Vodafone mumbai 2010


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Vodafone mumbai 2010

  1. 1. An Ideas PresentationVodafone MumbaiMarch 2010 Confidentiality level on title master Version number on title master
  2. 2. The Challenge• Mumbai bursting at the seams with 12 players and 3 more to come• The price war will continue to create havoc• MNP to change the rules of the game when it hits in July. Nobody knows what the new rules will be• According to a Neilson report close to one in five (18%) Indian mobile phone subscribers could change their mobile operator when Mobile Number Portability is introduced
  3. 3. The Change• The next generation of mobile communication services will change the way we experience our phones, the way we conduct business• Brands in the technology space will start playing the role of an „enhancer‟ from an „enabler‟• More/new/free is will be more than ever sought after• Old relationships will have to be rewarded more often• Newer ways of selling the same things will be looked at
  4. 4. Vodafone - Mumbai• One of the most successful circles and therefore the toughest to be• Retain its numero uno position• Reach out to its universe of consumers with something new every time – retain and acquire• Strengthen brand salience and enhance brand experience• Play it always like a leader would do
  5. 5. Our AudienceOur focus for the year Confidentiality level on title master Version number on title master
  6. 6. The Youth • Every second teenager has a cell phone • The cell phone has turned into an entertainment device for them- music, downloads, videos • Only 1 in 5 teenagers text messages contrary to popular beliefs • Top 5 hangouts – friend‟s home, shopping malls, movie theatres, parks and beaches • Top 5 preferred brands- Pepsi, Bata, Nokia, Coke, Reebok6
  7. 7. The Indian Housewife• Reluctance towards spending money or time on self• A certain amount of technophobia prevents women from „playing‟ with mobile phones• A calculative mentality towards resources driven by long term orientation• Top 5 pass times -shopping at malls and super markets , watching TV and reading magazines, talking with friends, trying new recipes
  8. 8. Slum Dwellers• 60% of Mumbai made up of slums – 7 million people• Urban slums now experience positive changes in both their economic situation and their ability to maintain social ties, attribute these to the use of mobile phones• Mobiles are changing how residents in the slum areas interact with each other• Multiple sims are maintained for maximum benefit of each scheme• Free/More is what drives them to pick up new schemes
  9. 9. Reconnect to bondBetter service experienceReward old relationshipsEXISTING CUSTOMERS
  10. 10. The StrategyEnhancing brand experience Confidentiality level on title master Version number on title master
  11. 11. Brand Brand Bonding & Dominate Visibility •Scientific approach to Make Privileges more mass – •Support Zones on 3 segments increase visibility - Google monthly offers catering to a Mapping tool large audience Slumbay Identify and Own key•Add 100 more large format M-Coupon route slums with dominant signages Booklet pays back for visibility and product itself offering•Radio – morning roadblocks Identify 4 campaigns over the four quarters promoting Colleges•Visibility at railway stations products and services and buses Societies Vodafone Tuesdays – widen the Unique user base
  12. 12. More than VisibleA Ogilvy Landscape Presentation Confidentiality level on title master Version number on title master
  13. 13. Threshold visibility• Brand building• Invest in fabrication cost• Media like neon signs, pole kiosks(lit/nonlit) and variable messaging system(VMS)• Annual bookings
  14. 14. Threshold visbility• Current Spends – Rs. 21.43 lacs• 3 neons• 148 pole kiosks
  15. 15. LEGEND Pole Kiosk NeonLower Parel Threshold Visibility through Pole Kiosks / Neons
  16. 16. Findings – Threshold visibility Cost in lacs Rs. 21.43 % Reach 4.98 Average OTS 16.5 Effective Reach (3+) 4.13 Effective Average OTS 19.55Source: IOS
  17. 17. Frequency builders• Spread the visibility• Multi media approach• Reach consumers at various touch points• Short term bookings like 2 to 5 months
  18. 18. Railways Ticketing windows
  19. 19. LCD for promos and content Ticket Window can bewhich can be updated in real branded to make it appear like time an Vodafone ticket counter 20
  20. 20. • Mass congregation of consumers• Vital touch point as Railway stations are lifeline of transport in the city• Key stations can be targeted – Churchgate – Dadar – Andheri – Bandra – Mulund – Thane
  21. 21. • Screen displays can be updated in real time making it ideal for cricket scores, stock updates, poll results etc.• Web integrated screen allows the flexibility to change displays during tactical camapigns• Surrounding area to be utilized for absolute branding
  22. 22. Cost summary DisplaySr.no. Vehicle Location Nos Size cost Pm 1 Ticket Counter Digital Screens Churchgate 4 42" 272000 2 Ticket Counter Digital Screens Dadar 6 42" 408000 3 Ticket Counter Digital Screens Bandra (W) 3 42" 204000 4 Ticket Counter Digital Screens Andheri (E/W) 8 42" 544000 5 Ticket Counter Dual Display Units Dadar 21 22" 147000 6 Ticket Counter Dual Display Units Mulund 18 22" 108000 7 Ticket Counter Dual Display Units Thane 24 22" 156000
  23. 23. Station Platform LED timers• 180 displays covering every station on western railway from Churchgate to Virar• 3 x 1 size, ideal for Vodafone logo• 40 lacs commuters to target• Package cost of Rs.5 lacs to cover every platform of every station
  24. 24. Vodafone phone booth at railway stations• Actual phone booth to be installed at high footfall station like Churchgate• Customize the design in Vodafone red and place it amidst the usual surrounding• This will make it stand out and break the clutter• Rs.4 lacs per month on Churchgate
  25. 25. Happy to Help
  26. 26. Child Play Area: Mumbai Airport Jet Airways Security Hold Area Indicative Cost: Rs. 5,00,000 p.m. for 1 year (subject to final permissions from Airport Authorities)
  27. 27. Prams & Pram Station: Mumbai Airport, Jet Airways Departure Terminal Indicative Cost: Rs. 7,00,000 for 1 month (subject to final permissions from Airport Authorities)
  28. 28. Theatre: Reflective Tees for Ushers / Ticket Collectors / Attendants Indicative Cost: Rs. 15,000 p.m. per usher
  29. 29. Zoo zoos are back !!
  30. 30. Cutout Innovation: Mumbai Airport Departure Terminals – Waiting Areas Indicative Cost: Rs. 6,50,000 (per area, subject to final permissions from Airport Authorities)
  31. 31. College Canteens: Branding on Tea Glasses/ Coffee Mugs / Coasters Indicative Cost: Rs. 20,000 p.m. per canteen
  32. 32. Trial Rooms at Leading Apparel Stores Indicative Cost: Rs. 30,000 p.m. per trial room
  33. 33. Trial Rooms at Leading Apparel Stores for Women Indicative Cost: Rs. 30.000 p.m. per trial room
  34. 34. Trial Rooms at Leading Apparel Stores for Women Indicative Cost: Rs. 30,000 p.m. per trial room
  35. 35. Theatres: Animated Branding on Seat Covers Indicative Cost: Rs. 60,000 p.m. per screen (cost may vary depending on theatre)
  36. 36. Fitness Centres / Gyms: Lifelike Branding at populated areas Indicative Cost: Rs. 25,000 p.m. per cutout; Rs. 35,000 p.m. per wall branding option (near machines, staircase, etc)
  37. 37. Spot the Zoo Zoo• To piggy back on the zoo zoo hype• We should take around 10 hoardings in a city for 10 days• Create intrigue and “tease” people by radio and outdoor by asking people them to spot zoo zoos on the hoardings across the city• Push people to sms and win prizes
  38. 38. SPOT THE ZOOZOO Contest on Prominent Billboard Locations
  39. 39. SPOT THE ZOOZOO Contest on Prominent Billboard Locations
  40. 40. Firm on GroundAn Ogilvy Action Presentation Confidentiality level on title master Version number on title master
  42. 42. • In the Slumbay activity, though the TG was engaged, interacted with and entertained, it did not not have much for the retailer.• Therefore, based on a concept similar to Slumbay, a cricket tournament to be conducted to increase engagement with the retailers and help boost sales.• Cricket being a big thing, this will help Vodafone connect better with the retailer as well as the customer.
  43. 43. •We suggest a box cricket league based on the lines of IPL to be played amongst differentretailer-teams in a slum.•It would be played by the retailer, at 2 levels. –Online –Offline
  44. 44. Online All retailers will have to battle it out by scoring runs through sales. The top 7 run scorers in terms of sales will get a chance to play offline. The runs would be calculated basis the following:  Chota recharge – 1 run,  Bonus card – 4 runs,  VAS – 6 runs,  Half century for new connection,  Century for Magic Box, The retailers that do not qualify for the offline tournament will be given the 1st preference to be picked as players A buzz similar to the Slumbay activity will help the retailers boost sales and score runs
  45. 45. Buzz for Online Eleven promoters will go Door-to-Door distributing leaflets and explaining the TG about the discounts and a chance to win a magic box and bonus cards A convoy of Juggler, Musicians (synthesizer, side drum, bass drum and trumpet),2 Promoters dressed as batsman and Four Banner Boys will enter the slum in a stance of a „Vodafone carnival‟ (Vodafone ki Barat) The Musicians will play the Vodafone “You and I” jingle to further enhance the feeling of a Vodafone barat A Clown will distribute chocolates to the children gathered to witness the convoy. During the convoy he will juggle various props to add to the entertainment quotient Promoter will make announcements at regular interval explaining the reason of their visit
  46. 46. Offline• The 7 winners of the online tournament will form their teams with the help of the 2nd buzz created on the weekend.• Offline cricket will be played on a local ground located in/near the slum.• 7 winning retailers and 1 wild card entry will battle it out on ground to get the title of Vodafone cricket champion• The non playing retailers will be involved by sponsoring the following – Maximum fours prize sponsored by Arihant traders – Maximum wickets prize sponsored by Dyanesh telecom – Maximum run scorer prize sponsored by Sai telecom• It will be a 2 day battle:-Saturday & Sunday Or Sunday to Sunday.
  47. 47. Winner Final match S1 S2 Match 5 Match 6 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Sunday Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 Team 8 Saturday
  48. 48. Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Vodafone Mumbai Tournament Time-line 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Recce Invite Retailer meet Buzz creation Buzz creation Start of sales tournament 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 End of sales Announcement Buzz creation Buzz creation tournament of final 8 retailers 15 16 17 18 19 20 21Static branding Static branding Static branding Static branding Kit distribution Preparation Preparation + + Quarterfinals Semi finals & + finals Hourly prizes + + Hourly prizes Lucky draw + Lucky draw 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
  49. 49. Winner Final match S1 S2 Match 5 Match 6 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Sunday Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 Team 8 Sunday
  50. 50. Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Vodafone Mumbai Tournament Time-line 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Recce Invite Retailer meet Buzz creation Buzz creation Start of sales tournament 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 End of sales Announcement Buzz creation Buzz creation tournament of final 8 retailers 15 16 17 18 19 20 21Static branding Static branding Static branding Static branding Kit distribution Preparation + Quarterfinals + Hourly prizes + Lucky draw 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Static branding Static branding Static branding Static Preparation branding + + Semi finals & Buzz creation finals + Hourly prizes + Lucky draw
  51. 51. Team selection• Enough buzz will also be created to help the retailers in forming the team.• The retailer has to take care of the eligibility criteria which are as follows: • The player must: –Be a Vodafone user –Be more than 14 yrs old –Be residing in that particular slum –Not have played cricket professionally –Not a relative of that retailer –Purchase at least one Vodafone product to participate• Each team member will sign an agreement prepared by the Vodafone legal team, stating that any one found in void of the terms and conditions of the game/eligibility criteria will be disqualified, at the discretion of the organisers.
  52. 52. Buzz for Offline• A convoy of 11 promoters dressed in Vodafone branded cricket uniforms with 4 of them dressed as batsman• There will be 2 banner boys in front and at the rear of the team• There will be an announcer who will announce at regular intervals• These promoters will distribute leaflets with rules and regulations and information about hourly prizes that can be won by audience on the VML tournament day• They are also informed about how they can be part of the retailer teams.• A branded notice board would be placed at congregation points / retailers informing about the league
  53. 53. Offline• There will be 12 players per side, where 8 will play the match and 4 will be substitutes.• Members of the winning team will get a Vodafone magic box.• A lot of excitement created by a live band which will play at the high points of the game.• A commentator will further increase the tempo of the game.• Prizes will be given out every 30 min to the audience via a lucky draw.• There will be adequate security to handle the crowd so as to avoid any mishap.
  54. 54. About the Game• Overs- Six per team• Ball used: Tennis ball• Bowling style: Under arm• Runs calculated: Basis specific areas and running between the wicket• Batsman to be declared out in case: • Bowled • Caught (direct) • Run-out • The ball is hit directly over the rope
  55. 55. The ArenaFor The Game 4 RunsThe out line of floorplan for the game Bowlers stumps Running crease 2 Runs 2 Runs Batsman crease 0 Runs
  56. 56. * The above image is for reference purpose only
  57. 57. * The above image is for reference purpose only
  58. 58. * The above image is for reference purpose only
  59. 59. BRANDINGOPPORTUNITIEST-Shirts & caps (Players)Stumps and batsFlags at box cornersStandees and banners around the groundRun CardsUmpire uniformBarricades
  61. 61. Vodafone Carrom Championship  An inter-slum carrom championship designed to acknowledge sporting talent within the TG
  62. 62. Branding Opportunities1.The Game board2.The Hall in which it will be played through banners, posters, standee and dangler.
  63. 63. Chalo Carrom Khele Vodafone Carrom Badshah & Vodafone Carrom Jodi 1. As carrom is an indoor game, it can be conducted in monsoons 2. The tournament would be played from June to September within slums 3. Eligibility: Males resident above 16 years of age for singles; doubles and couples for mixed doubles
  64. 64. • Buzz would be created with promoters Buzz creation distributing leaflets at local carrom clubs (addas) and door to door Entries • 2 Retailers from each locality would distribute Allocation of lots promotional material for the tournament • Promotional material will consist ofStart of the tournament • Tournament details • Application forms Felicitate winners • Special product offers Logistics
  65. 65. Entry collection 7 days post buzz creation Buzz creation Collection point: 2 local retailers Entry fee: Nil Entries Categories: Singles and doubles and mix doubles Allocation of lotsStart of the tournament Felicitate winners Logistics
  66. 66. Lots to be displayed at 2 local retail outlets and Buzz creation the branded notice board Entries Methodology for lots allocation: Random selection Allocation of lots 2 days prior to start of competition, entrants would also be telephonically reminded about venueStart of the tournament and time Felicitate winners Logistics
  67. 67. Inauguration Ceremony: Buzz creation Inauguration match to be held between 2 existing champion players Entries Matches would be held every weekend A community hall in the vicinity would be Allocation of lots reserved specially for the tournament BrandingStart of the tournament Banners at congregation points Banner at venue entrance Felicitate winners Standees inside the venue Branding the carrom boundaries Logistics
  68. 68. Award ceremony: Buzz creation The winner‟s photograph would be mounted at the notice board branding Entries Special banner could also be fabricated to change photographs Allocation of lots Prize: Winner –Vodafone magic box (cameraStart of the tournament handset) Runner-up: Vodafone magic box (regular Felicitate winners handset) Vodafone branded striker for the winner Logistics Felicitation to be done by the Vodafone + Ogilvy team
  69. 69. ACTIVATION IDEA 3 Local carrom clubs could be contacted and taken Buzz creation into a partnership like relationship Promoter strength Entries 10 promoters for door to door buzz creation 10 promoters at the championship venue Allocation of lots 1 Male compare for inauguration and award ceremonyStart of the tournament 2 Standees at the venue Podium for opening and closing ceremony Felicitate winners 1 Vodafone camera handset and one ordinary handset Logistics
  70. 70. Vodafone Walk Through Zones4 sequential “walk-through” zones would be created where people would be invited to experience the brand  Hamein Jaaniye (About Vodafone)  Aapki Sahayta ke liye (Customer Service Desk)  Hamari Sewayein (Products & Services)  Jaankari aur Manoranjan (VAS)  Grand Finale
  71. 71. Welcome Tilak
  72. 72. Entry & Exit
  73. 73. The Arena
  74. 74. Game Zone This will ensure that the message is reinstated in the minds of the TG.
  75. 75. Brand Communication Tools-Dial n Win• A mobile phone in a glass box is placed on a table• The BCT unit would have an incomplete mobile number like 98201 90_ _ _• The participant will be asked to dial the number by guessing the last 3 digits• If the phone rings the participants wins the phone/gift vouchers.
  76. 76. 654321
  77. 77. Interaction About Vodafone Customer services zone Our Products and services Information and entertainment
  78. 78. Give aways Branded helium balloons with the latest offering can be given to the kids The kids when they take these baloons home the message would be delivered to the parents
  79. 79. My Vodafone Number• Each connection to be accompanied with a set of 100 Vodafone visiting card- “ My Vodafone Number 98XXX XXXXX” Hello My Vodafone Number 9820098200 Front Back
  80. 80. Slum Roof Branding• Each house which has a Vodafone connection can have his roof painted with Vodafone logo This will open up a unique branding opportunity
  81. 81. What more?An Ogilvy Presentation Confidentiality level on title master Version number on title master
  82. 82. Privilege Card for Postpaid CustomersRED- THE VODAFONE ADVANTAGE
  83. 83. 1. RED- A Vodafone Privilege Card• The advantage of RED for postpaid customers• Extends special privileges and discounts to all its patrons• The personalized card can become a value enhancer for the Privilege booklet• Creates recall for the brand every time the consumer opens his wallet• Why this should work?• Revamps the Privilege booklet• Sure to find customer wallet space
  84. 84. A Rewards System for Postpaid CustomersSPEND TO GET REWARDED!
  85. 85. 2. Spend to get Rewarded!• A typical reward points model (like in credit cards & retail cards)for postpaid customers• A fixed percentile of the monthly bill amount converts into reward points. These reward points can be collected over a maximum period defined• Upon hitting a fixed number of reward points they can be redeemed for other products or services offered by Vodafone• For instance, 300 reward points can be redeemed for a 300 rupees discount on a Blackberry purchase, so on and so forth• Redemption through Vodafone stores• The reward points tracking system can be easily configured to the data base system for easy maintenance• The reward points can be updated on the customer‟s bill every month for better tracking• Why should this work?• A great success in the retail industry, a unique value addition to a postpaid customer, never done before
  86. 86. An E-Bill Promotion CampaignCHUCK YOUR BILLS!
  87. 87. 3. Chuck your bills!• The best place to promote e-billing – the bill envelope, the payment counter in VS, SSKs and Drop Boxes• Create a special e-bill promotion campaign around these• Install special re-cycling dustbins in VS, SSKs and offices. Replace the drop boxes too with these special dustbins.• The message will be displayed on the bill envelope, SSK counter and VS payment counters urging customers to drop the envelopes (with their number on it) into these recycle bins to get a discount of Rs.100 on all bills the next month• Extension: The recycle bins could be put up in public places like malls, crowded pavements, etcWhy this should work? Innovative creative execution, the message communicated through very focused medium
  88. 88. Service CampaignHAPPY TO HELP YOU FIND A TRAIN!
  89. 89. 4. We are happy to help you find a train!• Vodafone to tie up with the local railways to come up with information leaflets on train timings and routes• These information leaflets to be placed in self help kiosks• Apart from train schedule details, these leaflets to have information on VMS stores and products• Extension:• Local train information on mobile phones – as a subscription• Tie-up with Smart Cards for Vodafone point collection every time the consumer uses his card. These points can then be redeemed at a VS for purchases• Happy to Help Branding above ticket countersWhy this should work?6.1 million customers daily, uncluttered space, service orientation
  90. 90. Ganesh Chaturthi CampaignDEKHO VISARJAN JAHAAZ SE!
  91. 91. 5. Dekho Visarjan Jahaaz Se!• An interesting twist to last year‟s very successful campaign during Ganesh Visarjan• This time it could be a completely uncluttered view from the other side of the visarjan – from a cruiser in the sea• Run a contest based promo with a radio channel again• Why should this work?• Radio City has already the logistics and mechanics in place to make this work again• Cruisers is far easier to procure (in terms of permits) than helicopters
  92. 92. Contest based campaign for a new productVODAFONE GANG OF HOUSEWIVES!96
  93. 93. 6. The Vodafone Gang of Housewives!• A contest based promotion for a campus pack like product specially designed for women with benefits like- afternoon chat, free emergency number, free recipe updates, free serial updates,etc• Tie-up with a women centric radio channel like Meow! to run a contest• Contest details: Buy a women‟s pack to register for the contest. Form your gang of girls with a minimum of 3 other women, the lucky winner gets to feature in a one hour live interview on the radio channel• Where to promote it?• In ladies train compartments, beauty parlors, trial rooms in ladies sections, etc• Why should this work?• A specialized pack only for women for the first time, the opportunity to have celebrity status on a radio channel
  94. 94. An inter society contestKHELO ANTAKSHRI!
  95. 95. 7. Khelo antakshri Vodafone ke saath!• Organize antakshri competitions for societies on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon when everybody is most likely to be home• The antakshri competition can be an inter-society contest with a big ticket prize for the final winner• Alternately it could also be a housie competition taken across societies• Why should this work?• Catching households at leisure, giving them an engagement activity
  96. 96. A mobile zone moving from canteen to canteenTHE VODAFONE HANGOUT ZONE
  97. 97. 8. The Vodafone Hangout Zone• Targeted at youth, a mobile hangout zone moving from college to college every month• The hangout zone can be set up either in the canteen or in the campus outskirts (in this case the set up can be in a van)• The hangout zone will have the following: a Wi-Fi zone, a data download zone, free give aways like Zoo Zoo merchandise on purchase of products• In addition the Hangout Zone can conduct daily/weekly contests/lucky draws to keep the youth engaged• Extension: Call centres can also be targeted• Why should this work?• Catching the youth where they are most likely to be, an engagement activity that goes beyond mere purchase, visibility and presence in an uncluttered space
  98. 98. Youth targeted innovative outdoor + interaction zoneBUS STOP CUM HANGOUT ZONE!
  99. 99. 9. Bus Stand turned Hangout Zone• Turn a bus stop near a college/institute into a youth hangout zone• Revamp the look of the entire bus stop turning it into a funky, fun looking place• Enable Wi-Fi connectivity, free application downloads, charging zone, free caller tunes, etc• Why this should work?• Will become a great talking point in outdoor media apart from it attracting youth
  100. 100. A campaign targeting beauty parlors & gymsWHAT ARE YOUR TIPS?
  101. 101. 10. Beauty Tips/Health Tips• Tie-up with beauty parlors across the city for contest on beauty tips• Place a kit- drop box, paper and pen, communication in beauty parlors• The communication should urge patrons of the parlor to write down their own personal beauty tips on a chit of paper and drop it in the box• What is in it for patrons?• They win sure shot prizes from Vodafone• An X amount of beauty tips get featured in the beauty tips alerts of Vodafone• What is in it for beauty parlor owners?• The kit could be aesthetically designed around an umbrella holder or a brushes and combs holder that has a utilitarian purpose• How can this be extended?• To gyms for health tips, here the kit can be designed around a weighing machine
  102. 102. Vodafone TuesdaysA revamp and relaunch Confidentiality level on title master Version number on title master
  103. 103. Objective
  104. 104. Task at HandTo relaunch & revamp Vodafone Tuesdays in a way that itbecomes the biggest & most talked about property inMumbai
  105. 105. College & Office B-school Employees studentsStudents Age: Housewives 14 – 15 Target Audience
  106. 106. Not just postpaidRestricting it to postpaid would narrow down the scope andmagnanimity of the entire exercise. We loose out because:• A large chunk of the Target Audience ( Youth – school & collegestudents) is Prepaid.• The numbers are not hugely skewed towards Postpaid
  107. 107. Points of contact Locations Students Housewives Employees Colleges & Yes NA NA B-schools Malls/Supermarkets Yes Yes Yes Movie Theatre Yes Yes Yes Coffee Shops Yes Yes Yes Restaurants Yes Yes Yes Office NA NA Yes Bus & Railway Yes Yes Yes Stations Home Yes Yes Yes
  108. 108. Process FamiliarizationCampus BPO Tuesday Promotions Reminders IDEAS Media Tie - upsInnovations Online Promotions
  109. 109. Process Familiarization IdeasRadio
  110. 110. Radio:RJ mentions - during the Top 10music countdown when the song listreaches the Top 3 songs, the RJwould start mentioning the 3 simplesteps of getting a free ticket viaVodafone Tuesday.
  111. 111. Radio:Radio Contest: RJ mentioning the 3step process few times during thecourse of his show and then asksthe listeners to call in and repeat thesame. Those who answer correctlywin 2 free movie tickets (specialprize ).
  112. 112. Process Familiarization IdeasMalls & Multiplexes
  113. 113. Malls & Multiplexes:Floor Stickers at the steps of themovie theatres and malls indicatingthe 3 simple steps of getting a freeticket via Vodafone Tuesday.
  114. 114. Malls & Multiplexes:Branding the Elevator buttons1 – 3 with the 3 simple stepsof getting a free ticket withVodafone Tuesday
  115. 115. Malls & Multiplexes:Vodafone TuesdayAnnouncements or Pre-recorded messages about the3 simple steps of getting a freeticket to be played in mallsespecially in the food courts.
  116. 116. Malls & Multiplexes:Cinema slides mentioning theupcoming movies along withVodafone Tuesday offermentioned below.
  117. 117. Malls & Multiplexes:Upcoming movie characterasking audiences to meethim/her in 3 simple steps viaVodafone Tuesday duringinterval trailers etc. 3 simple steps to meet us: 1. Call 56777 or sms Tuesday M to 56789 2. Download your Mcoupon & present at VT counter 3. Enjoy your free ticket & win a chance to meet us at the theatre
  118. 118. Process Familiarization IdeasColleges & Offices
  119. 119. CollegesPosters in and around collegecanteens, hangouts, Xerox-walas to get their attention andencourage them to walk intomovie theatre
  120. 120. OfficesPerformances by VodafoneTuesdays Popcorn Tubcharacters in various offices
  121. 121. Traffic JunctionsHave pole kiosks on the trafficsignal poles indicating the 3simple steps of getting a free 3 simple steps to get a free ticket:ticket via Vodafone Tuesday 0 Call 56777 0 Download your Mcoupon 0 Enjoy your free ticket
  122. 122. Reminding People its Tuesday!
  123. 123. PrintOwn the header/Ear Panelsevery Tuesday of a mainlinenewspaper for VodafoneTuesdays Ads (Reliance ownsspace on TOI and Airtel on ET)
  124. 124. PrintWrite about VodafoneTuesdays as the must doactivity every week by featuringan article in the ‘Must see,Must do’ section of thenewspaper (BT, Mumbai Mirror,DNA after hours)
  125. 125. PrintHave “seeing a movie onVodafone Tuesdays”forecasted in a funny/quirkymanner in the Horoscopesection in newspapers
  126. 126. Railway AnnouncementsTie up with the Railways forVodafone Tuesdaysannouncements at differentintervals in local trains over theloud speaker every Tuesday
  127. 127. Malls/MultiplexesPeople dressed as Popcorncharacters as part of on-ground promotions at malls,theatres and major roadjunctions
  128. 128. Malls/MultiplexesBus Shelters located nearMultiplexes, office and collegeareas especially the suburbswhere the cinema partners arelocated
  129. 129. Meru Cab BrandingMeru and Gold Cab branding Vodafone Tuesdayswith the Popcorn characters
  130. 130. Tuesdays MerchandiseReminders• Car Stickers, Key chains and Mugs•Characters with springy coils at the bottom (to be placed on the cardashboard and at office or home desks)•Post-its and Mouse pads•Carry bags
  131. 131. Vodafone Tuesdays Tie-ups
  132. 132. InternetTie up with Google to brandits logo every Tuesday withdifferent Popcorn characters
  133. 133. Tie - upsTie up with Act II popcorn togive actual Popcorn Charactertubs co-branded with VodafoneTuesdays
  134. 134. Tie - upsTie up with the restaurantRuby Tuesdays for “Buy 1 get1 free” on Vodafone Tuesdays
  135. 135. Tie - upsTie up with Movie magazines(FilmFare, Stardust) forVodafone Tuesday ads andPopcorn charactersBookmarks giveaways
  136. 136. Tie - upsTie up with Seventymm andBig Flix to have inserts in theCD envelopes promotingVodafone Tuesdays
  137. 137. Online Games & Promotion
  138. 138. Online Games (Facebook)Write down as many famousBollywood and Hollywood pairsor mention the pairs thatfeature in the VodafoneTuesdays ads
  139. 139. Online GamesAs the popcorn pops out fromthe popcorn machine, catch itwith the Vodafone TuesdaysPopcorn Tub
  140. 140. Media Innovations• Innovative hoarding with a protruding Popcorn characters withartificial popcorn popping out of the tubs• Brand all Popcorn machines with Popcorn characters• Performances by Popcorn characters in various offices• Match life size dummies of Popcorn characters similar to wizard‟schest in the Harry Potter (On ground activity )• Have a double train and bus handles with Vodafone Tuesdaysbranding
  141. 141. Media Innovations• Seats at Bus Stops to appear double by using the Popcorncharacters•Street theatre or a short skit by the Vodafone Tuesdays PopcornTub characters explaining the 3 step procedure of getting thefree ticket• Vodafone Tuesdays Popcorn Tub characters cutouts looking overthe back glass of BEST buses and cars• Brand the Police check posts at primary road signals withVodafone Tuesdays Popcorn Tub characters
  142. 142. Media Innovations• A Bus disguised or camouflaged as two Vodafone TuesdaysPopcorn Tub characters moving around the city serving a constantreminder• Vodafone Tuesdays Popcorn Tub characters Seat sleeves forparks• Building wraps with Vodafone Tuesdays Popcorn Tub characterson twin buildings in the city
  143. 143. Thankyou