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Soal smt gnjl xii.ok


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Soal smt gnjl xii.ok

  1. 1. PEMERINTAH KABUPATEN GROBOGAN DINAS PENDIDIKAN SMA NEGERI 1 PULOKULON Jl. Kiagengselo Desa Sembungharjo Kecamatan Pulokulon Kabuapaten Grobogan UJIAN AKHIR SEMESTER GANJIL 2011/2012 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Kelas : XII IPA-IPS Diujikan : Waktu : I. Choose the correct answer!The Fox and the Cat The Fairy Tulips Once upon a time there was a good old woman who lived in aIt happened that the cat met the fox in a forest, and as she little house. She had in her garden a bed of beautiful stripedthought to herself: He is clever and full of experience, and much tulips.esteemed in the world, she spoke to him in a friendly way. Good One night she was wakened by the sounds of sweet singing andday, dear Mr. Fox, how are you? How is all with you? How are of babies laughing. She looked out at the window. The soundsyou getting on in these hard times? The fox, full of all kinds of seemed to come from the tulip bed, but she could see nothing.arrogance, looked at the cat from head to foot, and for a long The next morning she walked among her flowers, but there weretime did not know whether he would give any answer or not. At no signs of any one having been there the night before.last he said: Oh, you wretched beard-cleaner, you piebald fool, On the following night she was again wakened by sweet singingyou hungry mouse-hunter, what can you be thinking of? Have and babies laughing. She rose and stole softly through heryou the cheek to ask how I am getting on? What have you garden. The moon was shining brightly on the tulip bed, and thelearnt? How many arts do you understand? I understand but flowers were swaying to and fro. The old woman looked closelyone, replied the cat, modestly. What art is that? asked the fox. and she saw, standing by each tulip, a little Fairy mother whoWhen the hounds are following me, I can spring into a tree and was crooning and rocking the flower like a cradle, while in eachsave myself. Is that all? said the fox. I am master of a hundred tulip cup lay a little Fairy baby laughing and playing.arts, and have into the bargain a sack full of cunning. You make The good old woman stole quietly back to her house, and fromme sorry for you; come with me, I will teach you how people get that time on she never picked a tulip, nor did she allow heraway from the hounds. Just then came a hunter with four dogs. neighbors to touch the flowers.The cat sprang nimbly up a tree, and sat down at the top of it, The tulips grew daily brighter in color and larger in size, and theywhere the branches and foliage quite concealed her. Open your gave out a delicious perfume like that of roses. They began, too,sack, Mr. Fox, open your sack, cried the cat to him, but the dogs to bloom all the year round. And every night the little Fairyhad already seized him, and were holding him fast. Ah, Mr. Fox, mothers caressed their babies and rocked them to sleep in thecried the cat. You with your hundred arts are left in the lurch! flower cups.Had you been able to climb like me, you would not have lost your The day came when the good old woman died, and the tulip bedlife. (from Fairy Tales , by The Brothers Grimm, translated by was torn up by folks who did not know about the Fairies, andEdgar Taylor and Marian Edwardes) parsley was planted there instead of the flowers. But the parsley1. What is the purpose of the text? withered, and so did all the other plants in the garden, and from a. To describe a particular event. that time nothing would grow there. b. To describe something in general But the good old womans grave grew beautiful, for the Fairies c. To explain how to make something step by step sang above it, and kept it green - while on the grave and all d. To amuse or entertain the readers around it there sprang up tulips, daffodils, and violets, and other e. To retell experiences or past events. lovely flowers of spring.2. What the kind of art did the cat understand? 5. What is the the text about? a. He could run very fast a. The fairy mothers and fairy babies b. He could fight well b. The mysterious laugh of a baby c. He could swim in the water c. The old woman and the fairy tulips d. He could glide from tree to the tree d. A little house in a big garden e. He could jump into a tree and saved himself e. A bed beautiful striped tulips.3. What happened to the fox in the end? 6. Why did the fairies sing above the old woman’s grave? a. He killed the cat Because_______ b. He was killed a. The woman asked them to do so c. He could save his life b. They were entertaining some fairy babies d. He join the wolves c. They made the flower bool e. He joined the cat d. They loved to sing4. “I understand but one, replied the cat, Modestly” e. The woman had prostected the tulips from being pickup The word in bold is antonymous with_______ 7. What can you learn from the text? a. Humbly a. Picking flowers is allowed b. Cleverly b. Someone doing something good will get something good return c. Neatly c. Having a garden is important for us d. Arrogantly d. We will become good people by planting flower e. Defiantly e. Planting flower will give us many benefits
  2. 2. 8. “…and the tulip-bed was torn up by folks who did not d. Smoking marijuana know….” (paragraph7) e. What marijuana looks like What is the synonym of the underlined word? 13. Smoking marijuana has the following effects. Except_____ a. Neighbors a. Causing difficulty in thinking and problem solving b. Children b. Increasing the possibility of head cancer c. Enemies c. Promoting cancer of the lungs d. Relatives e. Teenagers d. Decreasing the heart rate e. Causing loss of coordination OPPORTUNITY 14. Why the marijuana was promote cancer of lungs and other A big western restaurant in Kuta, 50 m from the pert of respiratory tract? beach. Busy area. Looking for waitresses and a. It contains irritants and respiratory tract? waiters. Good looking, polite, communicative. b. It has a strong and carcinogens Good at English is a plus! c. It usually smoked in cigarettes Send your application, CV and recent photograph d. It smoke like tobacco to Rainbow Resto, Jalan Kuta Barat number 5 e. It leads to addiction Kuta. 15. “Marijuana smoke has a strong and distinctive…..” (paragraph 1) the word “distinctive” has closest meaning to Not later than October 28, 2010. ___ a. Similar9. The adverstisemant is about_______ b. Weak a. A job vacancy in Rainbow Resto b. A new restaurant in Kuta c. Typical c. An amazing view in Kuta beach d. Fresh d. Good looking waitresses and waiters e. Nice e. An opportunity to work in Kuta Many floods are directly related to changes in weather. The most10. “Looking for waitresses and waiters” common cause of flooding is due to rain falling at extremely high rates The phrases to look for is similar in meaning to____ or for an unusually long period of time. Additionally, areas that a. Beg experience a great deal of snow in winter are prone to springtime b. Seek flooding when the snow and ice melt, especially if the thaw is relatively c. Scan sudden. Furthermore, rainfall and snowmelt can sometimes combine to d. Deal cause floods. e. Choose Sometimes, floods occur as a result of a unique combination of factors11. The due date of sending the application letter is______ that only indirectly involve weather conditions. For instance, a low-lying a. September 26, 2010 coastal area may be prone to flooding whenever the ocean is at high b. September 28, 2010 tide. Exceptionally high tides may be attributed to a storm caused by a c. October 26, 2010 combination of factors, like low barometric pressure and high winds. d. October 28, 2010 Finally, floods sometimes can occur regardless of the climate. e. November 28, 2010Marijuana is a dry, shredded green/brown mix of flowers, stems, Examples are tsunamis (seismic waves on the sea or large lakes that are caused by earthquakes), volcanic heating and rapid melting of aseeds, and leaves of the hemp plant, cannabis sativa. It usually snow pack atop a volcanic mountain or under a glacier, or even failuresis smoked as a cigarette or in a pipe. Marijuana smoke has a of natural or man-made dams.strong and distinctive, usually sweet-and-sour odor. There are 16. What is the purpose of the text?countless street terms for marijuana including pot, herb, weed, a. To describe something from two points of viewgrass, widow, ganja, and hash. b. To tell why something happensLong-term marijuana use leads to an addiction. The short-term c. To entertain the readereffects of marijuana addiction can include problems with memory d. To tell how make somethingand learning, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, loss of e. To tell past experiencescoordination and increased heart rate. Smoking marijuana 17. What is the main cause of flooding?increases the possibility of developing cancer of the head or a. Changes in weatherneck. Marijuana use also has the potential to promote cancer of b. High tidesthe lungs and other parts of the respiratory tract because it c. A stormcontains irritants and carcinogens. In fact, marijuana smoke d. High windscontains 50 to 70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than e. High rate of rainsdoes tobacco smoke. Depression, anxiety, and personality 18. Areas that experience a great deal of snow in winter aredisturbances have been associated with marijuana addiction. prone to springtime flooding when ____Students who smoke marijuana get lower grades and are less a. The snow and ice meltlikely to graduate from high school, compared with their non- b. The ocean is at high tidesmoking friends. c. It rains heavily12. What is the text about? d. The volcano erupts a. Marijuana smokers e. Tsunami happens b. Bad effects of marijuana 19. Arya : the flowers look fresh. c. The pros and cons of marijuana Jelita : Yeah. They ____by mother everyday. Arya : no wonder.
  3. 3. a. Water In my own experiences a study group gives me a motivation to b. Watered study and update my readings because most of my buddies give c. Are watering me encouragement. It also helps me to learn new ideas as well d. Are watered as important points I missed on my readings. Most of the e. Were watered members in my study group are very open in sharing what they20. Tiara : mom, have you finishe____? know. Hence these alert me that I should update my readings so Mother : I have. What’s up, dear? I could also share something. Tiara : I will go to Lia’s birthday party, which dress should On the other hand, the disadvantage of study group is the part of I wear, mom? compelling yourself to attend to it after the class or during your Mother : how about the dress I bought you last week? It’s rest days. Commitment among each member is an important very pretty. aspect in study group. Hence you and your group mates have to Tiara : good idea. Thanks set aside other activities to study together. To join a study group a. Cook or not is your own choice, because there are other people who b. Cooking learn better when they do it alone. If you think you will be c. Cooks learning effectively in joining or having a group, go on and enjoy d. cooked the fun way of learning. e. Being cooked 24. What statement is NOT the advantage of study group? a. It can motivate a student a student to studyText #5# b. A student is motivated to share something with othersCasual English Conversation Needs c. A student is forced to use their spare time to join a studyYou need casual English. You need the English that native group.speakers use with each other. You need to learn the English that d. It can motivate a student to update his/her readingsAmericans use with their friends, their families, and their co- e. It helps a student learn new ideas.workers. This is the common, everyday English that we 25. What the writer suggest if a student chooses to join aconstantly use. study group?Common, casual conversation should be the first thing you learn. a. He/she should think if twiceThe first need, after all, is to communicate with other people. You b. She should do it in his/her spare timewant to chat with people on the bus. You want to make friends c. He/she should appreciate other membersand understand what they are saying. You want to talk to yourco-workers. You want to understand TV shows and movies. d. He/she should enjoy the fun way of learningLearn that first… then, and only then, focus on academic English. e. He/she should consult it with his/her parentsIn casual English conversation, you’ll hear filler words (such as 26. “… sharing what they know” (paragraph2)“ahh”, “uhhm”, “you know”, “like”). You’ll hear the natural rhythm The word “they” refers to______of English.. the way we go back and forth, the ways we interrupt a. A students and his/her friendseach other. b. The members of the writer’s study groupIn the meantime, do yourself a favor- use movies and TV shows c. The members of a study groupto start learning casual English now. d. The study groups21. The text is about___ e. The students a. Casual English 27. “….because most of my buddies give me b. Kind of English encouragement” (paragraph 2) c. An English learning process What is the antonym of word “buddies”? d. The ways to improve English skills a. Enemies e. The ways how to master English b. Friends22. “ a common, casual conversion should be the first thing you c. Pen pals learn. “ the undelined word means____ d. Siblings a. An example e. Family members b. Happening by change 28. Susi : Hi Irma, how was Anang’s party c. A favorable opportunity last night? d. Something easy to follow Irma : Em…I didn’t come to the party and _____. e. Happening at regular intervals We were busy packing things to move from our23. According to the text, what should you do to start learning boarding house. casual English? Susy : I see a. Read academic books a. I did either b. Read English story b. Neither did I c. Communicate with other people c. So did I d. Stay with native English speaker d. I didn’t too e. Watch English movies and TV shows e. Either I didn’tThe Advantages and Disadvantages of Study Groups 29. Via : what did the drawfs give Snow WhiteStudy groups are commonly utilized by many students to prepare lodging for?themselves for class discussion, examinations or class Igor : they gave her lodging for____presentation. You can also do it to review on your weak points a. A few daysand learn new ideas. I myself find study group on some point anecessity to learn effectively. b. A long time c. They felt pity on her
  4. 4. d. The last time Girl : thanks e. She was passing the forest What will the boy do? a. Buy a new pocket dictionary for the girl30. Tora had an obligation to give a letter to Mr. Teddy, but b. Look for the pocket dictionary he forgot to do it c. Borrow another pocket dictionary We can say that he ____the letter. d. Lend his pocket dictionary to the girl a. Could give e. Borrow a pocket dictionary b. Should have given c. Might have given Boy : some people think that having a mobile phone d. Shall have given is not important for student. What do you think? e. Should not have given Girl : I disagree. A mobile phone is important for us Boy : But, students are not allowed to bring mobile31. Lina’s cat meowed loudly. Lina_____it. phones to school because they might be disturb the a. Should not have fed lesson. b. Should have been feeding Girl : I think it’s all right if we turn the mobiles off c. Could be feeding during the lesson. d. Does not feed 34. What are the speakers talking about? e. Might not have fed a. The importance of pocket money for students b. The importance of a mobile phone for student c. Students pocket money d. Mobile credit e. Money32. There is a lot of noise in the next –door neighbor’s 35. According to the girl, what should students do with their house. Our neighbors_____ mobile phones? a. May come back a. They leave their phones at home b. Would have back b. They should not bring their phones during the c. Is supposed to come back lessons d. Must have come back c. They may keep thei phones in the bag e. Could have come back d. They must not use their phones during the lesson33. Girl : Danang, did you really lose my pocket dictionary? e. They should give their phones to their teacher. Boy : yes, I did, bt not on the purpose! What can a say? I’ll get you with a new one, OK? II. Essay 1. Combine these sentences using proper contrastive conjunctions a. I was very tired. I did my homework. b. Firman didn’t get a scholarship. He enrolls a well-known university. 2. Continue the following sentences with your own ideas. a. Since we like everything about computer,_____________ b. As you were not at home,______________ 3. Complete these sentences using gerund ! a. ________an extra curricular activity is good for students. b. Listening to a long speech is a ________activity Woman : what a beautiful day! What if we go for a walk and the enjoy day, dear? Man : that’s a good idea. Tell the children to join us. Woman : right away. 4. What are the people going to do? 5. What does the man ask the woman to do?