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Is Time The Essence For Crafting Mobile services?


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The talk Mark Curtis (CEO- Flirtomatic) and I gave at SXSW 2009 earlier thsi March

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Is Time The Essence For Crafting Mobile services?

  1. Is Time the Key to Crafting Compelling Mobile Services?
  2. hello! we are.. Mark Curtis &... Priya Prakash + + + + + + +
  3. Credit:
  4. What is essence?
  5. Light, invisible, lingering, concentrated, dissolving
  6. Why Time?
  7. “ We might already be beyond the age of speed, by moving into the age of real-time. The move towards real-time is one way out of the world of speed” Ivan Illich (1996)
  8. Digital flattens time...
  9. Live – Right now Time shifted
  10. Tricky to replicate Easy replication The best thing about being me… There are so many “me”s –Agent Smith, Matrix Reloaded
  11. Scarce Abundant Image: ©2007-2009 ~ginTonic13
  12. Synchronous Asynchronous
  13. Why Time?
  14. Why Time?
  15. Why Time? Time creates chance...
  16. Sliding Doors (1998)
  17. Why Time? Time creates drama!
  18. What are the key building blocks when playing with Time?
  19. Attention
  20. Duration
  21. Frequency
  22. When
  23. Status/presence
  24. in practise??? So what does this mean..
  25. Our people – Who are they?
  26. Places - Where are they from ?
  27. Mapping...a day in the life of a flirt
  28. Mapping...a day in the life of a flirt Mobile: 7 daily logins on an average PC: 3 daily logins on an average
  29. why is this happening? So...
  30. Vs Something happens in “real time”  gets reported/ posted online Someone calls, talks in real time, missed call = missed conversation. Voice message ≠ conversation
  31. Voice message ≠ Repeat.. Conversation
  32. A Slideshare presentation ≠ Just like.. Being @SXSW
  33. Let’s try something else...
  34. Bull$#*t..I check my email all the time Really...
  35. Email on crackberry
  36. Back to time building blocks.... We said Attention Frequency Duration When Status/presence
  37. Try humour How do you craft attention?
  38. Create scarcity Attention..over time?
  39. Create occasions to look forward to How do you craft frequency?
  40. Andy Park, Wiltshire, UK (known as Mr. Christmas) has celebrated Christmas everyday since July 14, 1994 How do you craft frequency?
  41. Try creating an encounter How do you craft duration?
  42. making time seem to fly How do you craft duration?
  43. making each step part of a natural cycle/evolution How do you craft “When?”
  44. The Freemium funnel model Marketing Registration Active Payment
  47. making status as easy and subtle as real world cues How do you craft “status/presence”?
  51. making people feel wanted and creating addictive interactions... that are memorable How do you create “drama”?
  55. Women are more enthusiastic than men about using their mobiles to social network – for example, a third of women respondents say they would take and upload pictures compared to 23% of men FACT: Women Outnumber Men on Most Social Networks…