different nations.The projections suggest continuous growth in the production of farm equipments, world over, at a CAGR of about4.7% for the period spanning 2012-2015.North America and Europe continue to dominate the global market for farm equipments; however the sluggishprogress in these developed regions over the past few years is being offset by astounding growth in the emergingcountries. Presently, Asia Pacific region represents the fastest growing market for agricultural machinery andequipments in the world, driven by greater demand for farm mechanization and ever expanding population.Moreover, the governments of developing nations, across the globe, are providing huge support to enhanceagricultural productivity through automation of conventional methods of farming.Growth in the global farm equipment market will mainly be driven by booming economies of emerging nations, everwidening world population, and declining arable land person. Furthermore, rising standards of living and increasingpersonal disposable income leading to massive urbanization is significantly driving the global demand for farmequipments. In addition, rising income from farms, particularly in the US is expected to contribute immensely to thefuture growth of the global farm equipment market.The global farm equipment market is highly competitive with three key players accounting for the majority share inthe market. These include John Deere, AGCO Corporation, and CNH Global NV. The firms operating in the farmequipment market compete mainly on the basis of product features, quality, and pricing; scale of distribution; andtechnological innovation, among other such factors.The report analyzes the global market for agricultural equipments. It discusses the major factors which are likely todrive the agricultural equipment market in the years to come. Some of the major issues and challenges of theindustry are also discussed here.
  3. 3. Global agricultural machinery market notes significant growth in 2011, with majormarkets being Europe and North America… Global Agricultural Machinery Production – by Value: 2005-2011  The global agricultural machinery production was valued at approximately US$.....billion in 2011, up by about ….% over 2010. This growth on account of …….., ……………,  The global imports of agricultural equipments reached nearly US$........billion in 2010, with ……..  Production of agricultural machinery in the EU, the largest market in the global arena, reached nearly US$........billion in 2011 over US$..........billion in 2010.  Farm machinery sales in North America increased by about…...% to ……. units in 2011 over the prior year. North American Farm Machinery Sales: 2010-2011 Production Value of Agricultural Machinery (including tractors) in the EU: 2009-2011
  4. 4. Emerging markets of agricultural equipments witnessing robust growth… Annual Tractor Sales Volumes in India (Domestic + Export): FY04-FY12E  Indian agricultural equipment market is fast growing with the annual sales of tractors in the region representing a notable growth of about ……..% to …….. units in 2011 compared to 2010.  The exports of tractors from India were recorded at approximately ……..units in fiscal 2011, up ……% over the prior year.  Government support in the form of ………………….. and rise in ……………., among other factors is significantly driving up the Indian tractor market towards long term growth. Brazil Tractor Year-Over-Year Growth: Q109-Q112  Brazilian tractor sales recorded a decline of about……% in the first quarter of fiscal 2012, however, the same depicts a positive future outlook on account of ………………………………………  The annual tractor volume sales in Argentina rose by …..% to approximately ………units in 2011, over a year ago period.
  5. 5. Global agricultural machinery market is set for a long term growth driven byvarious factors… Global Agricultural Machinery Production Value Forecast: 2010-2014F • The global agricultural machinery production value is forecasted to reach approximately US$.......billion by the end of 2015, recording a CAGR of nearly……..% for the period spanning 2012-2015. • The key factors driving the market include …………………., ……………………….., and ………………….. • Moreover, declining……………, rise in ………………., and increasing need for ………………. are also some of the important factors which will continue to provide a boost to the farm equipment market, world over. • Competition in the market is intense with key players being………………………………...
  6. 6. View Report DetailsTable of Contents List of Charts and Tables1. Agricultural Equipment: An Overview Charts1.1 Introduction Types of Agricultural Equipment1.2 Categories of Equipment in Agriculture Value Chain Agriculture Value Chain and Corresponding Equipment1.3 Distribution System Farm Equipment Distribution System in North America Global Agricultural Machinery Production – by Value, 2005-20112. Global Agricultural Equipment Market Worldwide Imports of Agricultural Equipment – by Value, 2001-2010 Worldwide Imports of Agricultural Equipment – Share of Total Volume,2.1 Global Market Size 20112.2 Imports/Exports Worldwide Exports of Agricultural Equipment – by Value, 2001-2010 Worldwide Exports of Agricultural Equipment – Share of Total Volume,3. Agricultural Equipment Market - Regional Analysis 2011 Production Value of Agricultural Machinery (incl. tractors) in the EU,3.1 The European Union (EU) 2009-2011Market Value Geographic Segmentation of the Agricultural Machinery (incl. tractors)Geographic Breakdown Market in the EU – by Production Value, 2011Exports & Imports Tractor Market Growth in Major European Regions, April/March YTDTractor Registration Agricultural Machinery (incl. tractors) Exports/Imports in the EU, 2009- 20113.1.1 France French Agricultural Equipment Production, 2007-2011Market Value French Agricultural Equipment Exports, 2007-2011Exports & Imports French Agricultural Equipment Imports, 2007-2011Tractor Registration New Agricultural Tractor Registrations in France, 2008-2012PHarvester Sales Standard Tractor Registrations in France, 2008-2012PBaler Sales Combine Harvesters Unit Sales in France, 2007-2012PTrailer Sales Unit Sales of Self Propelled Forge Harvesters in France, 2007-2012P French Market for Balers – by types, 2007-2012P3.1.2 Germany French Production of Agricultural Trailer Vehicles, 2008-2012PMarket Value German Agricultural Machinery (incl. tractors) Production–by Value,Exports & Imports 2009-2011Key Product Segments German Agricultural Machinery (incl. tractors) Exports/Imports–by Value, 2009-20113.1.3 RussiaMarket ValueTractor/Combines Sales
  7. 7. View Report Details3.1.4 The UKMarket Value Agricultural Machinery Market in Russia – by Value, 2011Tractor Registration The UK Agricultural Machinery (incl. tractors) Market Value, 2009-2011Key Product Segments Regional Analysis of Agricultural Tractor Sales in the UK, 2011 North American Farm Machinery Sales, 2010-20113.2 North America North American High Horsepower Equipment Sales, 2001-2012E North American High Horsepower Equipment– Monthly Sales, May 2011-3.2.1 North American Market Apr 2012Market Value The US Agricultural Equipment Exports Growth, 2009-2011Tractor/Combines Sales Forecasted Sales Growth for 2-Wheel Drive Tractors, 100 HP+, 2011-High Horsepower Segment 2014F Forecasted Sales Growth for 4-Wheel Drive Tractors, 2011-2014F3.2.2 The US Forecasted Sales Growth for Rectangular Balers, 2011-2014FMarket Overview Forecasted Sales Growth for Round Balers, 2011-2014FTractor/Combines Sales Forecasted Sales Growth for Self Propelled Combines, 2011-2014FExport Statistics Forecasted Sales Growth for Farm Loader, all sizes, 2011-2014F Forecasted Sales Growth for Mower conditioners, 201-2014F3.2.3 Canada Forecasted Sales Growth for all types of Planters, 201-2014FMarket Overview Forecasted Sales Growth for Self Propelled Sprayers, 201-2014FTractor/Combines Sales Annual Tractor Sales Volumes in India (Domestic + Export), FY04-FY12EKey Products Segments Monthly Tractor Sales Volumes in India (Domestic + Export), Apr 2011-Market Trends Dec 2011 Domestic Tractor Sales in India across Geographies, 9m FY11-9m FY123.3 India Tractor Exports from India, FY06-9mFY12 Market Share of Tractor OEMs in India, FY07-9m FY12Tractor Market Size Global Penetration of Tractors, FY2011Geographic Breakdown Penetration of Agricultural Equipments in India, FY2011Exports Increasing Contribution of Higher HP Tractors in India, FY07-FY11Market Share Growth Comparison of Higher HP Tractors Vs. Total Tractors in India,Market Trends FY08-FY11 Spend on Agriculture by Government of India, FY07-FY12Growth Drivers Trend in Minimum Support Prices of Key Crops in India, FY07-FY123.4 Brazil Brazil Tractor Year-Over-Year Growth, Q109-Q112 Brazil Tractor Monthly Units, January 2011-May 2012Tractor Market GrowthTractor Market Share
  8. 8. View Report DetailsCombines Market GrowthCombines Market Share Brazil Tractor Market Share by Companies, 2007-2011 Brazil Combine Year-Over-Year Growth, Q109-Q1123.5 Argentina Brazil Combine Monthly Units, January 2011-May 2012 Brazil Combine Market Share by Companies, 2007-2011Tractor Market Growth Argentina Annual Tractor Volumes and Growth, 2003-2011Tractor Monthly Sales Argentina Monthly Tractor Year-Over-Year Growth, Nov 2010-DecCombines Market Growth 2011Combines Monthly Sales Argentina Annual Combine Volumes and Growth, 2003-2011 Argentina Monthly Combine Year-Over-Year Growth, Nov 2010-Dec4. Agricultural Equipment - Market Dynamics 2011 Worldwide Population Growth, 2001-2013F4.1 Growth Drivers Global Population by Regions, 1960-2050 Urban Population Worldwide, 2005-2013E4.1.1 Rising Global Population Global Rural vs. Urban Population, 1950-20304.1.2 Massive Urbanization Global GDP, 2001-2013F4.1.3 Rising Income Levels Coupled with Global Economic The US Net Farm Income, 2005-2012FGrowth Canadian Net Farm Income, 2005-20104.1.4 Escalating Farm Income Levels Arable Land per Person, 1960-20204.1.5 Declining Availability of Arable Land John Deere’s Revenues by Business Segments, 20114.1.6 Rise in Per Capita Consumption John Deere’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011 CNH’s Revenues by Business Segments, 20114.2 Challenges CNH’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011 AGCO’s Revenues by Products, 20114.2.1 Adverse Weather Conditions AGCO’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-20114.2.2 Change in Government Policies Global Agricultural Machinery Production Value Forecast, 2010- 2014F5. Agricultural Equipment- Competitive Scenario TablesCompetitive Overview Agricultural Equipment Market Growth Rate - by Regions, 2000-2010Financial Comparison Tractor Registrations in Western Europe - by Volume, 2007-2011 Production of Selected Machines in Germany, 2009-20116. Company Profiles Table 3.3: Tractors & Combines Unit Retail Sales in Russia, May 2012 - May 20116.1 John Deere
  9. 9. View Report DetailsBusiness DescriptionKey Financials The UK Agricultural Machinery Market by Types, 2008-2011Business Strategies The UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – Market Share Analysis,Expanding Global Market Presence 2011Introduction of New Products North American retail Sales of Farm Equipment, April 2011-April 2012 Tractors & Combines Unit Retail Sales in the US, June 2012 - June6.2 CNH Global N.V. 2011 The US Agricultural Equipment Exports by Destination, 2011Business Description Tractors & Combines Unit Retail Sales in Canada: June 2011 – JuneKey Financials 2012Business Strategies The US Farm Income Statistics, 2008-2012EInvestment towards Capacity Expansion North American Dealer’s Outlook for New Equipment Sales, 2012 vs.Focus on Research & Development 2011 North American Dealer’s Outlook for Used Equipment Sales, 2012 vs.6.3 AGCO Corporation 2011 Comparison of Three Largest Farm Equipment Companies – KeyBusiness Description Financials, 2011Key Financials Dependent & Independent Variables, 2005-2011Business Strategies Correlation MatrixAchieve Leadership Position Model Summary – Coefficient of DeterminationExpansion in Emerging Markets Regression Coefficients Output7. Market Outlook7.1 Market Forecast7.2 Forecast Methodology7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables7.2.2 Correlation Analysis7.2.3 Regression Analysis
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